Chapter 94: The Wedding Day

Selena and Maddie spent the whole day deciding the decoration, the food, the music, the dress, and all the stuff needed for the ceremony.

The dress would take a little more time to be prepared, and Selena called Grandma during some time of that day, so she could ask if it was viable to do what she and Maddie thought.

Grandma said it was a piece of cake for her, since she loved to sew and she would be more than honored to be the one that made her grandmother's wedding dress.

Maddie stayed there for a few days, finishing everything up, and when Selena realized, it was already the day of the wedding.

And she couldn't be feeling more nervous.

Lucas had gone out really early that morning to grab some last stuff for the party, so when Selena woke up, he wasn't in the house anymore.

Maddie was going to arrive right after lunch, so Selena still had some time alone to think about what that day meant to her.

She could not believe she was marrying Lucas. If someone said that to her a few months b
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