chapter 16

*An unknown place*

Enola POV

Once again i am here! in this pitch black place with a ray of light being only way to see.

This time without wasting anytime i walked towards the source hoping Sandra would be doing the same if she is here.

"Sandra?" i called


i thanked God like a thousand times hearing her voice and dashed towards the source of light.

"Where are you?" i asked when i didn't saw her where she was suppose to be

or so i thought.

"What do you mean where am i? i am in front of you" Enola was a littlr taken back at sandra's words.

She narrowed eyes and spined her head 360 degrees but didn't saw anyone as it was pitch black

"Sandra i can't see you. its really dark" Enola said confused.

What the hell is happening?

"Dark? Enola we are here standing in the middle of a weird looking astral themed room"

Enola was further confused at Sandra's words.

she was aware they were in a dream but why is she only listening only Sandra's voice and can't see her?

"Sandra all i can see i
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