Chapter Sixty Two: Chaotic Camping Trip II

Courting a girl 101 guide number eleven: Serenade her.

Zoey interrupted Zamantha from getting mad at Sebastian. "I'll do it. Let me help, Seb."

"Ohh." Sebastian sarcastically reacted. "Use this air pump, then, to make the tent stand up. Just so you know, this tent weighs more than thirty kilograms. Good luck losing your breath."

Zoey smirked at Sebastian. "I can do it. Give me that." Everyone around stopped moving and anticipated Zoey's attempt to pump air in the first air tent. Dionysus only grinned while watching his wife show off.

"That's my wife, everyone." Zamantha looked so taken aback so Dionysus had no choice but to immediately save himself. "I mean, I'm pretty sure your sister is going to end up as my wife in the near future. Ain't that, right?" Zamantha rolled her eyes at that.

Meanwhile, Zoey started to position her body and her hands in front of the large air pump and tried pushing the pump's handle up and down. However, thirty seconds later, nothing was absolutely hap
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