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Time Fiona chase points arrive only see every shadow back by Shelly from side after . She has _ little suspect doubt Because degree age of the Teacher too small to on one's own buying one apartment bye villa Candlestick arrive near the corpse receive .

“Please … ”

Fiona still not yet stop sentence , Shelly turned her head back . Mold face pure America bloom one bud laugh enter together fresh bright , double lip small message turn on open :

" Miss !"

Tone speak in interspersed _ _ fun happy resounding _ like to hit deep enter God wisdom Fiona . She is shocked panic back hurry about after , shout big :

“Ma, ghost!!!”

Also are not can blame Fiona, Shelly looks like mom me arrive seven eight section , more again door only also near the like soy sauce , she is wrong _ mixed to be maybe equivalent of course .

“ Miss , you star so ? It 's me, it 's me that ?”

Fake Shelly set of worries would like next support Fiona, set form standard squid of the one child grandchildren filial piety beautiful long day meet again Teacher myself . Fiona just saw it mold face sank flooded in sea blood day any claw arrive near the then claw be afraid fear , end together pass away Thang plain fall rolling on the floor , hair tangled by look carpet harmful enter same .

“ Miss , it 's me, it 's Shelly that !”

Can hear are from the word “Shelly”, the new Fiona anise soul back . Dare to cancel fall grandchildren me arrive Teacher pediatric institute poison accounting for talent product home Armas , she also _ are not right to be People shy liver what , very fast jar is fine heart status .

“Shelly? No can which one ! Baby _ already died are from long then !… ”

Service carpet close Teacher pediatric institute Core Ai day before , Benedict because would like reduce less mind complex Candlestick ordered _ _ fire burn full the set Teacher pediatric institute . No only Fiona, scene close , report radio , evenly only think due to the case fire fire any doubt but are not who is still alive ? omission . Fiona when know that news at the time head yes one little hey sorry , but after there again fun happy arrive level are not alkaline processing okay . Must to know she received _ Okay number talent product of the howard Armas above name means People supervisor household by Shelly, yes means to be arrive when Shelly is enough ten eight age , she must _ complete pay socks both . Shelly is dead Go then Fiona then are not need have to worry story this more . Now Shelly suddenly sudden export show , from right speak she is afraid arrive level which .

Light shining ridicule joke withered ring flash through _ eye Shelly . Show draw like very love heart Because People Dear are not recognize yourself , Ms _ Answer :

“ Miss , what Teacher again are not recognize the child. Ten five before you can take feed should be lucky living missing from service fire fire terrible that king . Throughout time I've been with you for a while father feed live in America , a month before he that again any happy to die , I don't know Go where again Candlestick about this visit she . Miss see hey , after the nape of the neck yes one patch less .”

The set in shelly form together foot really , come country eye also fall out cause people hold _ are not Okay pain heart . Again look patch less Figure wing flower above nape Miss , Fiona no want to believe also must believe. Although However , she _ _ diamond decide government determined , ferocious shouted :

“ Miss ” who is it ? dare to fake form grandchildren me ! Main I already bury corpse give it there !”

Shelly has cold sense very would like laugh . Fire great like so rank what also turns out ash dust , so but she again _ insists insists already bury corpse give aunt , more again , Ms still are living touch touch here . Fiona à Fiona, grandma already bury Whose body is that ? Right to be Because yes Okay rich dear , ma'am female what also yes can do okay .

Right at the time hey , sudden course yes one precious Phu core Go come . She seems _ like yes familiar know Fiona, light eye full draw bored hate enough know mandarin generation Between two People are not clown good , tall tone acupuncture poke :

“Oh, here barely Right Forge General Here 's Emerald what ? Guide follow grandchildren girl arrive use meal ?"

She is redundant know Fiona is Find all way dust clean mandarin generation with Shelly _ still open mouth speak like so , no other any are laugh enter Cape Fiona. Shelly _ course are not are from deny yes People greed family the happy , holiday permission Hi ask :

“ Hi! aunt , nephew It 's Shelly Armas ."

you Phu core airy look Teacher one female and then shout :

“ Really like ! I am the child of Armas Total and Layla phu core correct no ?”

Fiona doesn't fun Because bag opposite to prime minister worth hate break group , Armas Total ? Female what Armas Total ? She is new to be total supervisor governor by Emerald!!!

“Joanna Pinka , grandma know what but say ! Grandchildren I live or die barely maybe I still are not know !”

Joanna Pinka laugh ridicule , ridicule roof Answer :

“ People outside look enter also know baby _ to be current blood of the Armas General , Mrs Dear to be Teacher it again insists insists deny omit , item destination of the grandma to be what here ? Money silver ? Name Hope ? Or… scared lost Emerald?”

Fiona suffers speak hit heart black , mold face green meters like liver pig , hard watch enter same . She is _ determined counter Aunt word Joanna 's is again to listen see language soo lol table canopy at pulse around .

“ I ever meet Armas Total , howard Armas together wife then , baby correct to be alike same father mother .”

“ Right right , best to be bag eye hey , like one mold cast out with Armas Total .”

“ I to listen say Fiona Forge for her new enjoy Okay number talent product giant that giant , that but hours again are not would like redundant receive .”

“ Type People what but bad distant too ! I are not doubt there .”

“ Baby real worth dear ~”

Joanna saw sharp Fiona 's face day claw bad then are not alkaline Okay would like laugh out loud, though course Because name attend of the one precious Phu core Candlestick she must _ try bear contain . Obviously clear only to be class convenient people short cowardly yes little money instant learn claim the Phu core high precious like grandma , brain short barely arrive where still smart _ dance foot much time dance encourage . Joanna is type People what , what ? yes can Summer short me do chaos with Fiona . _ You hours yes muscle festival pay chopsticks equivalent course she does n't bear let go of forgive .

“Forge General , do People Candlestick volume much virtue one little . Watch some after this right down geography prison there .”

“ Grandma … she …”

Fiona is angry would like draw smoke but Because luster eye of the the People pulse around Candlestick are not can steam up beat Joanna one battle . Again glance at Shelly like enter together pain heart are stand bow head one side , she hates _ hate enter together but right fake the set are from Ai , says :

“Shelly, just now Teacher too shocked _ Candlestick speak power are not right . I don't to belly okay , hurry follow Teacher about , both home we all _ very remember me . "

Shelly listen so instant look up head up , two eye still jaw contain drop rate in transparent but corner mouth again bloom bud laugh enter together fun happy .

“ Really star she , she bear got the baby what? "

Fiona whispers scold curse Shelly hundred thousand time in head , if are not must be the dog this she also _ are not pass away face like so . Bilingual cafe _ lie above line Street capacitor practice much family family permission precious , the People sit here _ equivalent course are not right term range usually . So but she again _ forget lose , act move hole mango like so . Best determined , most determined by it count next Mrs. _ Think to be think like yes , but Fiona is smile laugh lol dear :

“ All ” course then . I don't right child of older brother howard then who else ? here . Your uncle wants you so much , let 's hurry fast Go stop .”

Fiona are not want to be where do me pass away face this more one minute any more , later when the give the dog this about home then , let see grandma be aggressive _ spear training it one phen no .

Shelly also are not blanch letter follow Fiona to home car , table hand softly claw claw pcs ring silver , tongue softly lick edge lip pink sweet sweet , hai eye again radiating light _ shining red thirsty blood . Tsk , when any new yes can cut leave People grandma Teacher Dear come here , really _ want a. “ Miss ” uncle , Lena, session shining good heal .”

Shelly coat above People pcs miscellaneous apron check , smile laugh dawn brilliant with family family father People fit Go enter room eat . Roof hair long at the time this already Okay pillar high concise neat , make Teacher less Go one part feebleness drowning thin , instead _ enter there to be the born move to spill full strength live . Shelly looks like like luster positive bring again the living give want object , glare shining enter same .

“Shelly, uncle already tell how much time then , I don't need right wake up Soon like position again where ."

Few day before , when meet Fiona and Shelly back about , Simon was fun happy arrive play cry . He very repent hate Because ten five before already to lost pass away aunt , throughout time the past time are not stop nagging , no _ know opposite to face do star with older brother male already hidden . Now Shelly is lucky again , Mr _ star yes can are not terrible blow Okay yes . Even even Simon also whisper think right compensate cover real good the what already short deficit with Teacher to Teacher yes can do one Sky needle pee happy letter _ _ _ most . Onion move wake up Soon cook eat by Shelly at this main to be wrong deviated complete full with failure think there of the Mr. , Mr equivalent course pain heart and hey nah .

“ Uncle , I like cook Grilled that . With again it very light gentle , grandson are not see tired .” Shelly put delicious pancake plate eye up desk , reply .

Fiona standing one beside see husband me mandarin Shelly mind like so instant pole period difficult bear . She glanced _ table eat one female already express draw disdain belgium :

“ Just to be some rank sock still but stop , swallow enter are not clever pain belly . Lena, hai our mother and daughter are out eat .”

Lena wears one pcs shirt white shirt _ are not install two knot on , to reveal slot trench deep hun suck together one pink bra corner pale . The skirt copper dress learn born also bag cut short old can't only fit enough cover butt , plus more roof hair dye yellow , lipstick thick special together odor country flower super hot cause she is not clown alike one learn born central study . Quyen droopy then yes charm charming , but again cause she is old tell like next tablets bars , events soul course stupid poem of the degree age ten five most like are not also . Meet Shelly well clear only great than she a _ age are not the pretty pretty but still look young central than , Shelly equivalent course are not fit eye .

“I too see position there . Awake eat what but look cheap money play hey , right to be only yes class convenient people new cook okay . Person high precious like we eat _ enter barely right to be on one's own smear unlucky me what? "

" Shut up " mouth , you speak story with older sister like position huh ?!” Simon is angry Violet face , shouted .

Lena no to he entered _ eyes , huh? one language already carry basket Surfing get out fast . Fiona sees so then very any full , big tone says :

new Lena is a biological child of the he there ! Because one People distant strange but he dare to scold it what ? He yes right human _ again no ?”

“ People distant strange ? Grandma say who is People distant strange ? It to be grandchildren grandma , is grandchildren grandma there ! So but Thai degree of the two mother and daughter some today is _ star huh ? Grandma speak go , chief old man but alike like grandma what ?! ”

Simon and Fiona are red face purple ear picture argue then one tone speak in interspersed _ _ hey this suddenly interjected : _ _

“ Miss ” uncle do not because of you argue together more . Socks chief it's by me, done awake eat are not fit password taste by Lena and she . I beg I'm sorry ."

Mrs. Vivi helps job hide in a kitchen to listen so instant any jar are not stop . Finance turmeric Shelly 's cottage letters grandma to be People clear clear most . Dish any below table hand pee letters make it evenly are not lose least home row five star , color smell taste socks chief enter together complete good , so but two your mother is too worth it again dare to speak like so . Shelly pee letters but cook eat bad , yeah above position gender this sure are not still People cook yummy again then .

Simon no yes heart look the set body sorry Dear of the Shelly , determined up consolation sound _ but last together again stop . He know if at the time this he still speak more what more , call argue rush this will claw at the time claw great more , to at the time there People difficult judge best to be child grandchildren this . Think so , Mr instant carry bag Go do , also are not forget speak with Mrs. Vivi:

“Quick pack again one little take it to the car give me .”

Mrs. Vivi yes yes do right , main grandma still would like bonus awake dish eat Shelly 's cottage mail , yes do not speak to be he owner . America taste core time , human _ _ like .

Fiona sees opposite to statue painting argue already Go lost , ie angry arrive stamp foot . Again look at Shelly stand bow head there , available _ tone anvil threaten :

“ You fast fast fuck off from place this give me . Still again , forbidden are not Okay speak out loud. I am know you slurs chirping female what then watch look !”

Before when the bring Shelly back home , Fiona also already anvil threaten one phen that Teacher are not Okay speak up _ bag she quit _ arrive Teacher pediatric institute , that to be main I 'm playful bag lost new next that . Shelly also soft favorable answer respond , compensate enter there ask Fiona to stay _ one time time to wait apartment bye The other villa is repaired cure done .

Look follow shadow Fiona 's figure Go , Shelly sneer lip laugh , let reveal two pcs tooth fangs white ball . Cheng punish terrible terrible and withered fierce best are not right to be kill kill someone , that _ to be cause people feel _ take Okay all rank hold in hand gradually gradually variable lost , from top high moat flash fall down area deep ten thousands staff _ _ Summer are from are from to sad pain seep deep into the flesh like family taste together dish eat .

Punch , the _ pink earrings _ tell jelly in Shelly 's ears vibrated one the . Light eye Teacher flash up , turn to smile with grandma vivi :

“ Uncle , I have job urgent right do Candlestick are not extra Aunt clear clean okay . Uncle rank error give it to me . "

Mrs. Vivi looked at door only pick heart by Shelly immediately see in heart soft mushy together one part bad honor . One pee letters high high in upper again Summer me speak story like position with help job like she , right to be rare enter same .

“ Little letters speak what so , here capital to be job of the I that .”

“ Feeling thanks uncle . Time after will are not position again where is it?" Shelly ends sentence instant up floor .

After _ lock up chop door room , Shelly drop me down bed , hand softly turn tablets pink tell jelly on one 's ear ring follow afternoon needle copper lake , ie then tone speak Benedict 's voice rang out :

“Red, yes one duty service but Teacher start tie right real show . Geography point …”

Shelly miss carefully what Benedict said already interrupt credit brand . Wear umbrella close prime minister in the top 3 there are permission arbitrarily choose _ choose duty service , but invite sometimes also will yes one few duty service are not can are from deny like position this . They to be the duty service yes count matter special goodbye , bring a meaning _ mandarin important any there but are not Okay the seventh defeat . Shelly has one time time are not anime move close core , with again duty service this very fit with department prefer also like department school of the aunt , location the point animal taste star also lie in Fort This H street . Um , duty service this main birth _ to be spend private give Teacher then . Shelly Mang heart status fun draw start head see review cabinet trousers shirt . Look one pile skirt shirt full the set to be color red flaming Teacher are not from a little bit frown you . Shelly likes best to be color red , don't speak to be skirt shirt , now chief shoes sandals , accessories event , page strength also are not foreign rate . Although course are not can suspect doubt time this they already bring again give Teacher one little mind complex . Duties service time this if eat wear too floating turn on then will cause attention , hard but enter bar enter ie escape Dear okay . Seems to need right Go buying one the set new then .

