The Werewolf Royal Family

Sadie POV

     While werewolf society is composed of individual packs led by Alphas and Lunas, we do have patriarchy that rules over each of the packs. There is the King, Queen, and their children. The Prince and Princess are twins, Rosie and Rylen. Right now, they are in search of their mates because the King and Queen are ready to retire. Because there are two heirs to the throne, each twin is going to take half of the country to rule over to reduce the workload and so the King and Queen do not have to choose which child will rule while the other gets nothing. However, the mates of the Prince and Princess will need to first become a Prince/Princess and be trained in the royal ways before they can take over the throne, which is why they are traveling about desperately looking. 

     The Royal family is very kind and wants the best for all werewolves, so they are loved by everyone. It is an honor to host them, but we do need to show them a good time out of respect for them. 

     My mom waved her hand in front of my face. 

     “Hello! Earth to Sadie!” She said. 

     “Sorry, mom! Let’s go!” I said, grabbing her hand and leading the way toward the kitchen. I can still walk fast and even run as long as I focus on my balance. Because of that, we made it to the kitchen in a few short minutes. When we entered, all of the omegas were running around double cleaning everything and trying to come up with menus for all of the meals and what supplies were needed.

     “Mama, when will they be here?” I asked her, wondering why everything was already complete chaos. It was not like they would be here within the hour. 

     “They will be here in an hour or so,” Mama said, making a weird echo of my thoughts. 

     “An hour?” I exclaimed, starting to panic. How could they expect us to be ready for them on such short notice? 

     “Relax honey,” Mama began, “It was a last-minute decision for everyone, so they are giving us grace and space in order to properly prepare for them. They are not expecting a meal tonight, only a place to sleep. That’s our job to get a couple of rooms ready for them while the rest of the omegas plan meals and organize to-do lists.” She continued before leading me through the kitchen to the elevator so that we could go up to the floor that hosted all of the guest suites. As we climbed in, mama pressed the button for the 3rd floor, and I braced myself against the wall as the elevator started to rise. 

     The elevator doors opened with a ding, and we filed out and went toward the linen closet to get out fresh linens for each of the rooms. 

     “You take the Prince’s room,” Mama began as she pointed to the room closest to me, “and I will start on the Princess’s. Whichever of us finishes first will help the other one so that we can finish in time.” She finished before shooing me into the room. 

     I rushed inside, singing softly to myself as I wiped down the bed before laying the sheets on it and making it up. I gave the room a twice-over, making sure that everything was clean and in its proper place. Satisfied with my work thus far, I went into the attached bathroom and wiped everything down twice, and reorganized everything so that it looked neat. I’m not sure why I was being such a perfectionist, normally I did a good job, but when I was finished, I was finished. But something was pushing me to make sure that everything was 110% clean, neat, and organized, and I had to be the one that did it. 

     “Sadie!” My mother called out as she came jogging into the room. “What on earth are you doing?” 

     “Ummm, I was…” I trailed off because I did not really have a good explanation for my behavior. She gave me a concerned look before shaking her head at me. 

     “Come on, we’ve got to go. Your father just mind-linked me that the Prince and Princess are here, so we must make ourselves scarce so that they can be escorted to their rooms. Are you finished?”

     “Yes mama, I was just triple checking everything since it is the Prince,” I replied, to which she just rolled her eyes and tugged me along behind her back toward the elevator. 

     It was then that I started to feel strange and restless. I just assumed it was my wolf starting to wake up and getting ready for my first shift tomorrow (or tonight rather, at midnight). My mom raised her brow at me, but I chose to ignore it and took off running out of the elevator as soon as the door opened so that she would not ask me any questions. She already doted over me enough, I did not need her to be worried about something silly like first shift jitters. 

     “Sadie! What’s wrong?” She called out.

     “Nothing mama, I’m fine. I’ll see you at dinner!” I yelled in response as I hustled further down the hall.

     “Sadie-come back!” Mama called after me, but I dashed into my room and shut the door behind me, collapsing on the ground with my back against the door. I figured she would try to open the door or at least knock, but she knew that I needed to figure out what was going on on my own. That was why I loved my mom so much, she was compassionate and actually understood me. 

     I pulled my good leg up and hugged it to my chest. I seemed to be calming down a little, which was also weird. It wasn’t like I was nervous about shifting or anything, in fact, I was really hopeful that it would heal me, or at least make me feel somewhat normal. 

     Normal, there was that word again. 

     I sighed, standing up and walking over to my bookshelf before grabbing a novel and curling up on my bed with it. Reading was one of my favorite pastimes because it allowed me to step into the shoes of heroes and strong lead characters so that I could at least pretend for a few hours that I was normal or even extraordinary. 

     As I devoured the whole book and its sequel, I completely lost track of time. When I closed the last book and stood up to put both books back on the shelf, it was pitch-black outside. I realized that I had read two whole books, but how had I managed to kill almost an entire afternoon/evening simply reading. A glance at the clock told me that it was 11:00 p.m., one hour until my birthday and one hour until I would have my first shift. 

     My stomach began to hurt in anticipation. It was almost time!

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