Pure vampire

Pure vampire

By:  Innocent Jabu Sibiya  Completed
Language: English
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And Here It Comes #A_Pure_Vampir . . "Sometimes death isn't the end.......my death was the beginning.....and my true beginning began the day a vampire killed me...." Analise Walker has a tough everyday life. Her older sister torments her on a daily basis. Ana copes by eating and gains a lot of weight further adding fuel to her sister and classmates teasing..... One day it goes too far and Ana runs away..... Right into one of the cruelest vampires existing..... He kills her. But when she transforms into the most beautiful vampire he's ever seen he takes her prisoner... Two years later she escapes...... Follow Ana's story as she deals with life as a human, vampire and then something much much more dangerous..

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nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in touch with you ? I have sth to discuss about the book
2022-03-31 17:48:34
user avatar
Christina Johannes
Kinda curious is the book supposed to be two different stories or will they come together at some point?
2021-08-01 01:22:38
user avatar
Innocent Jabu Sibiya
could be more interesting, excited to learn more
2022-03-31 04:33:34
user avatar
Claudia B. Medina Larenas
Falta un capítulo (el 20). Además, al parecer mezclaron libros, porque desde el capítulo 24 en adelante, gira en torno a una historia absolutamente distinta, con personajes completamente diferentes, y que en ningún momento se entrelazan. Horrible, y PAGUÉ DINERO!!! por esto. Que falta de seriedad.
2021-03-29 21:50:20
104 Chapters
Chapter 1
..*Two years ago, 2010*"Get off your fat ass Ana! Time for school"I pull the covers over my head in attempt to hide from my evil older sister Kim’s shouting in the hall. She is such a bitch at home and school. And why wouldn't she be? She is skinny, pretty with brown eyes and now blonde hair since mom finally let her dye it. Oh let’s not forget popular, yeah like Kim will let anybody forget who she is. I snort to myself at the thought.Not looking forward to the day but not having any other options, I throw the pink blanket off and drag myself to the bathroom to get ready. I stop in front of the full length mirror behind my closed door and stare at the girl reflected as she stares back at me.How come she can't be more beautiful like Kim?Instead she has dull dark brown hair that barely reaches her shoulders. She is short reaching a height of 5"4 and the worse part of all is she is fat, not chubby, but fat weighing
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Chapter 2
 Before TransformationSub Theme : Humiliated..The rest of the morning passes in a blur and before I know it's time for lunch. You would think being fat lunch would be my favorite time of day but it's far from it. Here at Mercy Heights the principal thought it would be a great idea that everyone break for lunch at the same time. So for an hour a day all my enemies are in one place.Do I want to be there? No thanks. Simon and I usual get our lunch then find somewhere not in the cafe to hide out. I had just paid for my sloppy Joe and was waiting for Simon beside me to finish paying for his. If he hurries we can make our escape without bumping into my tormentors. I sigh impatiently watching him count out the exact change when the unthinkable happened.My sister and a few girls walk up to us smiling. Wait smiling? That can't be right. I look to Simon who has the same confusion on his face. Deciding quickly not to risk a public fight with her I
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Chapter 3
Theme : Before TransformationSub Theme : Walking Into Death's Alley (1)Ad Theme : Hello Mr Death, I'd Love To Die..I woke up with a painful crook in my neck. Oh crap this really hurts. I roll my neck around trying to stretch it out. As luck would have it, that didn't work. Sighing I stood to stretch the rest of my numb limbs and exit the train.The night sky is black and a sliver of the moon shines from behind the clouds. The streets are deserted. I wonder how long we've been here while I slept.I walk around the empty station for any signs of life or maybe a clue as to where I might be. Hmm I wonder where that train driver is? Sighing I make my way back outside hoping to run into someone.Right on cue an older gentlemen with white hair comes around the corner eating a doughnut. Judging by his uniform it’s the missing train driver. I watch him slowly make his way to the front doors where I’m standing."Oh you’re f
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Chapter 4
Theme : Welcome, Death!..Once I catch my breath I check the wound on my neck and feel the punctures already closed. Impossible! How in the world did that happen? An image flashes back to me biting that man and drinking his blood like a lunatic, but I shake it off as desperation to live.Slowly I stand carefully keeping most of my weight off my ankle. It’s time to get out of here before he makes on his promise.Once on my feet I feel it. My heart thumps hard against my chest. I clutch it in an attempt to calm it when it happens again. This time I actually feel my heart against the palm of my hand. The pain is unnatural; almost otherworldly bringing me to my knees. What's happening to me? I squeeze my eyes shut fighting it off. In seconds it stops and I let out a sigh of relief.Gathering courage I stand once more but my heart isn't having that. A mean angry thud rocks my whole body hard causing me to collapse on the ground without a c
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Chapter 5