Shelly took a taxi to central heart love trade XSX, where floating language expensive red best chief country and yes number quantity row chemistry enter together multi form . Miss softly correction bag glasses cool already up straight about side area area sell Page dress yes Assembly , silently think fast quickly choose one the set single simple already about , though star also only wear yes one times .

“ Miss ” would like buying what ?" Female core tablets fit see Shelly _ enter instant express Thai degree cold bland together disdain belgium .

Shelly listen so eye are not from deep again one little . Again glance pcs dress are wear above People me , you instant understand . The dress this set next enter together single simple , just yes few sticky rice urgent way tune and Street Lace trim at the legs skirt , person outside look enter even easy easy think it to be row cheap money . Although of course , the real to be pcs skirt this yes price five ten thousand dollars , is by Shelly self hand set next and order your own sewing at Versace. Because to be row order sewing should it equivalent course are not clown export presently above catalogs or magazines solstice , female core tablets are not know also barely yes what strange . Shelly no would like speak much with People yes luster eye short least Candlestick complete full ignore pretty female core tablet , self me choose choose . Female core tablets See Shelly ? to me enter eye then very ie angry , though course to be guest row Candlestick are not can chase it out, okay ? acupuncture to poke says :

“ No yes money but also dare to enter this buying stuff , hmm , careful kidney yes , do bad female what give umbrella Teacher sell me also are not pay floating !”

Female core tablets start still see Shelly im quiet instant difficult bear enter same . She is _ determined speak few sentence again then one taste pee letters other Go into . Female core tablets Figure like familiar know her , hurry yellow keep running _ pick up :

“Emma pees ” letter !”

Emma Hathaway _ often glance female core tablets one the , the whole People exaggerated up gas position high conceited proud stretch . The set color body skirt alcohol red hug close claw respect up body People super standard of the her , plus more neck shirt cut V _ deep to reveal near the like the set chest great white cool cause are not little flock he beside outside hard uncle contemplate look , even lice still run chief country pieces .

“ Goods new .”

Emma is bored hate luster eye of the flood alike male beside out , no be patient ring shout female core tablet . Toan to be toads scabies but would like eat meat Sky Russian , terrible disgusting . Again think arrive Figure shadow week America of the People flock he any there , mirror face of the she immediately _ presently up one little shy . _ Only yes People flock he complete America like position new worthy pair with her Emma Hathaway but stop .

Female core tablets know count love her , knuckles knob yes yes guide Street arrive the counter row new enter , no doubt again start meet Shelly too being in place this . See Teacher are hold above hand two the set skirt determined yes price treat than one million core bad , female core tablets instant Quynh up would like jerk take , also ie angry scold :

“ Miss ” yes know they expensive size any are not eh , still dare to move in !”

Quick Shelly like cut dodge _ wing hand of the female core pellets , steam frown you . Miss already ignore for _ she a _ time then , who would have thought People this eye dog are not see Okay day elephant , claw at the time claw too worth it .

“ At star I are not can move in ?” Shelly softly smile , light eye bag bag glasses brown cover hidden are not see clear expression feel .

Female core tablets start Have you met Shelly ? bear pay again skirt still smile laugh dance encourage instant ie arrive red flushed face . She opened _ mouth hey threaten :

“Quick to order they down , if are not I will call tell guard toss neck she 's out here !!!”

Shelly do like are not to listen see , no clown move cover . Emma stands one beside see painting argue already long instant know story what happen , think what , then come out again to be one rank people black short least learn claim precious ethnicity . She despises _ belgium a glance at Shelly arrogance _ _ stretch command : _

“ Quit table hand dirty dirty of the you out! These dish row this you also worthy touch enter what? "

Shelly at this new pay attention to Emma , just look see mold face familiar belong luster eye instant flash up . New just this morning , Ms already start meet mold face this above name book of prey sent by Benedict for . Emma Hathaway, 22 years old , daughter Ut of the Market chief Fort H Toka Hathaway Street . Ah, yes Candlestick prize decide her right now in this are not huh ?

Emma saw Shelly look me instant are not understand star shiver People one the , after there again very fast town determined again , silently think a kid _ then yes can do what she is . _ If Emma knew Okay tonight I _ will bag brake corpse below table hand of this " baby " , no know she has _ repent hate Because the row move at the time this of the copy Dear are not more .

“ You look female what , do you believe me hook eye are you out ? huh ?… Ah”

Emma just hand enter Shelly 's face shouted , no doubt finger point bag Teacher grab okay , use force one little instant break broken . Emma hurts arrive level fall collapsed down floor , hug hand cry roar up , set form tight object enter same . Female core tablets are not doubt the love again Go arrive level hey , hurry yellow would like help her , no doubt neck foot sudden course throbbing up one female already also fall pressed up Emma people .

Emma has pain arrive died be quiet now bag pressed heavy , head stunned dizzy arrive level would like faint go . Female core tablets right chief cry also cry are not floating , done then , she later _ this accomplished then . Dak sin with daughter _ Market Chief , don't speak to be pass away work , network living also difficult but also . Cang think , female core tablets claw ie angry , hate hate look at Shelly. To be her , all chief All caused by her . _

Female core tablets hero tiger determined stand wake up grab hit Shelly _ one battle then beside outside sudden suddenly resounded _ screams _ _ panic riot , sound foot People run hide ram arap .

“ Dog !”

Shelly listen see language gun instant know yes variable , set ie step hurry out , no _ clown mandarin heart female core tablets are terrible panic and Emma writhes crow above floor . Fit arrive door area skirt yes Assembly , Ms instant see one guy flock he chief People tie full bomb hold gun stand Between grand lobby . He looks like very dirty filthy and cazy chaos , no cease lol gun about side the People are run hide , big tone screamed scream :

“ Forbidden ” run ! child any dare to run I shoot die ! Want to close door area love trade give me , if are not I will give explode number bomb this right create ie ! That guy, you yes to listen see are not huh ?”

Stop sentence , guy instant shoot one play enter wing hand one core tablets tell guard still are blanch wait . Chieu kill chicken threaten monkey fruit course very yes brand experience , full the set the door of the area love trade complete full bag close more , more two hundred human hostages then hug head cry snakehead _ _ lobby , person then try try dodge hide in the time row , only yes Shelly still stand circle hand in place there , not yet never move . _ No doubt only Go buying shopping one little again yes can meet story animal taste position hey , miss correct to be very lucky _ nah .

Because Shelly stood on the floor three , facing the ocean lobby together side with guy flock he Candlestick guy are not look see still yes a bold hostage like so , continue shouting orders : _ _ _

“Quick call electricity phone give Total Finance the People next here , quick up !!!”

Tell guard pick up panic create ie call about give total company . Shelly smiles laugh , it looks like he flock he this yes enemy resentment with Total Finance of the practice XSX team , more than again still are not small , to level would like use main network living of the me to lightning guys enemy together than two hundred hostages here together down King Tuyen . Shelly whispers cold lament one little , okay guy flock he this again sleep stupid position yes . You hours new eight ripe hours morning , person yes soft bridge arrive central heart love trade not yet high , want died one way ohh paralysis then Candlestick choose session dark new right , at there number People waiter burial also right than thousand people . Or yes , guy flock he this still still wage good is it ? Haha , really _ hot laugh that .

No long After that , Shelly looked at see beside outside already besieged _ _ by very much scene close together team sleep shoot trim . Although course follow Teacher think like position also barely useful profit what , by Because door glasses of the area love trade this even to be glasses anti bullet high level , event export presently of the scene close you hours only cause guy flock he more below _ cazy crazy but stop .

At the time hey , sudden course one the Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase enter Between team sleep scene close . Guys flock he fit look see pcs luxury car _ there two eye straight up _ casino stripe , overflow full hate enemy scream big :

“James Allred!!!” When people flock he are from above car step down time time seems like stop stagnation again , all chief all People even are not move eye look about Figure shadow of the him . Person flock he about father ten age , one Dear west High Armani page faint , dear Figure complete America hide contain full strength strong . Sleep mandarin he is like Okay Upper Sole pros love on one's own hand touch notch every detail , every _ one the set department even pole period pure economy , color shrewd . Bag glasses do reduce less one part love wild me or of the People flock Mr. , instead enter there to be the prohibit sex seriously suffocating difficult speak Fort words , though course like so again suggest desire _ _ correct dress of the faction female . Every step foot of the he is like covered _ _ by one floor luster shining Uy right , both People to spill full gas position king fake , each door only , each move works even pole period high precious .

Shelly is bonus awake draw pretty rare meet this then People flock he like cold take Okay softly look up eye up . Range eye two People deliver together Between are not middle , though even bag compartment way by one floor eye glasses but are not clown image enjoy arrive job surname to hit price mixed each other . Shelly softly variable sharp when the look enter bag eye that pale blue , it alike like one lake country deep are not see bottom again pole period cold cold . There are not right to be the cold cold jar often but still phase mixed with the protein fascia bare so , one bag eye like already look see full the set religion li in position gender hey , complete full escape customary , like like are not still what yes can cause he delivered _ move more . Person like so great opposite to are not right People usually _ _ lump right go through life living position any new cause he has _ Okay bag eye pretty like position yes . Any Shelly sense lick lips , if like yes can , miss real would like hook it 's on display enter cabinet glasses right at the time this .

James only stop range Shelly 's eyes yet ? arrive father second already move Go alike like are not play presently any period People which , though course in heart again complete full left reverse . Light eye bonus awake same desire _ fuck weird that cause full Dear he looks like like bag burn burn , one type cold contact are not clear keep lan overflow . Image image short female white cool thin manh like Water pure wear above People the set skirt red flaming together with roof hair long yellow sunny softly flutter pho in wind airy deep impression _ enter end heart wisdom by James. You 're real are not doubt People already familiar living cold the silver transparent father ten five like me again sudden sudden replace change cold contact only Because one Teacher kid distant strange like so .

“James Allred, you still mind I no , huh ?!!”

Tone speak noise ooh of the guy flock he wear bomb enter love pull James out failure think of the myself . I'm slightly frown you difficult bear , no answer word which . Guys flock he see Thai degree deep static James 's is fit ie fit shy , continue customary shouted :

"I'm Main to be Vijeeter Ecor , total supervisor governor of the Van . company Vien here ! Person bag you harmful to the door broken home ! So but you again are not mind what ??? You residence course dare to forget !”

James listen arrive Van . company Vien then fruit course yes one little press statue . Image like few month before practice XSX team is right to be yes collect buying it then right . Although course next plan this very small , brother also only Okay to listen newspaper fox briefly _ _ stop .

“ Because you but I pass away end socks whole , company , house , right chief wife and children also cancel I but go ! Today though _ I yes died also right drag you Go together ! James Allred, date this five after main to be day death anniversary of the you !!!”

Guys flock he shout great already lol gun about James 's side , though course one scene statue strange strange again happen . Only I see James like stand saddle are not move cover but socks chief tablets bullet even shoot order , one play also are not hit ! Person outside look enter even think to be guy flock he Because are bag size prefer too level Candlestick aim are not standard , but Shelly is close prime minister row head star yes can are not look out. Every Street bullet shoot out evenly faerie by James guess before , after there use one speed degree pole period fast but light gently dodge . _ Pair when the only to be one female lift foot , one female turn ancient , a move works small he was _ Fort labour escape from tablets bullets . Person hey , right to be very risk dangerous ! No know if 1vs1 vs _ he will _ chalk encourage arrive level any where . Shelly bloom one bud laugh bland hide contain the thirsty blood enter term , continue customary mandarin close love Figure beside below .

At the time hey James was are not stand dodge quietly _ again but up ever step about side guy flock Mr. , one the set body like Go walk in labour tablets jar usually , no not conscious _ Okay the tablets bullet are pulsating _ _ around myself . Guys flock he contact customary lol gun but are not hit one play any then enter together ie angry , see James more at the time claw arrive near the then in heart instant be afraid scared are not stop shouting _ anvil threaten :

“ Stand again , you stand again give man ! If are not I will …”

“ Boom !!!”

When only still way guy flock he few meters , James punched course get a raise speed , one owl rock pole strong eject . Guys flock he only see eye flower up , after there chief People already bag fly away , dear _ me heavy masonry dam down floor home cold cold , come gun also to hit fall . Guys flock he fit complete soul again instant would like with hand pick password gun up , no doubt one pair fish leather shoes crocodile already stamp strong up wing hand of the him .

“ Grac !”

“Ah ah !!!”

Language skeletal core broken crumbs together language scream like bag stale to poke period copper time resounds , both _ grand lobby even terrible surprised look love situation fit happen . No doubt total supervisor governor practice XSX team again yes can one hand collect dress Name terrible Father yes gun and wear bomb easy easy like so , most time language praise praise praise _ lan radiate all over where .

See scene close beside outside are smack in , guy flock he hate hate look mold face high high in upper it 's James 's dose me use hand still again would like start move bomb . James is determined trample note wing hand still again of the he then one luster shining the silver flash up , ie then the set thing control bomb beside hip of the guy flock he already bag cut broken Fort much piece . Guys flock he great hope screamed scream , after there very fast bag scene close catch take .

“James Allred, James Allred, I great opposite to are not excuse give you where ! Have Fort devil I still curse curse you !!!”

Screams _ _ claw day claw away , perfect James full are not to the word there in the ear, slightly bow me pick the Piece broken up see . Finally lump Who is it? Light eye older brother island around grand lobby one back , after there play presently shadow body red flaming above floor father already variable pass away are from at the time which , in heart suddenly offer up one the pass away cool difficult understand .

“ Total supervisor governor , sir are not star right? ”

Letters closed Loren panic pick up run in , fortunately _ _ he owner are not what if _ are not he will repent hate arrive died lost . Worth he should have are not Candlestick pine newspaper job tell guard of the central heart love trade call arrive new right , if are not also barely harmful total supervisor governor risk dangerous one phen position this .

“ Total supervisor governor , general supervisor governor ?"

Seeing James still silly person , letter sign Hakaru instant sounding more few language more .

