My Tormentor
My Tormentor
Author: Bunnykoo

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Full Summary

Zara Khan was full of life and laughter. There were hardships that she faced but she tried to think of them as minor compared to the number of blessings.

Freshly graduated out of university, she's trying her best to survive in the real world. However, her chances of survival just diminished immensely because a certain, dangerously handsome man from her past has come back–the man that used to make her heart flutter, now makes her question her own sanity.

He has had his eyes on the wide-eyed, innocent beauty for years. He had been watching and examining the perfect time to make her his. She implicitly tried to peruse him without understanding the situation she was getting herself into. Unfortunately for her, she succeeded in catching his eyes. And now, years later, he wants to capture her, break her and mould her into his perfect, little plaything.

Alejandro Genovese is the Hades of the Underworld; he is the Lucifer of Hell. He holds the ultimate power over the Cosa Nostra as his presence incites nothing but fear and bewildered respect amongst people. He feeds off of utmost violence and pain of others, and he'll treat his plaything no differently.

Zara wants to—no—needs to survive, she needs to reach the light so very desperately. However, will she eventually be devoured by the darkness that overpowers her mind, heart and soul? Will she succumb to the insanity until she's bled dry by the same man who once made her heart glow?

- - -

⚠️ Warnings ⚠️

- Keep in mind, the story will be dark and sinister.

- This material has content that may be disturbing to some readers. If you are uncomfortable with mature/triggering content, continue at your own risk.

- Since there is a very high chance of being triggered by this story, I suggest you do not not start this story if you're sensitive to tropes, such as: violence, rape, self-harm, Stockholm syndrome, kidnapping, misogyny, sexual content, strong language or such.

- This is important, I will not be warning you in the beginning of a chapter if it's explicit. The whole story will be explicit so you have to go in knowing it may pop up whenever.

- If there's any haram police who are preparing to attack my story, keep in mind that this is NOT a spiritual-based story.

- The story will also probably be a little cliché so if you're not into that or you're the haram police.

- People from all cultural and religious backgrounds can read this! You're all welcome. It won't be much of a spiritual based story, so you don't need to worry about knowing about religious detail! If anything, I'll put explanations in brackets or something.

- - -

Author's Notes 💭

- I'll let you guys know right off the bat because I know for a fact there will be a lot of complaints about this: the male lead will be a major asshole; he'll be a literal villainous character. He's intentionally written out to be like this.

- He will literally be the worst person I've probably ever written (compared to the male leads of my previous stories) because I want to challenge myself as a writer to see how messed up of a character I can write [weird, I know lol].

- Bottom Line: think of this story as reading about the villain instead of the hero.

- If all of you can live with the idea that he may never be able to redeem himself of the actions he will commit in the story, then I welcome you to join me in this chaotically insane narrative!


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Ruth Rachael Brijlall
I love reading intense stories tooo !!!!
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