Theme : A Strange Mystery..“Marcos? What is she?” Talon had to ask the question on all their minds. He and Seb watched as Marcos paced the room dragging his hands roughly through his hair. This can’t be right. Marcos thought over and over again. Never had a vampire had any other colored eyes except red and black. He was trying to remember old legends of the first vampires but his mind was coming up blank.Damn! Now what? He could ask around to other vamps but if she is as powerful as he thinks she will be, he would rather keep her his little secret. Yes, Yes! He thought as an idea began to form. He can research her and study her all the while train her to help him destroy the royal family that exiled him. He stopped his pacing and turned back to the men grinning like a Cheshire cat.“Grab the girl; let’s go I have a plan.” With that Marcos turned leaving the room so quickly if you didn’t know what he was you would have thought him a magici
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Chapter 6
Theme : Mixed Feelings (1)..Slowly I turn on my heel. Coming face to face with a menacing looking man. His long dark hair reaches his shoulders and his all black attire triggers something in my memory. I get a mental image of something but it's too blurry.A sharp pain shoots through my head. I grab it to steady myself; closing my eyes in deep calming breathes. Something about this man seems familiar. It's like my mind wants me to know something but I'm not letting go.I raise my head to look at the man again. He is staring directly at me with this frightening smile on his face. Deja vu hits me like a ton of bricks. This has happened before. But when? I shake my head to clear the jumble thoughts when he speaks"Hello again fat one" his voice freezes the air in my lungs.The roaring in my ears is deafening. That voice I know that voice.... Suddenly a collage of images attacked my mind. The suddenness of it all brought me to my k
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Chapter 7
Theme : Sample.."You hate all vampires" it's not a question but he nods none the less.So that's why he didn't kiss me and is now looking at me like the gum beneath his shoe. I would like to know why he hates them so much but obviously spends a lot of time with them but I don't dare ask. Mr. mood swing just might hit me if I do. Our stare match ends as he turns to leave the room. Just before exiting he calls back over his shoulder"Marie is a good girl. The only person I care about so don't hurt her or else." his voice is hard and serious. I open my mouth to retort but he doesn't give me chance as he leaves slamming the door behind him. I was left standing in an empty room stunned, confused, upset and I dare I say a little jealous.~~~Once I regained my focus I stripped my night gown deciding a shower was long overdue. Passing the built on mirror I freeze; turning slowly to fully view the new girl in my reflection.
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Chapter 8
 Theme : A Dangerous Ability..Seb walked away and was now leaning against the far wall of the room. Geez he’s so moody it’s annoying but at the moment I can’t focus on that. Choosing instead to listen to Talon teach me about vampires“So you brought me here to tell me about vampires?” I asked looking around the empty room again“No. I brought you here to kick your ass until you show me your ability.” He stated simply.Wait, what?!Before I had a chance to ask another question Talon swept by me in a flash. He was so quick I didn’t see him until it was too late; in the same move I used earlier he kicked my feet from underneath me effectively knocking me on my back. I jumped up quickly but he was on me, knocking me back down again and again“Come on doll face thought you had more fight in you!” Talon teased seconds before kicking me in the stomach. I flew
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Chapter 9
Theme : Looking For Answers..“Hello party people” He greets in welcoming tone unlike his usual sarcastic one.I’m not buying it. Seb said I almost killed him and I don’t know Talon that well but I know him well enough to know he’s pissed about it. Shouldn’t he be trying to rip my throat out?“What’s the catch?” I ask getting straight to the point. He grins and pulls a black dress bag from behind his back handing it to me. Is this a trick? I think staring at the bag“It’s a peace offering. Let’s leave our little fight in the past. And as a token of good faith I got this for you to wear when I take you to the pit tonight” Talon says still holding out the bag. Slowly I take it from him a little curious to see the dress. What? I’ve been fat most of my life I never got to wear a dress.“What’s the pit?” I ask absentmindedly unzipping the bag“Seb will explain. Be ready in one hour” Talon replies before leaving the room just as
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Chapter 10
His antics reminder me so much of Marcos, ugh both these assholes need to die.My head is still swimming but I think my body is getting stronger. I don’t move because I want Talon to think he has the upper hand. The cheater couldn’t even fight me fair. The way he’s talking I know I bruised that big ego of his with my ability.Acting quickly, I use the little bit of clarity I have and hurriedly snatch up my clutch. Not seeing any other option I throw my body into the glass wall. Glass shatters all around me as I fall to the dance floor below. People scream and scurry away. I land like a cat and immediately insert myself into the fleeing mob.Three huge bouncers grab me before I’m close to the exit. I drop my clutch and rapidly stomp on it. Please let me have hit that panic button.I don’t put up much of a struggle as the men drag me back into the almost empty club. The alcohol or drugs still has me off so I’m choosing to save my last bits
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