" Go ." James up language .

Shelly stands in group People watch James leave go , light eye flash up one ray expect wait . Miss yes cold sense me will Soon meet again People flock he animal taste this okay , yes can to be with private way worker hunt and prey _ also are not know about . At the time there , sure to be animal taste very .

“ See you meet again , James Allred ~” God fit short stagger evening , guest hotel Louis is in the center heart Fort H street was start head funny rhythm sure up . These pcs car a little bit expensive money are not cease to pour lol before port , missing family pee letter , Tuan male America female , even lice still yes one number core object floating language in gender terrible business young even capacitor practice here . _ One Teacher girl wear above People the set skirt turn chest color black with roof hair yellow sunny bun high single simple step into . Miss girl at first look are not yes what special apart , between group bronze eat dress up _ then claw yes draw sank rest . But Teacher girl hey , no one else main is Shelly.

Shelly back enter one corner grand lobby , whole People most like sank enter shadow evening , island eye mandarin close pulse around . Duties service time this of the she divided _ father part , love bridge of the part head fairy main to be in session party this labour declare prize decide the prey rank most . Shelly is one People watch job kill People like processing create works Products turmeric art , yes one turmeric doctor any again are not prefer works Products of the me Okay much People contemplate look where , miss also are not foreign rate . There to be reason at _ why does Shelly say duty service time this pole period fit password taste of the she .

“ Feeling thanks all People already Summer try arrive shared fun together Orland them _ me .”

One bag wife husband central year stand above _ podium play expression lightning drag the attention of _ full can all People in meal party . Person flock he to be Tartaros Orland, owner president practice group build build Orlando, who extra female still again also main to be Phu Human Orland Milimari . We surname to be owner core of the meal party tonight , one meal party eat happy Orland 's house is medium eagerly Okay fit copper build build area Vacation cool Elise cause People other jealous envy red eye . Shelly also ever heard about _ area Vacation cool almost build build hey , listen speak it lie above sub island A near Fort H street , Kinh fee take out pole period great up arrive row hundred billion USD, profit profit collect Okay equivalent course from right table . Because would like yes Okay fit copper this but socks chief the company , set group build build chief country even painting together arrive chipped head batch forehead , stay at Fort this H street then claw dramatic paralysis more . Real are not doubt , last together it again about hand Orland house .

“ Huh , keep pleased , let _ _ see some People yes copy receive complete Fort labour submit correct deadline or not !"

One precious Phu core stand how Shelly doesn't distant mold face to spill full jealous ie but said .

“ Because yes Okay fit copper but sell both girls , kind _ People there I contempt !”

Gender terrible business no one _ know girls _ great of the two wife husband Tartaros presently are do People love of the chief room next plan beside Elised , time photo time _ take a shot scene two People favor love still bag lan transmission strong above newspaper solstice . Big scandal like position but umbrella to be Tartaros or Milimari even are not clown mandarin mind . Also correct okay , benefit profit plan swore that 's it , one Piece name language bag pass away also are not question topic what .

“ Shh stir-fry .”

In grand lobby suddenly course flare explode one battle soo lol together language extra female shout deafening , no one left pay attention to wife husband Tartaros again but even direction range side eyes _ outside . Only see one People flock he body People high great Carry gas position king fake Go into . Bag glasses below luster lamp flash up luster shining the silver glare eye cause People other are not dare to look straight , each step Go of the older brother even make a heart of the faction female vibration _ cazy crazy . James Allred, General Finance practice group multi large XSX industry best position gender , for statue in dream of the any period People extra female which .

“Ah ah ah , it's General Nat !!!”

“Allred General , Allred General !!!”

“ Really the It 's Allred General , ah ah !!!”

James is still to be draw face cold bland guide follow letters shut up Loren into , one the set form are not eat smoke fire core time , no sex enter bridge . Shelly no doubt yes can meet quick James again arrive so , mold face in young best time bloom bud laugh . Real good too , like so works Products tonight 's _ Teacher will obtain Okay price treat great best then . No know after when James looked see exhausted works of the Teacher then will counter application like position any where . Real expect wait nah ~

“Allred General arrive real to be honor happy give they I too !”

Tartaros together Milimari hurry yellow humbly knob bow hi , come on still draw high high in upper fit then . James also are not proud arrogant , leisurely bland Answer :

“ Guests gas .”

Punch course cold take Okay luster eye familiar under , James jerking me one , set _ ie about side short female are not little floating turn on in corner grand lobby . No right the set skirt red love weird at the time bright , lacking female at the time this face one the set skirt color black single simple , roof hair bun tall , no makeup , no _ Page strength , though course still like old do older brother are not can move eye . Type body of the the set skirt black clear clear are not fit with age age of the aunt , but also Because position cause Teacher alike like one Teacher kid pretends _ People big , yes one draw worth love are not speak up words .

Shelly play James is currently look me instant laugh light answer re , most time claw cause mold face small message more flaming brilliant strength live . James feels see heart me seems like airy cease dam , one the size move suddenly overflow up cause older brother would like up arrive hug chop Teacher enter heart . Think to be do , in front of eyes surprised course of the socks chief all People pulse around , James established ie quickly step about Shelly's side . Shelly no doubt James _ next here , light eye presently up one little suspect or . Person this would like do what huh ?

“Brother James!”

Tone female cooing resounding , one _ _ shadow body pink chalk sudden course labor next before James face . Miss girl yes body People pole period charm charming , best to be the set chest same size D bag foot silky cool cause People other dream membrane , roof hair brown a little bit curly do get a raise more strokes female count of the her . But match fit do what , miss girl this main to be People broken by Shelly broken finger hand at the time morning , Emma Hathaway !

Red Emma face look mold face pretty passionate about soul by James, one the set form like short female private spring . See she is like so , these Sky needle pee letters other even ie arrive stamp foot but for fear _ position force Market chief even are not dare to speak what .

“Brother James, you are not mind you what , em it 's Emma Hathaway , yesterday we just _ new meet together again home row Japan porch there .”

James frowns you , pole period difficult bear Because bag stop road , after there are not clown answer one word but go around her _ _ customary up about Shelly's side . Emma froze , she , she laughed _ course bag skip ! Throughout ten two five Okay my babe happy afternoon _ together enjoy tree enough type bow worship of the flock Mr. , times head Fairy Emma is okay taste private taste bag watch usually . Person high conceited like she is _ course are not can challenge take story hey , hurry gold turns _ would like chase according to James.

At the time hey James was stand before Shelly face , glossy body high great complete full coverage _ up muscle can small little beside below . Shelly suffers a little bit breathe leisurely bland James 's _ enter mold face same skin , both _ People seems like trembling . _ Miss are not prefer cold sense hey , feel sense like extra belong enter someone , pole _ _ period difficult bear . Shelly step up one step out _ luster shining aim escape from receive geography enter Figure by James, fresh laugh says :

“ Hi! uncle ~ “ Before After ”

James is airy moment yes cold sense like me fit look see Sky road . Short female pretty pretty wear above shoulder bag wing white cool soft trade , pair eye fill avoid with bud laugh dawn brilliant , all chief same like one painting statue covered god _ full luster shining glare blind . Stream moat optical warm pressure that like heating warm left heart cold price by James, making ever strong blood in muscle can older brother flushed open , one the living new are lan overflow .

“ Uncle , uncle are not star right? ”

Shelly look People flock he week America are stupid silly before eye are not understand star again cold see yes little worth love . Obviously clear already father ten , still to be People always hold the set form cold bland stand above top high look down enter a lot guys feebleness side below , so but again Because one Teacher kid ten six like Teacher but knife motion . Ah, Ms yes Candlestick on one's own moat are not here ?

James listen see tone speak in young of the Shellylian determined God again , after there again surprised course with main copy Dear myself . I just do female what , what ? but look one Teacher girl arrive silly people . In the life father ten five of the you , story this main to be time head fairy happen . Do People rolling confused in gender terrible business much year , James no clown distant strange with the People extra female pretty beautiful or cool Products vu things , though course not yet ever Is anyone enough ? ability power create Candlestick one little press statue in head brother , cho umbrella only to be touch touch small pick also are not yes . So but at the time hey James again enter same desire _ would like hug chop shadow Figure small baby come in heart , even lice still yes one type contact move would like bring chief position gender put down below pair table foot small little of the aunt , spend give Teacher the thing good pretty best , perfect good most .

“ Fuck .”

Shelly just cold see before eye flash up one the , after there chief People already covered _ _ by one cage chest snake sure to spill full smell taste male count . Ring waist small little of the Teacher bag fin chop Between two wing hand color copper neck full strength strong , slightly breathe warm hot of the faction male ever batch right enter forehead cause Shelly 's heart trembled . Are from day next take too submit training training notch cruel , these female hug , the words of consolation already complete full variable pass away in are from dictionary by Shelly. They too distant slag with one close guard , guy specializing in Go rob pick network People like she . Position but People flock he this are not the dare to hug Teacher but still do give cold contact of the Teacher knife motion . Love cold main to be rank prohibit cavalry of the close player , one when the already pass away Go the on one's own owner capital yes , close prime minister only still a road _ die ! Wear even though Shelly has excited animal with James , but are not yes means to be Teacher easy easy excuse rank give onion move this of the brother .

" Let go ."

Tone speak capital in young soothing easy sudden course deep short down , Shelly looked up bag eye cold strange arrive pole the point look James . Close gas hot dark lan radiate in are not time , so but James one little a little scared scared also are not yes . Bag eye older brother at the time this only contain full the Hi beauty soft and pain heart . Right are from time head fairy look see Shelly in the center heart love trade , brother already cold see Teacher are not right to be People jar usually . One Teacher girl only about ten five ten six , looks young _ Piece nice like so , so but again yes can jar static stand look guy terrible Father evil ferocious beside below title like audience fake are see one notebook comedy drama . James knows , to yes Okay determined force like so , you girl small this already right did you go through ? little story terrible terrible . Even lice older brother still dream lake cold take Okay taste blood pure above People you , smell smell special show of the close player .

“ Please stay ” beside me .”

Tone speak are not yes one little ripple wave title like one sentence bare jutsu single simple , but again boo reveal the Ba religion great for . Shelly listen accomplished in heart suddenly to spill up one deck ie angry but main Teacher also are not realize . Close prime minister yes left heart item wash are from long capital are not still blow fury resentful _ _ ie angry , story this barely right worth terrible surprised what ?

“ Is you !!!”

Right at the time this one tone female shrill resounded , Emma was angry evil Go come . Emma hates hate only hand into Shelly two round eyes widen _ casino stripes full jealous hate look two People are hug together favor that love . leech _ Is that small ? only break broken finger hand of the Miss , harm Teacher right wear ice Go attend party position hey , now hours again still dare to rob People flock he of the she . Dike convenient , too dike convenient that !

“ Also small age like position already dangling ignore charm droopy flock Mr. , session shining still dare to assault me , say _ guard where , quick catch a leech this again give me ! Why are you? People yes can to type People dirty dirty this enter this yes !”

Shelly softly glance finger hand that Emma is only enter myself , in heart laugh cold are not stop . View post _ day school _ still not yet enough ~ That also good stop , though star prey _ tonight 's _ she … well main is … her .

“ Miss ” that to be People of the me .”

Word speak by James just utter , all chief all People in grand lobby even ignore silly . Emma huh? hole I ca n't believe my ears , team tell guard guest hotel also stop step are not dare to up come . Right chief People yes determined force high as well as Shelly are not avoid from knife move one little . Obviously clear only to be one sentence speak single simple like so , again alike like one word declare language full foot into . James up language also main to be corpse create geography taste of the Shelly , People extra female of the total supervisor governor practice group great best Asian XSX no everyone _ _ yes can move into . Bag eye full same intent _ Uy pressure strong strong of the older brother make Emma and team tell guard all shaking , head _ pillow like would like kneel down face land .

“ At star , at star are not right you but is a leech Horror disgusting that ? It it 's just to be class convenient people short least dangling ignore but okay , yes place any than People yes ! Allred General , you love you , clear clear to be you love older brother before that !”

Emma not willing _ great tone resentment blame , blame every are from language are from in mouth she got out again _ cause sharp face James 's _ day claw deep down , still strokes laugh above face of the Lycy again claw at the time claw deep add . Miss determined give she lives _ long more little more , but don't you see ? Okay then .

James also not yet keep wrong People toss Emma's neck out then story period weird already happen . Only see Emma capital throat is wide scold by sudden course im off , two hand stop Between are not central are not clown yes move works . All People no one has reacted yet application then two round eye she 's hot course roll up _ like look see rank what there very terrible terrible . Then … _

“ Phew !!!”

Head fairy to be part head , continue follow to be two wing hand , pair foot long by Emma suddenly course leave from muscle can already fall down . Blood washy shoot out _ discharge , absorb wet chief mold face and skirt shirt of the few Sky needle pee letters stand near the that .


Language scream terrible King Is it jarring ? stop ringing , all _ chief all People even panic chaos would like run hide from area area yes exam can Emma , even lice yes few People still bag be afraid scared arrive level faint faint , after there bag the People other trample bicycle up are not know still good life _ die . Between frames scene mixed chaos full blood pure there only yes only best two people _ still still are stand hug together are not little replace change , male high great week america , female small message Thuot pardon , fruit to be one bag pair pretty how much.

“ Uncle , if uncle still are not let go of hand … head … will …fly… nah ~”

James does not clown intend _ _ let go of hand , point hard uncle look enter pcs ring above table hand white nn by Shelly. Person jar often correct to be are not can look see she took her hand like position , but _ older brother then other . Speed degree by Shelly very fast , but in James eyes only flash up little canopy bonus but stop . Female older brother prefer animal best main to be carefully jutsu of the aunt , use wire needle type to kill person , for umbrella to be close prime minister yes than father ten five terrible test also difficult but do okay . No only so , master France kill People this still pole alike prime minister France withered close to Raven State Yomazu already take a shot again , no , thu commit of the two service main corpse even together to be one people , that People there no one else again to be Teacher girl yes draw outside thin manh this here .

" Uncle ..."

