chapter 99

People say time can change a lot of things but the question is….

Is it true?

Doesn’t time just make you used to of living with it?

Well Sandra and Enola would always have a mental battle between these two arguments.

Sandra opened her eyes and found Enola standing in front of her.

Seeing Sandra a smile made it’s way onto her face

They both walked towards each other and hugged

“ who won?” asked Enola

“ it’s again a tie” Sandra replied pulling

They both sat on the floor of the same room they both always see in their dreams while silently enjoying each other’s presence.

“ two years has it been”

Sandra spoke all of the sudden

“ yeah. By the way did you found how was Night able to read the poem?”

A smile broke onto Sandra’s face

“ what’s so funny?”

“ the way the clock works is damn weird.”

“ what did you found out?” Enola raised an eyebrow

“ do you remember I told you about this place Night rushed to save my life.”

“the river?” Enola pointed

“yeah. That wasn’t the first time Night had been
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