Chapter 11 - Umiko

I don’t know where the courage came from to face Fenriz after what happened. But now, as I walk away from him, feeling his eyes on my back, my legs are just about to give in.

/“Head up high, Umiko. He may sense your fear but never let him see it.”/ Ahmya urges me on, and it is by that alone that I make it to the garden patio.

Holding on to the handrail, I try to regain my breathing and control the constant beating of my heart. Why did I have to be so honest with him? I don’t know him, and I don’t see the type of person he is, so to assume that he acted out of kindness was just foolish!

/“You couldn’t have known that he would react that way,”/ Ahmya assures me, and I place a shaky hand on my chest.

/“No, but I should not have assumed anything about him. He is a Lycan Alpha and has certainly killed many people, so I cannot assume he can be kind, or a good person./ I say and sigh.

Ahmya looks at me oddly, then turns away.

I let my guard down again, simply because I had assumed Fenriz
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