Shelly are determined use violent force prize decide question topic , punch course chief People bag lift scholarship up already was carried out by James . Shelly just high yes one meters six ten , compared to Dear Figure one meters eight seven James 's is clear clear yes the difference deviated clear pronounced . At first look two People alike like taboo doctor together labour God in story neck volume , zero together pretty double .

“ Total Tai , Mr this then , bad i 'm worried would like die !”

Between group bronze mixed riot , letter sign Hakaru worth love throw struggling _ _ run next where James, two eye Forest same tear _ a puppy . _ Shelly even lice still yes can see Okay two perforated ears _ up together female tail hair ruffled are shake _ _ again , immediately turn on laugh . Nu laugh in veh are not little miscellaneous matter any enough to suck soul any anyone , no only James _ right chief letters sign Hakaru also look arrive stupid people .

“ Heaven porcelain ~” Letter sign Hakaru squeaked out . _

Start meet the set form super stupid of the letters sign Hakaru , Shelly again laugh . James is cold cold glance letters sign Hakaru one the , in heart sour ulcer . No understand star see baby in _ heart look People flock he other , laugh with People flock he other , brother again difficult bear enter same .

“Hurry to get it car .”

Tone speak hot dark Uy pressure together gas position risk dangerous do letters sign Hakaru jerk shoot me , hurry yellow do People clean Street give they go to the beach pass car . three people fit up car then language howl Horn are not stop ringing , scene _ close already come .

" Do n't worry . "

Listen to James speak like That 's it , Shelly move eye from scene object beside outside door car , calm course Answer :

“ At star to worry ? _ Still more , uncle would like take Shelly _ where here ?”

Shelly gave mold face small message of the me enter close face James , table hand also are not idle idle claw draw cage chest of the brother , set form worth love again phase more father part charm droopy . Wear umbrella way one Class shirt shirt , James still cold take Okay clear clear ever finger hand soft trade of the Shelly , chief People even hot and hard bear . Time head fairy in James ' life born sex hope , more half still to be opposite to with one short female small age position this .

" Baby , don't inverse fire .”

James holds chop pick table hand are harass break by Shelly, two eye again to spill flooded grace flattery together sex fire . Have maybe time head fairy see Okay one People look me like so , Shelly again claw fun looks , the more daring great honey would like joke joke add .

Look at Shelly instead change private position sit sure up femoral me , couple butt circle treatment still are not stop friction , James feels see me almost bag painting crazy .

“ Uncle , uncle do star so , very difficult bear what? "

A little bit breathe in young together odor smell sweet sweet of the short female Fort labour make James lose alkaline mode . I bow head down cover private bag lip pink small message of the aunt , uncle religion Rub close lick suck .

“ Um .”

Shelly no doubt James _ do like so , any doubt whimper up one language . Person flock he this fit look instant know to be time head first , skill jutsu are not high super , perfect full only do follow copy capacity . Although course copy power James 's again yes can jar often what ? Answer sentence fork course to be no .

Shelly suffers head tongue in mouth can to scan arrive stunned dizzy , ho steam gradually gradually short missing .

" Clean ."

Light shining the silver flash up , smell blood fresh suddenly lan radiate in are not gas . James at this already leave from Shelly lips , shine eye full close gas look yarns wire needle type fit cut through the neck myself .

“ If are not right respect face uncle already carry help one paragraph road , I already cut break female head this are from long then . I hate best to be interloper _ _ job of the me , also hate best to be People arbitrarily touching _ enter People me . Time after if to I meet again uncle … me best determined will are not lady hand again where ."

Light Shelly's eyes at this only to spill flooded one color red thirsty blood , whole People minus deep full close gas . Main People rolling confused in hah religion much five as well as James are not from yes little terrible surprised , a short female not yet arrive two ten already yes Okay gas position of the close prime minister terrible test father ten year , yes to be difficult yes believable . _ _ Copper time , James also cold see enter together pain please , baby first _ eye this best determined already went through a lot much training training withered fierce . Huh , if to older brother find the nest position any already training training baby , brother best determined use Blood Dragon Bang delete book we them , make we they living are not plain die .

“ Uncle drive car , stop here _ give me with .”

see James ? speak what , Shelly thought ? that older brother already know fear , set face back again _ draw Sky ceramic jar normal , sweet sweet tell collect sign Hakaru stop car . Letters sign Hakaru are not yes money thing bag passionate about or stunned stunned , not yet wait for James permission already do follow Shelly 's words .

“ Feeling thanks uncle !”

Medium Shelly put one foot up face Street then hand sudden course bag drag back . James look deep enter eye aunt , uncle religion says :

“ Times after do not do I bag dear , em will repent Hate , baby ."

James capital to be People cold bland arrive pole point , but are not yes means to be older brother will to any no one _ yes can dance encourage permission Uy of the myself . If are not right the person who shoots it 's Shelly then Queen fruit difficult yes can thought statue okay .

“ Uncle don't worry. Umbrella star they hand also are not meet again again where ."

Shelly remove James hands out, after there be patient decide turn back step go . James sitting in car look shadow body baby boy _ day claw far , light eye flash up .

“ No meet again what ? Job there are not must be me decide determined , baby ." Shelly took a taxi back arrive home already almost 9 o'clock dark . Fiona and Lena are both not yet about Candlestick Teacher only opposite to answer few sentence with Simon _ enter room to deliver duty service for Benedict. Benedict also are not any doubt when the listen to Shelly complete Fort part one fast like so , just tell Teacher Soon accomplished jobs in China Country then come back nest office . Benedict said like so by Because near the this he has _ sacred cold are not good , always be afraid scared to hit pass away super close prime minister already thick labour training training this . Must to know , M no right nest position close prime minister only best above position gender . If are not yes one ace owner post power force super strong , they will easy easy bag the nest position other pass , give _ umbrella are not disbanded _ _ also only next take Okay few crumbs errands cheap money .

“Red, you but Teacher would like Find already yes information already . ”

Shelly listen so luster eye instant flash up . Some day before , Ms yes ask Benedict to find few fish core or nest position hah religion yes network net position force and wide information _ great in Fort H street to access Find Name close prime minister already kill harmful father mom Teacher ten five before . Wear shelf he already hide Go where , just need know name count origin and Figure shape , umbrella to be foot God last earth , she also will Find Okay and brake corpse he sold out thousand piece . Than Also , Shelly also don't believe me mom me bag kill single simple like so , most determined right Because one minus scheming any that . Finally lump who , who do ? _

“Follow the net net love newspaper in China Country newspaper Fox , Blood Dragon Clan now are to be position force great best Asia has _ total ministry in China Country . Miss yes can arrive Gray bar , city H street to hook connect with we them .”

Shelly rotate link earrings _ end the trick story , after there open the laptop to see information about _ Blood Dragon Bang sent by Benedict come . Nest position Black Dao this although new Fort create five five but play develop pole fast , they gradually gradually to hit accounting for factions _ _ in area area after there hero Ba Asia . Thing make Shelly court find to be old man grand of the faction this enter together squash hidden , floating language to be prime minister the cruel part withered who 's ring also terrible afraid . Hmm , really animal taste nah .

“ Blood Dragon Gang, hy hope the People will are not do I the seventh hope .” Shelly against hand look screen smiling laptop _ laugh . Watch out the date roof right Go Gray bar one trip then .

--- ------ ------ ------ -----

Gray bar is located in the center heart Fort H street , is place fun play prize wisdom great best chief water , capacitor practice enough all type People enter together complex mixed . Time Hey Shelly come out presently with one the set form enter together stop hair _ _ curling curly suggest feel , tight leather jacket shoes , shoes high heel ten two feces together bag glasses black Chanel is expensive money . Miss also Page the point rather carefully to cover less strokes children on _ mold face , like so new yes can through check _ tra degree age but Go into .

Shelly arrive bar , call one Glass of Vermouth already smile laugh charm droopy ask People phase Mode :

“I have ” know Find People of the Blood Dragon Bang like position any no ? I yes job would like fit works with them .”

Youth _ phase processing to listen Okay father from " Blood Dragon Bang" mold face instant variable sharp , quick yellow government receive :

“ I are not know what both ! Xiao letters Candlestick ask for a favor People other go !”

Shelly see Thai degree of the he is like so instant know image enjoy of the Blood Dragon Bang is great opposite to are not range usually , in heart claw more hold sure ability power Find Okay guys enemy . Miss also are not smack ask he added _ again but light gentle sip pediatric glass alcohol above hand , like like People fit would like Find Black Dragon Bang no right Teacher so . No hurry , though star Teacher also know sure sure this bar _ belong department possess of the Black Dragon is already bang . Um , just need do one battle lol chaos grape small to be yes can Find Okay People would like Find nah .

Right at the time hey , one guy flock big man _ like pure crystal , set face enter together customary ferocious ferocity _ and eager sharp again near Shelly

“ People beautiful , go one me what ? Have would like do one night with he older brother no ?”

Guys pass wing hand muscle corn full Figure tube bad ugly of the I want to touch enter shoulder of the you , who would have thought only still way one a little little two foot sudden course kneel down , fall objects on the floor home .

“Ah ah ah , kill people !”

One number Teacher girl be afraid scream out loud but part bronze all People even rather jar static Because story this often through happen . Have few People still processing mock Shelly because almost bag Blood Dragon's Trial beautiful , who said Teacher cause story above geography table of the surname what to do .

Shelly still smack passionate about glass alcohol , no clown intend to turn back _ see guy flock he fit bag chop two foot bloody _ _ smooth , writhing crow pain screaming in pain _ _ after .

“ Taste pee letters hey , work what right strong hand like so ah~”

Language speak full recline silly me or resound , a _ People flock he wear gray vest open chest Go enter , follow after he to be than ten People other wear a black suit . Shelly smiles laugh , person Teacher need meet already arrive then . Tony look Teacher girl before eye instant yes

little any ability private proposal . Close Figure Piece tomorrow , pair foot long white cool like ceramic porcelain , set leather goods _ close together roof hair yellow sunny curly light cause Teacher fit charm droopy me or , medium yes part soothing easy expect manh cause People other would like cover carry . One Teacher girl like position clear clear are not fit about place black dark mixed miscellaneous like position hey , more again still out _ withered ring blood pure like so , really correct to be hard to believe .

"I 'm manager physical Gray 's ?"

Shelly push glass alcohol wave compare to one side , anti chin mandarin kill Tony, move works ignore worth exaggerated up the coil suck are not speak up words . No only Tony, all chief move object alike male pulse around there even bag passionate about or arrive stupid silly . Shelly sneered lips , me jutsu of the Teacher already training arrive enter together pure Thuc are not People compare on time , yes thing not yet yes opposite to prime minister any cause Teacher right use arrive extra tricks this . Umbrella so , me jutsu already infiltrate enter end skeletal marrow Shelly should invite sometimes move works of the Teacher still reveal me _ or wise same . Conclude fit complete America charm droopy and bar pure , only there's a new Shelly do okay .

" is me . No know pee letters need what here ?"

Tony flushed wake up , fast quickly pick again tune the set waste death any initial need , smile _ laugh charm droopy with Shelly . Shelly down from chair sit , table foot Go shoes high heel are not clown notice _ _ step pass him _ taper thing still writhing crow beside below . Every step foot of the Teacher even to again patch blood above floor , sound cop claps sound _ like language sounding of the death god , bang deep enter cage chest every people there , make _ surname are not on one's own owner but be afraid scared back step .

" I yes job would like ask for a favor Blood Dragon Bang help help . Price chief are not Fort question subject ."

Still the way Tony ba step legs , Shelly instant stop step . Two hands Teacher circle back , back straight , chest hunchback curved , set form alike same one female king are from above high look down I me , gas position pole period terrible people . Arrive People rolling confused in hah religion much five like Tony too are not from bag encroachment pressure , no failure think much instant create ie answer application then .

------- -----

" No know they I yes can help what give pee letters here ?"

At the time hey Tony and Shelly were sit in one Private room , Tony pointed medicine smoking , while Shelly sat opposite to face again are not to reveal little expression cold which .

" I would like Looking for Blood Dragon Bang help prime minister commit already kill total supervisor governor howard armas of the Emerald company together Phu core he entered _ ten five before ."

" Emerald Company? Howard Haertfilia ? "

Tony has little failure think look at Shelly. Based follow love bridge of the opposite to Phuong , he yes can guess her _ girl this yes mandarin generation are not range often with family race Haertfilia floating language rich yes best Fort H street , though course best time still are not guess body _ department of the she . Ten five before The Blood Dragon clan is still not yet exist at , thing tra yes little complex miscellaneous here .

" Little letters yes can wait here _ one little Okay no ? Story this are not single simple , I right consult _ _ of ' party on ' was . "

Shelly softly nod head agree , now are from head Teacher already know This Gray Bar are not Only managed by Tony physical single simple like so . Although Of course , you also barely mandarin heart People stand after place this who , that only mandarin heart love bridge of the me yes Okay challenge accept or not . Umbrella star opposite to with a faction _ great like Blood Dragon clan, the service fit works this also too level small pick are not worth tell .

------- -----

" Old man Dai , I have a message from Macau come , casino the silver number 5 of we just _ bag one the group People harass tangled , very yes ability power they belong position force of the Easter Tiger bang or Thanh Long bang. Old man grand see job this Candlestick judge li position Which ?"

At the time this in floor high best of the Gray bar , who Okay call is " side on " by tony, michel Eucliffe are bow glasses newspaper fox with one People flock he sit above chair sopha opposite to area . He has Dear Figure pole period complete America like one taste god , five mandarin sharp shrewd pure economy , light eye cold the silver are not little ripple wave , whole People give off gas position king fake leisurely pale . Person this no one else main is James Allred, who but day before already touch Shelly 's face is very much times , also bag Teacher scene fox because " play " trick smack " . Tuy of course , when hey James again are not clown wear glasses Candlestick the prohibit sex seriously suffocating already complete full pass away go instead _ enter there again to be the Ba religion love wild arrive end bone .

" Destroy end go ."

Lip thin softly sloppy , low James low command _ alike like are speak story jar usually , no little pay attention to Fu Tiger bang and Qinglong bang are two factions _ great rank two and rank father Asian only _ after Blood Dragon Bang. James does not right to be People prefer cause story , original switch of the older brother always to be People are not offend me _ are not commit person , that to be your reason _ to Easter Tiger bang and Qinglong bang also exist in arrive up to now. But time this they already are not alkaline compression Okay again then James also will straight hand .

