I want to avoid Mysterio's watchful eye so I make my way to the corner of my room where a chaise sat, but of course, his light blue hues drew me in to where he was now sitting on a chair of his own against the door.

It's such an obnoxiously large chair that I’m not sure where he actually got it from. It certainly wasn't in here when we arrived, but there he is, draped over it like a lazy prince as he toys with a stick in his mouth.

No. Not a stick, well, kind of, but a lollipop. A grape… freaking… lollipop I could smell from here. The sugar was calling my name, but of course, he ruined that too.

"Like what you see?"

I yank my devious tongue, which was licking my lips on its own accord, back into my mouth as the heat in my cheeks is making it unbearable to even face him anymore. Do I like what I see? On both accounts, yes.

Twisting the chaise around so that I could sit on it without facing him wasn't easy, especially when his low chuckle sounded at my expense, but when it was do
Marie Night

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