" Yes , old man great ."

Michel has little cry no water _ eyes , two ice faction died damn , what the People are not forever forever hide carefully in roof turtle go , get out , why ? harmful he right tired hard position this . Ah ah ah , period think of the he ah!!!

" Cop cop cop ."

Language type The door is ringing , michel a little bit one glance at James little , play presently old man grand are not ie angry Because bag harass hoppers new dare to open door .

" You arrive this do what ?"

Michel shouted softly Tony, set form enter together difficult bear . Tony no doubt Thai degree of the old man grand like so , hurry yellow says :

" Old man great , yes one Teacher girl would like ask for a favor we access _ Find prime minister commit already close harmful wife husband total supervisor governor howard Haertfilia company Emerald ten five before ..."

Tony yet ? keep speak stop sentence then already cut by Michel horizontal :

" From deny go ! Boy think We are the Blood Dragon clan what ? These service crumbs errands like position still need next take what ? Still dare to do mind I Because story sock still there , you would like dead ???"

Tony softly virtual Brain bow head , it doesn't seem can help taste pee the other letter is ok then . Are when the he determined the seventh hope leave Go , James suddenly course up language :

" She looks _ like position Which ?"

Tony no doubt in room still yes one People other , slightly stupid People one little then instant being typed by Michel strong enter head .

" Old man grand ask boy hey , quick pay word go !"

Old man great ? Old man grand any more ? Old man grand are not right main is Michel who what ? Tony is hard understand look at Michel, last together also hamlet waterlogged pay words :

" Ms girl rather young , young two ten age , hair yellow curly light , tall about one meters six five ."

James 's attention _ People would like fit works with Tony by practice talent Whether are hold above hand . Are from after when the return about from meal party , brother ordered _ _ give Michel thing tra information about _ baby animal _ the other one. Shelly Haertfilia , daughter only best of the wife husband total supervisor Governor Howard Haertfilia Emerald Company , ten five before after when lucky _ escape from service carpet close then Okay Teacher uncle take feed , after there one time time suddenly course pass away volume so far _ return about . Read arrive here , heart James ' chest throbbing pain . One child young six age end eye proof ants father mom me bag kill harm , after there still bag save lost beside outside already return Fort close prime minister withered ring when the only new circle ten six , Mr God carrot lump yes eye or not ?

" I would like meet her ."

Wear umbrella listen to Tony cat description complete full are not alike baby , but James still ordered _ like so . No understand what , you again yes cold sense very familiar familiar , familiar belong arrive level cage chest even hot up . Shelly sitting wait are not long time Tony return back . When listening he said _ old man grand would like meet Miss , Shelly no clown blanch letter but stand get up . Miss are not give that old man grand in word speak Tony 's is old man grand God squash withered ring of the Black Dragon Bang only think there to be People stand head this bar _ stop . Because So , Shelly complete full jar calm , no one little pressure force but step go . If Teacher know Okay People almost meet face to be People me are not would like meet most , no know will yes Thai degree position any here ?

“ Old man great , I already guide People arrive already here .”

When Tony stood type door room , Shelly suddenly course yes cold sense very period strange . There are not right to be sad be afraid scared or scared box but to be one the worth hate dream lake . Right so , seems like yes one rank what there but Teacher very hate are behind _ wing the other door . Shelly frowned you , finally lump to be rank what but again cause Teacher yes cold sense familiar belong like so ?

“ Clack .”

Person open door is Michel. He has little failure think look about Shelly a little , later there avoid People to give Teacher step into .

Apartment room very wide , show wisdom follow Eurasian style _ conclude fit look very poison unique and Page elegant . In the middle room to be one the set sopha wrap hair wolf chic gray , at _ this above there yes one People flock he are sit aim eye . Person flock he enter together complete america , each Street strokes above mold face even pole period sharp shrewd pure economy , shape People snake sure strong strong blur virtual develop revealed through the car shirt white shirt _ suggest feel . Table hand right he is _ claw draw glass alcohol red above table , motion works enter together light gentle passionate about or , like like glass alcohol there are not right to be Class Water pure jar often but to be muscle can of the People extra female so . If to be the People extra female other look see scene statue hey , sure right create ie two foot will soft emaciated , face hot , heart dam love thump , even lice to be run blood nose Because too chalk hate , hate are not can labor next in heart him . What about Shelly ? complete full left reverse . In head Teacher at the time this only yes a thought _ that in star Name worth hate eager sharp this here again , at _ star Name love copper enter wholesale this still not yet bag start confinement , at star he again still export presently before eye you ???

“ Old man great , here to be taste pee letters would like fit works with us .”

Shelly _ surprised , old man great ? Barely maybe Name worth hate that is People stand head This Gray Bar what ? No , no right , one total supervisor governor of the practice group great best Asian stars _ yes can only stand head one mini bar _ little extra belong Black Dragon can bang . Apart from when , minus when … he is the main to be old man grand squash hide in transmission theory of the Black Dragon Bang! Thing this yes can what ???

Seeing James gradually gradually open eyes , Shelly suddenly course yes little mouse yes . No understand star Teacher again are not would like bag older brother realize a little come on , feel sense alike like a girl Go play late be afraid bag Father play presently so . Although However , Shelly is very fast is fine determined again , Ms very confident with _ ability power chemistry Page of the me , with again , work what Teacher right be afraid scared Name worth hate there huh ?

James just look see People next who , hai eye instant flash up ray cold cold , whole People give off gas position enter together worth afraid , even Michel _ bag insert squeeze arrive are not dare to breathe strong . Old man grand do star so , what sudden course again floating angry ? Are when the he still _ are old man tangled Find reason , James suddenly course deep tone shout up :

“Get out .”

Listen to Michel so , set up ie drag Shelly 's hands step go , whisper think Teacher girl this best determined do old man grand Obstacle eye then . Umbrella star transparent seven five do Fort tablets of the Heilong bang , he too not yet ever see old man grand arrive near the extra female , even lice the big guy _ dare to charm droopy old man grand even bag punish punish enter together carpet fierce . Worth probably not _ Candlestick give guy That kid Tony leads she 's up this new right . Aizz .

“ Old man grand do not hot , me guide she goes _ immediately , set up ie Go now !”

Who knows , act move by Michel as do bout angry Big James 's more . I look stare stare neck Shelly 's hand is caught by Michel take , close gas start head overflow .

" Let go " hand Teacher it out! After that get out _ give me !”

Michel never _ _ listen to James out loud like so yes _ little stunned . Jar often old man grand even very cold bland cold strange same like God St are not belong normal gender bare vulgar , so but at the time this again … Did someone say give he socks chief even to be true , even are not right virtual sense no ?

Person bag terrible surprised are not only there 's Michel still yes even Shelly. Miss create ie withdraw hand I'm out, yes little failure think look about James. No maybe he plays _ presently already what ? Do not joke yes , miss clear clear chemistry Page very carefully already that , cho umbrella is that Benedict has face here _ also best determined are not recognize her . _

“ Fuck off !”

James shout more one language again , when Hey new Michel anise soul , hurry yellow run out . _ He never _ _ see old man grand ie angry like position hey , if remain _ _ main to be sleep stupid that . But in star old man grand again ie angry like so yeah , it's because of you girl there what ?

“ Again here .”

At the time this tone speak James 's was return again deep short like old , bout angry also with less Go one little . Shelly listen accomplished are not understand star enter awake step about side before one little , later there Teacher create ie instant bar conscious back . What? yes , at star Teacher right to listen he commands , he is _ _ female month what huh ? Would like trust old up face why , don't hope !

“ Yes maybe older brother already understand wrong female what then . I would like fit works with Black Dragon Gang, but are not yes means I will use Dear can me to pay price . Looks like we do n't can fit works then . So I Go before .”

James look saw Shelly about to turn her back cancel go , bout angry fit jar is fine one little again overflow up . This baby , no _ maybe Teacher are not think that older brother already realize how ! _ Dare to eat wear revealing like _ position arrive bar when _ not yet enough age , also dare to speak story with older brother like so , right to be are not punish punish are not Okay that .

Medium Shelly Go Okay few step , James was like nose Name labor next here . Arrive when the Teacher keep counter application then already play presently me bag older brother pressure close , want spleen People escape Dear but are not still keep again then .

Seeing Shelly swing wing hand up determined history use wire needle type , James up ie start pick hand aunt , use chief People pressure Teacher fall down floor home .

“ Huh , me think I will again bag dish thing play this do bag love time again star . Dream thought .” Shelly Tuy to be close prime minister super strong but can force still lose much less James very , lol hoay one slice still are not escape Okay attached clip of the you , she instant decide determined let go of forgive .

"Quick let go! Mr. uncle to be what but manager me ??? Barely right I already speak with uncle already what if _ still export presently before face me , me best determined will kill uncle ."

Shelly complete full pass away Go draw face Sky ceramic always fresh laugh before here , instead enter there to be the set form ice receive full close gas . Time head fairy yes one People yes ability power do Teacher ie angry and hate hate arrive so , hate hate arrive level to hit pass away face mask of the myself . James saw Teacher are not Range wow again force religion also reduce down , low tone ask :

" Em call I to be what ?"

Uncle , brother only than Teacher ten four age but stop ! Barely maybe ... you already old already what ?

Shelly look draw face difficult bear James 's _ laugh proudly _ scoff , replied :

" Call uncle barely maybe are not correct what ? Uncle than I very much age nah . Or ... yes _ call to be uncle , is he ... Um ..."

Shelly still not yet stop sentence , James suddenly course pressure lip down . This baby _ always easy easy tease to poke older brother ie angry like so , so then right punish punish stop .

In when James is sip swallow America taste bare time , two Shelly's eyes closed punish big ! Fuck, Mr uncle this residence course dare to kiss she ! Left reverse with James feel see America happy , Shelly again _ cold see humiliation elegant enter same . To newspaper enemy give father mother , aunt already accumulating end heart strength of the me enter job training practice , give umbrella the post training training there yes withered fierce arrive level any Go is it? more . Practice practice , practice practice , no cease practice practice , practice arrive level chief Shelly people have complete full died quiet with pain pain , episode arrive level left heart and current blood even close ice . Miss keep think me already yes ability ability " go " horizontal " in position gender this yes , but turns out not right so . Real hot laugh do star , just in few tricks single simple , Ms already bag People flock he this catch concise , no can bounce inching wear give people humiliated _ elegant . Alike like , like like at the time that ...

" Uncle , uncle do thanks excuse give we go , we go _ _ determined will good doc ..."

" Call female what but call , me will give they you sex fairy sex die !"

"Ah ah !!!"

These Figure image about female day terrible King there suddenly course again to spill about . Mold face full blood fresh died are not aim eye by Rachel, set face evil ferocious erotic chaos of the guy flock he damn damn , the tassels screw and Fort car king crap sharp bright red ... All _ chief alike like one bout whirlwind coil bang socks chief li wisdom in Shelly 's head , dyed red luster eye of the she .

James still are wreck sank in bud kiss sweet sweet then sudden course play presently muscle jaw Shelly 's jerks jerk . Rolling confused in hah religion much year , brother pole period sensitive cold with close gas and risk dangerous , right create ie withdraw head tongue of the yourself out!

" Pump !"

Wear umbrella counter application fast but head James tongue still avoid are not escape tooth fangs sharp sharp by Shelly, both compartment mouth to spill full blood fresh . I touch little corner lip still are overflowing silk _ blood of the I 'm worried look about Shelly

Shelly at this already are not still controlled by James processing more , very fast are from face soil stand get up . Chief People Teacher to spill flooded one stream close gas hot dark like to come _ are from geography prison , two eye red flaming but mouth again smile laugh . Have maybe James himself also are not doubt that , onion move eat bean jar of the me again to hit wake up the demon in the Shelly , a demon thirsty blood and withered ring step most .

At the time hey , James again are not yes little be afraid scared come on , instead enter there to be the pain heart enter term . Socks chief it 's you , if are not right older brother on one's own convenient kiss she , she already are not bag haunted image but return Candlestick position this . Finally lump at the time small Teacher already meet right the story what yes , if to older brother thing check out...

" Shoot "

James also not yet stop from failure think , the be afraid wire needle type already labor about here . They cuck thin but again sharp sharp enter same , number quantity even lice still very much , James Tuy Dear extraordinary player _ but are not can avoid escape full set , only yes can change corner degree muscle can to from hit place feebleness harmful .

Shelly still stand there bloom bud laugh market blood , in head only have a desire kill shit strong paralysis . Light eye red flaming hard uncle look about round eye by James, like like so longing _ hook it 's out to claw draw play joke . Two tables hand Teacher thing control wire needle type pole period sculpture training together pure shrewd , very fast already do shirt shirt and _ trousers west of torn James very much place , even lice still dyed chief blood fresh . Bad than is , blood fresh again claw size prefer wisdom brain of Shelly, want Teacher conscious again fruit real already difficult again claw difficult more .

James is right terrible enter dangerous escape from one yarns wire needle type fit would like cut break neck me , light eye presently up one mundane be patient decide together pain heart . I withdraw tree pen machine infected above handbag shirt off, catch head counter resistance .

" Baby , I best determined will do you conscious again ."

Shelly looks like like cold take Okay Natsu would like counter resistance , dynamic works hand claw at the time claw fast more . These yarns wire needle type start head Knit enter each other , create Fort one plate net sharp sharp would like cut opposite to direction Fort hundred thousand pieces meat crumbs . James frowns you again , brother are not clown think that submit degree of the Teacher again high arrive level this . If are not use full force opposite to deputy , I 'm afraid main older brother also will down down below tongue pick of the she .

Think so , James made ie open lid tree pen machine out, one luster the silver needle type glare up glare eye proof express this are not right only to be one tree pen jar normal.Nip pen rather long , about 1.5cm, pole period sharp sharp and hard snake . James has Dear department complex mixed , medium to be old man grand Blood Dragon Bang, medium to be total supervisor governor practice large XSX team best Asian because _ yes , gun opposite to with older brother but speak rather to be any convenient . Tree pen machine look like enter harmful this already designed by James next every detail , apart from labour use write it down, it still yes can do dance gas , go attached very much position power squash secret . Matter Whether super fit needle yes can anti fight with any period foreign great force _ which . Have can say , tree pen this compared to wire needle type by Shelly only yes than yes are not yes poor .

Fruit of course , nib pen touch arrive part any of the plate net even cut break part that easy easy alike like one stalk vermicelli . If Benedict had face here _ best determined will cry break intestine break liver , pile wire needle type this main to be yellow that is _ yellow there , he right throw fig turn department very new sword Okay one little , so but you now ... even Fort garbage half chief then !

Shelly died Go physical wisdom but are not yes means that Teacher also variable stupid _ _ presently dance gas of the me already return Candlestick enter use , Ms instant spleen me reduce less about way with James, after there hook are from chest shirt out a tree gun mini green is only as big as heart table hand . Also alike like James, Shelly also are not yes habit familiar use gun , stuff this it 's just to be room lol but stop .

James look see Shelly because pick gun but do lose reveal one white skin _ nn instant yes little stupid silly . Are from corner degree hey , brother even lice still yes can see Okay skeletal straps green pure shrewd and two gourd chest circle treatment hide presently below pink bra _ bland of the she . Chief hard James _ back , gas blood boiling overflow evil bouncing , table hand tingling itch _ snore are not bear pain . How much ? this year , here to be time head fairy the protein fascia receive love of the older brother complete full variable lose , replace enter there to be sex hope strong paralysis like draw fire . I just would like create ie pressure baby first _ face down , swipe draw ever little ever little one muscle can great pretty of the auntie , sip swallow pair lip pink soft trade of the aunt , along Teacher end enjoy cold sense Sky road .

" Dump ."

Language bullet stab into the flesh together bout pain throbbing wake James up from sex hope . I hug part shoulder infected blood fresh of the me look about Shelly 's side is bloom bud laugh blood cold , no from yes little on one's own ridicule . James a James , you on one's own give me already look see through the life time evil dirty poor hey , no greed money talent name hope , no horny passionate about female sharp perverted lost , so but hours this again Because eager sharp but bag eat bullets . Right to be too level hot laugh that .

Shelly no clown mandarin heart luster eye hot flaming it 's from James next customary squeeze stork . Because gun already install barrel reduce bar Candlestick beside outside are not clown to listen see okay , James at the time claw any benefit , dynamic works of the older brother give umbrella fast but star yes can packaging keep with speed degree bullets fly, avoid also are not avoid Okay socks both . If yomazu , Michel and the belong Summer of James but here _ then best determined will Hah hole mouth are not believable , by _ _ love status of the older brother at the time this real the very th carpet , pants shirt already torn broken still dyed full blood fresh , made what still wind Thai king fake at the time which .

Actually James was like so are not right Because older brother weak , but to be Because bag love cold image enjoy , because too mandarin Shelly mind not would like Teacher bag little love damage what , let alone _ to hit pass away physical wisdom is by you .

Eye see Shelly _ straight gun enter chest me , James suddenly course yes one Piece pain painful are not clear . I don't would like look a Shelly like so , thirsty blood , color cold complete full pass away Go core count , like like one the devil is tied tie by chain sharp geography prison . Time last same , here to be time last together older brother to story this happen ! From now on later , you will elevate new Teacher in heart table hand , grace Teacher chief life .

James ' eyes flashed up the be patient determined great opposite to already sudden course labor about Shelly's side , wear give tablets bullet dagger enter place feebleness harmful of the copy body . Shelly no doubt older brother again sudden course onion move like so , set up ie bag to hit enter wall , head and touch stunned dizzy already faint faint . In bout dream Lake , Ms Figure like to listen Okay yes language People any that worry _ call I , want open eyes out but are not can , end together complete full sank enter shadow darkShelly only cold see me already sank in one sleep sleep real long , whole People yay pain ache terrible great , best to be the burn finger hand . Miss hug forehead sit wake up again play presently me being at a apartment room enter together distant strange . Cardboard color black white owner religion , things use little arrive level dark multi to create are not time airy empty and wide widely . Single simple , zoom mineral , serious full ... here clear clear to be room of the flock Mr !!!

Shelly has little are not prefer application okay , hurry yellow green loi wisdom remember . Miss mind dark yesterday I _ arrive Gray bar to fit works with Blood Dragon Bang, after there Okay pass arrive meet old man great ... after that ... after there then ... Right then ! Miss meet Okay he uncle eager sharp worth hate it , still bag forced kiss again yeah !!! Think arrive Here , Shelly pursed her lips angry i.e _ _ course dare to eat bean jar of the Teacher much time like so , ah ah a , want kill People too go !

Drill already , kill people ? Image like ... picture like at the time there Teacher fruit real would like kill someone . _ _ These Figure image pole period dream lake are not cease pass through the mind brain , Shelly think claw pain head strong paralysis . Finally lump to be story what happen ?

At the time hey , apart door room again suddenly course lol chaos enter together , shouting commands _ _ _ shrill of _ extra female are not stop ringing , follow _ after there to be language advise compartment are not stop of the guard doctor . Shelly frowned you difficult bear Because battle noise , if are not right muscle can are not still gas force , she best determined will do we they ... keep their mouths shut .

" The People correct is big _ that . Word of the I but the People dare to argue what ? Still are not quickly get out _ I see lake face _ glass that star!!!"

Beside out , one People extra female range father ten age high conceited are stand anti I ordered _ give tell guard broth door . She wears _ one pcs skirt short horizontal femoral disaster period yellow luxury needle , roof _ hair black shiny Okay try determined by one Chain gem male black precious price , earrings , ring neck also copper set , medium look instant know to be one precious Phu core rich yes . Person this no one else main to be yumi kakino , mother next copper time to be bar roof bamboo code by James

Yumi capital to be Sky needle name price of the home kakino in province B, way home James 's surname Allred only yes father apartment household Candlestick at the time small she is usually sticky _ Marry James for fun joke , wear shelf copy Dear always bag thrown out because bored hate . Yumi always think that James is cold strange Candlestick give umbrella prefer she also _ are not can appear , just position si heart hope thought claw big , end together owner move earth reveal then bag older brother straight rope are from refuse . Too the seventh hope , she comes _ bar _ _ fall one night , end together fascia name period magic climb up bed yorn Allred, James's father. After that , every story become like _ you hour .

Although already marry give Yorn much year , okay dear man _ afternoon end ink , but love cold of the yumi still still that . Speak white , she does n't comedy heart Because he husband old about 60 of me , no satisfied satisfied about direction face love equivalent also like can body , many time unhappy _ _ charm seduce James but even are not Fort public . Because So , Yumi for with James being fit love fit hate , decide heart are not eat Okay also are not give People other enjoy , always Find all way compartment stop extra female arrive near the brother . Have one time one Teacher most girl are not be careful kidney and right James, again given by Yumi to be try love cause pay attention , hit dam it 's barbaric chase go . Have People still bag she is wrong People stab car die or force ? raped ,... but James did n't know also are not mandarin heart but stop .

half night yesterday , person by Yumi squash honey install enter bye villa private by James suddenly course call electricity give her , newspaper that James who full ice bunch of hug one Teacher girl pretty pretty about home . Right shining Soon day After that , Yumi flew straight away are from province B to Fort H street with one the ie angry wise same . She 's jealous jealous , very jealous jealous , big up How long with James ? five , don't speak to be carry , umbrella to be touch one little enter she is James see Horror disgusting are not do . So that , so but hours this a flock _ grandma other again Okay like So , Yumi doesn't cazy up new to be strange .

" Get out of the way, quick get out of my way, I right tear broken whore face _ that 's out for it leave female habit charm droopy flock he go !"

" Phu please , please People rank error , they I only to listen command he owner stop ."

Guard doctor face cold ice answer again , no clown yes little bow fear or fear ? scared any claw infuriating Yumi _ angry more . She is _ determined open mouth scold scold next then sudden Of course James appeared show .

" Ms do what 's here ? "

Tone speak ice receive pole degree together gas position king fake of the older brother do she jerks _ shoot I shrink _ again , hurry yellow fake the set fresh laugh :

"James, you to listen older brother bag love Candlestick arrive visit , brother are not star yes , what? again ice bunch of much position this ..."

Yumi hurts heart determined up up see patch love James 's is instant bag older brother hurl splash are not love sorry . She glared _ great pair eye are not believable , person cold bland as well as James yes at the time ie angry like so , more again still to be Because a leech _ but to hit she .

"I hit you , me residence course to hit me ! To be for convenience _ core hide what 's in there ???"

Person help job and guard doctor pulse around to listen position even disdain belgium are not stop , person extra female this still integrity wholesale again are not so , already to be mom next he owner already but still depending on convenient like So , hit , hit who? He owner it 's just hurl she a _ female but stop . "James... you ..."

James suddenly sudden radiating close _ gas thick special scared Yumi scared _ _ up , install corn are not dare to up language more . She has n't ever look see a worthy James be afraid like at the time hey , like same like would like kill died her right now ie notch so .

Fruit really James is very would like kill died People flock grandma hey , no the position but still would like cut tongue cause she must _ dumb mouth chief life . She resides _ course dare to use the word odd dirty filthy there to humiliation plating baby of _ older brother like so , cho umbrella peeling skin _ skeletal also not yet enough temple sin . Although of course , think arrive old man old worth hate it , brother again decide determined temporary time excuse give she a _ network . Presently hours still not yet right at the time opposite to head on duty face with old man. Very fast stop , enemy new in debt old , brother will count end one times !

Are when James decided wrong People throw Yumi out , door room sudden course turn on open . Shelly at this already are not still draw charm droopy People great last night , instead enter there to be roof hair long yellow sunny and the set skirt sleep labour God white cool like Sky porcelain . James look Teacher bloom bud laugh but heart dam family speed , whole People airy moment hard dull are not can door motion . No only you , now chief guard doctor and help job pulse around also forest enter love status soy sauce self .

" Uncle , yes story what but noise ooh too so , is dog wild escape cage what? "

Fake Shelly the set like fit conscious sleep , drowsy poem rub rub eye ask . James knows Teacher only close drama , but died damn that rhythm heart claw dam strong more , really would like steam next hug Teacher but my babe cuddle one phen . Shelly suffers luster eye hard uncle too level of the older brother do give red face , want to avoid but again play show People older brother ice bunch of very much , no understand star cage chest suddenly throbbing up . Together at the time there , sign breast dream lake last night too clear clear more part which . To be she ... caused the _ patch love there what ?

Being scolded by Shelly scold to be dog foolish , again see scene two People glance eye pass love , how is Yumi yes can bear contain Okay yes . Airy moment , she forgot _ clean draw face worth scared earlier _ by James, just hand enter Shelly 's face shout :

"The leech small , you cursing who is dog there huh ? You do you believe me? peel off your skin ? !!..."

One leech sound _ small , two leech sound _ small contact keep ringing _ pole period jarring . Do not speak it's James, now chief People yes determined force high as well as Shelly play angry then . Barely understand in star one precious Phu core permission precious again yes can speak the word are not yes spear nursing like so huh ?

" Uncle , uncle quickly pass Aunt this arrive sick institute go , picture like Aunt that infected sick wild then ."

Shelly run arrive hug James 's hand , on duty next elevate grant dog wild Fort People sick foolish , more again still use are from Aunt to calling Yumi makes all People pulse around compression laugh .

Extra female anyone ? pay attention to age works of the I , most to be People watch important Nhan sharp like Yumi. She established _ ie play cazy up labor about Shelly's side , like same like would like eat meat drink blood Teacher so . But who is James , you yes can to People other do bag love Shelly . _

" Boom !"

Language loud noises resound , times _ _ hey James was real the hit Yumi, say main corpse than to be rock give she a _ owl enter belly . Yumi hurts arrive truss wow country eyes , hugs belly lie curved People above floor like a worm , th _ carpet are not speak Fort words . Shelly stands beside edge also what? yes one little , just look at James eye than before very many .

" Blood ,... blood ..."

At the time hey , one Teacher most girl be afraid scared only hand enter Between two Yumi's feet , where are seep wet blood fresh . Yumi listen so any sense bar conscious than one little , medium look see love status main me instant hate are not can died go . Female pregnant , female thai she throws _ fig turn department new yes Okay already pass away then ! Dreams dream poison accounting for family product of the The Allreds also fell apart cloud smoke , ah ah a ...

Yumi screams great one language already faint go . Governance family James 's establishment ie wrong People pass she comes _ sick institute , in heart again minus whisper scold curse . Have gourd but Carry shoes high heel up to 18 centimeters , still cause lol chaos great like that 's right to be are not would like living again that . Would like died then Go place other go , come this do what to harmful he throw fig position yes .

James does not one little notice that _ me fit close harm " child " you boys " also in belly mother , umbrella star older brother also are not watch copy Dear to be Fort tablets family family that , more more ... one old man old close to 60 yes can sow alike what ? Do not joke . Worth regret true , worth maybe older brother Candlestick to female thai there living sorry new right , like so , old man old too _ will know private taste plug horn to be like position which .

Shelly no clown know Dear department Yumi 's should in head instant bouncing born much failure think very crane blood . Must to does James have ? new where old , because love core new but to hit dam friend girl of the me , also harmful she is bad pregnant. . _ already , who is love core of the he 's ugly , ugly , ugly .

James at this new pay attention to luster eye disdain belgium by Shelly immediately whisper no _ done . This baby _ best determined understand wrong female what then .

" Baby , you ..."

No wait for James to solve like , Shelly was cut horizontal :

" Uncle are not need speak what where , I understand chief which , with again , that to be job private of the uncle , me mandarin heart do what . I only would like ask one little job happened last night and _ when the any I yes can leave from this but stop ."

Miss transparent night are not about home , no know will bag Fiona and daughter talk joke what again here . Hmmm cold one sound , Shelly laughs mock , soon okay , wait Teacher newspaper enemy accomplished give father mother , for statue next follow will to be she ! " Bop ."

At the time hey , James suddenly course put Shelly on wall wall , body Figure high enveloping large _ pick muscle can small little of the aunt , both People older brother lan radiate one pressure force enter Figure cause People other be afraid scared . Obviously obviously , James is very difficult bear Because sentence say " no " mandarin " medium " heart already by Shelly, even even compared to Yumi _ bored hate than very much times .

" Hey uncle ..."

Shelly is determined push James away play presently mirror face week America great rotation of the older brother already up close mold face me are from at the time which . Fit touch right bag eye pretty That's pretty , Shelly yes little are not move Go okay . Are from time head fairy meet face , Ms already very prefer pair eye deep deep like bottom lake this then , though of course , when there luster eye that are not like you hours to spill full deep love hot burn but to be deep static are not little ripple wave . Miss yes can on one's own moat Because me main to be original core replace change it what ???

" Excellent opposite to never _ _ prompt again the word like position more . If no ..."

James Tuy are not speak end sentence , but female look invade encroachment ever little one above muscle can Shelly have speak up socks both . Shelly miss arrive job bag strong kiss last night _ mouse yes withdraw People back . No can suspect suspect , act move worth love there of the Teacher do older brother very fit heart . Real the then James wants use main pair lip of the me to compartment block female mouth small hard the other end, but again be afraid play born job like last night so yes kidney force alkaline mode . Watch out, because happy profit long long of the copy dear , brother right remove cancel Guc infected deep in heart Teacher new okay .

James thought so instant create ie carry up Shelly . _ Follow the shop count , Shelly must ring hand hug pick neck older brother to hold Thang equals . Miss shout math up :

" Hey , uncle would like pass I Go where ? Sentence ask of the I uncle still not yet pay word there ."

James does not clown answer again , at Go across the management family , brother new said :

" Exactly bag car give me ."

Shelly knows James best determined are not bear let go , end together also are not struggle wow more . No understand what , miss keep yes cold sense that older brother will are not do harmful myself . Opposite to with one close prime minister always right opposite to face story with born death , work this clear clear to be thing dark kay . Real to be hot laugh well , what ? Teacher again yes can yes failure think there muscle huh ? If Benedict knew , best determined will laugh ridicule Teacher one phen , after there again toss Teacher enter oven training training one time more . By because , Red, close prime minister blood cold export sharp best of the nest position M no? need yes left heart and love feel !

Careful James kidney put Shelly in row chair after of the the Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase, after there also sit down beside edge , order give talent driver drive car arrive XX street . When the car already can move the cake one when , you new fascia name period magic play presently Teacher still still are wear skirt sleep white cool to reveal wing hand and need neck white nn like Sky russia .

" Wow ! in ."

Shelly no one ray expression cold take James ' vest _ _ up person , light eye again are not clown glance older brother one female but only hard hard contemplate scene sharp outside door book . James has little are not hate angry , but think arrive any doubt spend give she is on the side before heart status instant good up very many . Miss best determined will prefer dish gift special bye yes , after there will cold move arrive play cry but labor enter heart you ...

Shelly no clown know the failure think worth disdain by James, if are not best determined will scream _ two sound : " Lie down dream !" She but owner move hug hamlet he uncle eager sharp there why , also long !( Au: oh, right no ???)

When the car cheap enter XX street , Shelly straight cold see are not jar usually . Here barely right is the way but bye villa of the family family Teacher sit lost what ? Socks chief to be match coincidentally or intentionally _ _ put .

Play presently suspect or by Shelly, James 's lips are slime Fort one Street curved pole period complete america . Finance driver see Figure image he owner are laugh create ie Hah hole mouth terrible surprised , even lice still almost again hold miss hand drive . Person cold bland pole the point like he owner but also yes at the time laugh okay , right ? to be are not believable _ _ that . Barely maybe to be Because Teacher girl small beside edge star .

James wishes quantity about way near the arrive where , after there sudden sudden pick hand Shelly's eyes closed . I want Teacher terrible blow one way thoroughly to .

" Dear he owner , come okay then ."

Medium Shelly escape from table James 's hand create ie mandarin close see this to be place which . Although of course , just look see Okay frames scene before eyes , Ms instant terrible surprised arrive stand figure . Here , here is ... Only see before eye fruit course main to be apartment bye villa of the family Shelly's house , apartment bye villa but Teacher already cancel very much money buying again are from Fiona 's hand . Right to be sad laugh do star , capital to be thing of the me but again right cancel money to Carry about . Fiona sure right fun draw very , by Because apartment bye villa yes word spooky rumor _ no one wants buying hours again Okay price high like so . Actually , Shelly doesn't clown give female price she gave is _ _ expensive red , by Because opposite to with aunt , apartment bye villa this to be enter price . There to be place save hold the sign breast happy happy little oh by Shelly, where but Teacher already ever yes can bloom bud laugh Sky foot fun draw most , where ever yes ring hand warm pressure of the father mom cover carry .

Main Because apartment bye villa make sense _ enter together mandarin important like so so Shelly always would like find the team sleep build build good best to match tu apartment home . Miss are not yes greed hope variable place this Fort one bow electricity risk Russian or present grand best position gender , which only hy hope it yes can alike same ten five before , no clown yes little replace change which . Although so , person are not yes name language or place taste like Teacher equivalent course very difficult towel to choose Okay the ants bamboo monk export color or multiplication labour clever hand rich terrible experience . And , dish gift given by James for Shelly at this are not can suspect doubt main to be umbrella below _ God rain give she .

Right so , before Shelly's face now hours capacitor practice than one hundred person , thing special bye to be we surname even to be the core object wind cloud in gender build build and ants Architecture : Jack Huston , Anton Nieo , Otari , kasumayu , Yamayaki Shaba, group set design MK3... any period female Name any give evenly _ yes can do gender newspaper lice cazy crazy hunt pick up , they even to be opposite to statue but any no one _ to wish dream Okay fit works . So that , just Because apartment bye villa small little of the aunt , all chief we surname again yes face here . _ Shelly no understand star hole eye yes little hot up , miss small tone speak with James standing after back :

" Feel thanks ."

Although tone speak yes draw ice cold good deal superficial , but James still hear the thing cold move and know thanks in that . Wear umbrella all job take place lose distant the what older brother expect wait ( he dream Okay older sister hug that ), but older brother still cold see very satisfied fullness , bout tired tired and pain ache Because awake transparent night yesterday to _ contact generation all over place also variable pass away complete whole . Soothing James easy hug take Shelly from after back , adjust again shirt coat give auntie , warm tone Answer :

" Between we do n't need guest flute like so . If would like cold thanks then let's use onion move ."

Speak done , bro still try love spare one _ beside side face for Shelly, please " kiss " in together clear clear . Shelly has little bad cry bad laugh , miss very would like ask he it 's cold James bland ice price day any where then , name sharp Embryo beside edge Teacher Who is it~ Why one People again yes can replace change fast like so right ?!

--- -------

Bye villa Haertfilia .

" Where 's that child ? Chief old man even already wake up already but it still sleep , ca n't _ system what both !"

Fiona and Lena are hard yes meal bear eat morning at home , play presently in a kitchen are not clown yes shadow Shelly looks like all when , Fiona immediately fun welcome to face start head sword story cause difficult easy . Have God new know she wants _ Find reason to _ chase Shelly away like position , but _ Because Teacher always hold one the set form Sky ceramic Hi beauty peace , care only ceremony permission , though bag speak difficult to listen also are not argue again one sentence Candlestick next plan of the she always _ bag soak country hot . You hours well done , last _ with Shelly as well already yes guys open to she caught _ take .

Lena sitting beside edge also Carry heart status like mom me , hurry yellow match according to :

" She was _ father afternoon arrive enter France enter Sky then . Some expression presently before this only to be fake create but stop . I have Soon know that ."

" Shut up mouth ."

Simon hard bear dam sheet newspaper down desk , Mr glance copper lake above hand one little , later there tell with Mrs. Canna

" Mrs up room look at Shelly no , no look like a baby bag Sick then ."

Mrs. Canna listens so instant jerk me , mam tangled are not know do star . Xiao Shelly 's letter dark yesterday no ? about , madam are determined wait two Fiona's mother and daughter already will create ie newspaper with he owner , no doubt all story again become like that this . Do star here , if to grandma owner know Okay pee Shelly mail overnight beside out , no know will again cause difficult easy position any more .

See Mrs. Canna _ blanch wait stand there , Simon immediately angry multiple ask :

" Mrs are not to listen I speak what why , also are not fast go ."

" Mr owner , actually , actually ... yes ability power pee Shelly 's letter has something happened _ then . Evening , dark yesterday came _ now ... she that still not yet ... about ."

Simon listen so instant chief sutra , set up ie shout up :

" Story great like position star hours grandma new say , quick Go newspaper scene close ."

Lena and Fiona listen accomplished even terrible surprised , after there very fast transfer Fort fun happy what? hehe .

" No need where father oh , no yes story great what where , slice again can any also yes People pass she 's back ."

Sentence speak full haunted soot Lena 's resounded , set ie yes more tone by Fiona chen in :

"Shelly also already big , love equivalent then overnight _ beside outside also to be story often which , yes blame then blame it are not bear call about newspaper one language do chief worried home ... "

" Mrs im right go , baby new are not right type People like mother and daughter so . It gentle heal good docile , best determined right yes story what new happening _ are not about okay . Grandma already are not mandarin heart then stop still here _ speak bad it , Mrs still in shape chief old man what ??? "

Lena 's mother and daughter suffer from poke hit place pain fit ie fit bad tiger are not speak up words . Lena from at the time ten two age already practice th drink alcohol suck medicine , night any also sneak out _ Go play with flood taper thing waste death nothing , overnight work _ _ _ beside outside Soon already are not count Okay above ten finger hand , the call to be virgin period equivalent course also already pass away are from long . Fiona does mom also barely than a little anyway , usually through party spare thu night , back and forth with are not know how much flock Mr. _ Simon no speak are not yes means to be he are not know , work he sleep private with Fiona more father this year already proof express thing that . No only so , Simon too suspect suspect Fiona has contact mandarin arrive Shelly 's death volume ten five before , but Because are not yes proof keep , again are not would like break ruin family family Candlestick barely say it _ stop .

"Simon, you mean to be like position any huh ? My daughter's mother carrot lump already do what but right bear he wholesale humiliation . That baby is just _ _ People stupid but okay , or , or it already cow up bed he already huh ?!"

" Bop !"

Fiona hugs one beside cheek , scowl great eye look about Simon. She is not believable _ _ me fit bag he husband tiger paper always shy liver be afraid mind complex slap give one the . Right even Lena _ Hah hole terrible surprised .

At the time hey , sudden course yes language bell door rang . _ Fiona hai eyes widen _ casino stripes look out _ door , big screams : _ _

" Best determined to be he bag speak hit heart black Candlestick shy too Fort angry new to hit I yes what ! Huh , let me be convenient core there enter here I am would like ask it see the People already do the story bad distant what !!! " Shelly stood outside door already to listen get big Fiona scream , mouth _ _ are not from laugh cold . Ah, Ms know to be position any grandma Teacher love sign this also will are not hold on Okay that . Only expect she will _ are not speak power too level sleep stupid , if no ...

James follow after Shelly's back also frown you Because language noise . At the time thing tra information about _ you , you equivalent course know Okay Teacher are living shared with Teacher uncle of the myself . Although Of course , look Thai degree of the Teacher at the time hey , it looks important generation Between we surname are not clown good beautiful .

" Little letter , Ms already about then . Grandma owner are ie angry very there , you Candlestick be careful kidney one little . Taste this is ..."

Mrs. Canna opened the door door mandarin heart prompt remember one phen . At the time hey , ma'am also look see shadow body high great of James side after Shelly, again play presently Teacher are wear shirt sleep and coat men 's vest , in head instant floating up suspect suspect . Barely maybe pee real Shelly letter overnight _ _ with flock he beside outside ???

Shelly knows Mrs. Canna is yes failure think wrong skewed , straight says :

" Sorry uncle . I didn't last night about sure cause all worried person _ very . Still this to be Uncle James Allred, who already save me from job bag day car _ before . Because uncle that bag love so you have to stay sick institute hard squirrel , electricity phone again bag broken pass away Candlestick are not can call about pine newspaper okay , hope Aunt do not to belly ."

Mrs. Canna saw above the James has very much ice gauze Candlestick believe , breathe wow one language already Answer :

" Thanks god , good luck pee letters are not yes job what . Cold thanks Mr. Allred . _ two people quickly enter Go , Mr owner are expect pee letters there ."

Medium Shelly put foot enter room guest , Fiona also are from in home eat run out. Above face she still imprinted _ _ hand red pink , set form evil ferocious pole period , two eye then aggressive _ look stare stare she . Shelly no understand star instant would like laugh , here is a chimpanzee pure fit new escape from department animal any so ?

" Little convenient multiply , end together then you also about already that's it ! See see , also guide follow chief flock he about home this hey , no maybe eat stay at the guest hotel not yet already would like about rolling where _ _ this or what? "

" Mrs dumb mouth give me ."

Simon see one female slap of the me still are not compartment Okay female mouth rotten by Fiona immediately ie angry are not stop . He also looks _ _ People husband why , how do you look ? People owner family family what ??? He compared to eat ask for outside Street still would like enter use more !!! Finally lump at the time there in star he again _ marry People like she is , wrong _ wrong , right to be wrong wrong then .

Fiona does like are not to listen saw Simon shouting , continued customary scold by , claw at the time claw difficult listen .

" Hey you , baby this are not only eat lie with boy stop where , all he uncle it stand over there too ever Okay it end heart most Summer that . Kind of girl new a little age already erotic empty ti convenient like position hey , you still fast throw away Go then more ..."

Shelly has little praise _ wisdom thought statue super trousers of the she , now chief story uncle grandchildren chaos rotation but she also _ I can think of it , it 's by watching too multiple AV variables Thai what ?

James does not the are not clown cold size because Fiona was good mind " remind " remember " that still ie angry arrive close gas thick special , person extra this dare to stay ahead face older brother wholesale humiliation baby like _ so to be are not would like living again what ? If are not right she is _ Teacher of the baby , brother best determined are not hesitate hesitate squeeze died she immediately _ in this where .

Play does James turn chemistry , Shelly nudged light enter hand older brother one , mean _ older brother right jar static , every story keep to Teacher on one's own prize decide .

" Dear aunt , sure Teacher already understand wrong then . Uncle Allred here to be favor core mine , last night _ uncle that already save me from have an accident car ..."

Shelly not yet speak stop sentence then Lena just go out _ laugh break up . She swipes _ claw roof hair yellow choe of the me , me ridicule says :

" Ahh accident , accident car , Ms think word speak lie range often there yes can deceive they I what ? I speak grandma Sister , sleep overnight _ with duck * then keep say go , shy _ shy what uh ..."

( *) duck : mussels bao. Similarity on one's own yes from " chicken " to only girl trade erotic .

Light Lena's eyes are medium touch next mold face week extraordinary beauty _ James 's _ suck mouth . Person flock he hey , person flock he this star again look familiar arrive so ? Drill already , just then Shelly called People there is " uncle Allred", last name Allred, last name Allred... no maybe is ...

" No right yes , look position this but to be How are you ? Shelly, the type launch empty enter integrity wholesale shining charm droopy uncle me , dark again swing money buying flock he like you home surname Haertfilia this are not contain okay , you quickly clear thing already fuck off right go !"

Lena wants stop Fiona _ are not still keep then , she softly _ drag hand she let _ prompt remember but again bag thrown out. Duong Of course , Fiona is wreck sank in cold sense war win then star yes can pay attention to People other again yes . You hours in Fiona 's head only full Figure Shelly 's photo right hidden humiliation carry thing fuck off distant from apartment bye villa pretty pretty of the she is _ stop . Like , she will _ _ are not have to worry squash honey ten five before bag reveal more , though star a kid _ erotic empty yes way living dirty filthy yes speak also no one believes. Also Because so , new Fiona try love take a shot give it to Shelly sin time erotic with Simon.

Other with complete full the what Fiona thinks , Shelly doesn't clown hurry yellow excuse good to cry snakehead bridge please , miss only jar static stand there smile laugh look she is like look one guy clown are to act circus . Wait for Fiona to speak done , new Shelly leisurely bland up language :

" Ms are not need right cost labour think of _ wild reason _ Street there to chase grandchildren Go where , because grandchildren also determined ask for leave from today . Throughout time past time _ do mind Teacher uncle much then , niece also are not can next continue to stay long more more ."

"Shelly... uncle ..."

Simon just now hours stand at one beside like People enter Figure last together also up language . He cold see enter together hey this and any force Because are not can hard squirrel grandchildren me arrive place arrive place . Enter use , Mr correct to be too level enter use that . Face nose where to at the time died he still meet older brother two and older sister strawberry here ?!

" Uncle are not need hey this where , uncle already too good with me _ that . I just cold see , uncle capital are not right to be People like position this . Life People very short , sin what right gom end all sin error up People me but living bunch of tie yeah ."

Simon listen accomplished like realize something _ what there , both People complete full wreck sank in failure think . Comedy Shelly heart when the see he like so , you real hy hope he yes can fast quickly escape from two my mother is terrible disgusting this to are not waste fee the life . Umbrella star , soon so late what Teacher also will right pay enemy Fiona, union submissive As for Simon are not good very .

" You still are not fast fuck off from here , say sock still what there ."

Fiona is afraid Shelly will say something _ are not Candlestick say , hurry yellow would like chase people . Shelly sarcastic roof look she a _ the , laugh says :

" Ms saddle heart go , i will are not speak story where 's that out . Ah, here to be time last together I call grandma to be she . Time after meet again , we will _ count end debt - new - debt - old . Temporary bye ."

Shelly at this already are not still the set form Sky ceramic gentle heal day come on , instead enter there to be one gas position strong strong terrible person , right both Fiona and Lena are be afraid to shiver . _ When Shelly is out yes , new James up language :

"Follow me Okay know , Mrs are department possess talent product of the grandchildren me with private way People tell household huh ? Shelly is about to turn 18 then , ma'am Candlestick standard bag prime minister customary transfer cede talent product again give Teacher that are from you hours go . Day tomorrow , I will door the law monk arrive meet grandma ."

James bae religion say , after there also walked out after Shelly. Listen to Fiona accomplished ie arrive stunned stun , the what , name damn How big is that ? speak female what , catch grandma pay again talent product for my convenience What's wrong with that person , dream ? think , dream thought ! They to be of the grandma , is of the grandma !

" Mother oh , mom cause story great then ! Mommy yes know People flock who is that man ? huh ? There to be total supervisor governor practice large XSX team best Asia , it 's James Allred ."

" You say ... the what ..."

Fiona only cold see gas blood inverse move , one sip blood fresh spit out, end together fall thump down soil faint faint . Shelly and James return again car . Wait for Shelly to receive finished suitcase _ physical are from Mrs. Canna , James just ordered give talent driver return about bye villa private of the brother . No doubt older brother fit stop sentence then Teacher again up language :

" Do thanks stop car in guest hotel Sky Dynasty side before . Cold thanks ."

Finance driver yes little old man tangled look at James, though star he also to be People of the he owner , only to listen command he owner also to be equivalent of course . Although However , James again are not clown pay attention to he but only look stare stare into Shelly is contemplate wind scene outside door vehicle , mold face exempt table how many _ difficult see . This baby _ are not want to live together with older brother why , no maybe it's because of what Yumi did noisy at _ morning ? That now , new James remember me _ still not yet prize prefer clear clear with Shelly about Dear department of the her . I'm in a hurry yellow says :

" That to be mom next of the me ."

James suddenly course spend one _ sentence Fort labour collect suck the Shelly 's attention . Miss difficult understand mandarin close mirror face cold bland of the you , court find ask :

"Who ? "

" Session morning ..."

If Shelly pays close attention then yes can see clear two James 's earlobe is _ red up Because bad tiger . Fruit real this to be time head fairy older brother owner move prize prefer one job what there , now chief talent driver also almost punish fall two eye Because are not can't believe it then . He fit to listen Okay female what yes , Mr owner high high in upper Ba religion specializing in permission again hamlet waterlogged prize prefer with one Teacher 16 years old , more than again still yes draw close Nép like so . He God oh , he are dream what ???

Wear even though James doesn't speak clear Obviously , Shelly is still understand Okay People older brother would like haunted only who is . Sure sure to be People extra female cazy this morning already much time scold by aunt , also kicked by James give one play enter belly guide arrive bad pregnant. Turns out she 's not right love core of the older brother but to be mom next what ? But Figure like termites mandarin generation Between two People surname are not only single simple like so go .

Start meet luster eye suspect doubt by Shelly, James has little old man tangled are not know Candlestick speak next position which . If speak People extra the other female follows tail older brother transparent two ten year , whether Teacher yes ie angry no ? But keep im quiet position this miss Teacher again next customary understand wrong then right do what ?

Are when James was still feces etc. , electricity phone of the older brother sudden course to pour bell . James does not look screen Figure also know People call Who is the best? determined to be old man sorry old man baby is about to be born Candlestick would like start soldiers question sin this that .

See James ? without hesitation _ Turn off machine , Shelly also guess Okay eight part reason , end together to wear talent driver pass me arrive James 's house are not anti opposite to more . Have maybe it's because of James because Teacher vent angry Candlestick new infected right mind complicated , or because James helps Teacher Find team sleep class best to fix cure apartment bye villa , or Because female what other arrive Shelly herself _ are not corpse determined okay . Thing socks feebleness is , the look of the Teacher opposite to with James already Soon replace change , just Shelly yet take see but stop .

--- ---

After _ almost arrange housing for Shelly , James established ie arrive company to _ prize decide labour job . Actually total _ ' s company practice XSX group is located in Korea Quoc , James came Fort H street is just _ Because attend sentence open wide central heart love trade XSX _ stop . Central heart love trade this to be generation branch system _ head fairy older brother build built in China Country , is blow government head older brother would like spend give practice group Best Position of his "father " . Fruit are not extra period hope by James, just in ring father year , XSX has encroachment accounting for near the end market school about time Page and extra lawsuits in China Country , make business collect about receive area this of the Best Position bag fall reduce deep important , even lice start head yes love status lose hole . No suspect doubt what more , just need central heart love Open XSX trade wide Fort public , exercise group Best Position will start tie right cease terrible business receive area time Page right create ie . With one practice group only terrible business two branch to be build build and time Page like Best So , here great opposite to to be one blow wisdom network.Because So , James is very watch important attend sentence time this .

James is busy ugh , Shelly also are not leisurely idle . By because , Benedict again fit pine newspaper part two of the duty service time this then . No the well , he still _ tell Teacher after when the complete Fort part two must go to Las Vegas one trip to haunted close one he owner casino the silver big . Shelly opens her laptop, then there change frequency number tablets pink gem on the ear to see image opposite to statue need kill after when the Okay code chemical . Only see there to be one People bar year yes mold face looks like Emma Hathaway to seven part , Haku Hathaway, 25 years old , medium good Karma one school grand study in the US and will about country enter week come . Miss instant slime mouth laugh , ah, no doubt end Teacher you girl again arrive People older brother male nah . Person would like kill we surname sure right yes deep enemy grand hate with home they are very Hathaway here . Tsk tsk , Emma got _ cut do much Piece fit already already cause wave wind are not small , if are not must James cover give Well , Shelly too are not escape from bag thing check . You hours would like kill older brother male of the she looks like she will difficult towel than much , though star home Hathaway surname also yes the topic room then . Huh , right up next plan tool can stop ." " Mother Oh , that sister is beautiful pretty too ."

" Heaven porcelain ."

"Oh, I want yes one female skirt alike like older sister it ."

Shelly smiles laugh with flood kid are contemplate look me , okay lip create Fort one Street curved flaming brilliant cause we they even bag passionate about or arrive Hah hole . At the time this Teacher are yes face in labour tablets prize wisdom Lost River to up onion deliver Translate dance gas with People by Benedict. Ring needle type and gun mini silver of Teacher even already bag bad broken seriously important after battle war with James. Wear umbrella are not mind clear Okay all job happen at night day measure , but Shelly dare 100 % sure so , by because , in addition to him out, no one has enough ability power win Okay she .

Shelly wears above People one pcs skirt pen lead color red claw respect up bag foot long white nn of the myself , side above to be shirt sleeve shirt _ bulge white lace border look pole period soft commercial . Roof hair yellow sunny long smooth Okay Teacher roll over one beside shoulder to reveal need young neck _ full me or . The hat wide rim and pair bow sandals _ pink cause Teacher look female count than and power move more . Do not speak to be young you , the guy male Teacher girl any look see Shelly evenly are not can move Go range eye . Miss alike like one object shining God born , at any also lightning drag the attention of _ all people . Although However , no one knows okay , hidden after Class bark in shining that again to be one left heart are item wash by bloody and _ enemy hate , a demon _ pole period thirsty blood !

"Sorry ... "

Shelly look copper lake play presently near the arrive hours appointment instant would like leave go , no doubt again bag one son _ _ stop road . He is about ten five ten six age , shape People again very tall , nearly 1m80, is dictionary Figure of the Figure statue King death White code Okay faction female love like . Roof hair black shadow Okay brush broaching concise neat , double eye long but are not yes look melancholy _ but again warm pressure like luster yang , live nose very high , lane lip pink bland are smile laugh Dear good to reveal mother dimples copper money in two side . One number Teacher girl pulse around are not bear floating strength charm droopy of the he is _ lean recline lol island , two eye even chemistry Fort Figure heart end then , only only have Shelly back complete full jar static . Miss even lice still a little bit difficult bear one little Because bag People strange do slow late time time , because so , guy bar year any there would like canopy girl already complete full bad luck bad luck .

Baena see Shelly _ course are not clown glance me pick one female but spleen People pass right away pole period terrible surprised . Are from small arrive great this to be time head fairy yes People opposite to judge with he is like so . Being the youngest child in home , Baena always Okay my babe afternoon , want wind Okay wind , want rain Okay rain , more again Because yes foreign Figure export they and learn force good Candlestick he at _ any also cause faction female died passionate about died tired . Position but you now , yes one Teacher girl umbrella Father experiment give he one _ female look , a word speak also regret cheap . Barely maybe is due to strength charm droopy of the he thinks _ reduce what ?

" Hey you ... wait Go already !"

Baena already mandarin close to Shelly one at the time long then . Right are from the second head First , he was _ are not can leave eye from shadow body bar Piece pretty pretty of the she . After Shelly hatched _ bud laugh with flood young , Baena instant know heart me already bag to hit lost . Has he met you ? few girls _ beautiful or charming droopy , even lice still bag embankment with are not little America core vu things , so but type Figure in shining St pure pole degree like Shelly still to be time head fairy see okay . Only need look stop also cold see in heart comfortable roof like Okay Sky ceramic wash clean sin error , both People at the time any also give off a moat optical flaming brilliant , in luster eye of the Baena , main Shelly to be People like so . Because so he does n't _ would like to slip pass away muscle festival do familiar this rare , he wants _ _ do give Teacher right mind carefully myself .

" Let go ."

Play presently Baena are hold pick neck hand Me , Shelly 's eyes immediately overflowing _ _ close gas . Draw face Sky ceramic fresh laugh earlier _ already complete full variable lose , replace enter there again to be the ice receive pole degree cause Wkaba are not on one's own owner let go of hand together back step . Here real the to be Teacher girl from earlier but he looks _ see , keep like to be two People other together so . Sky ceramic and evil devil , parachute is anyone _ difficult merge shared two Figure statue this again okay .

Shelly open basket carry pick towel wipe wipe carefully bi neck hand already new leave go . Miss wear umbrella are not yes love bridge high about the clean will but again very hate People other move enter myself . Drill yes , picture like ... when James moves touch , she again are not clown yes cold sense Horror disgusting , at star again like so ? Or is it because of the difference? deviated age works ?

Baena see Shelly coming Go distant new complete soul back . He looks like like still not aware _ Okay me fit bag scene fox , also hurry yellow shout out loud :

" Name I to be Baena Hysoma , don't forget there !!!"

Baena softly smile laugh , yes cold sense very fast we surname will meet again each other . Arrive at the time hey , he 's the best determined will are not let go of hand again where .

At the time hey , Shelly was Go enter WC area of labour tablet . Look wing door topic table " Currently clear clean , please wait second slice ", Shelly instant slime mouth , after when the mandarin close four side are not yes People pay attention to her new type up door five time follow period play special separate . Fruit of course , wings door create ie bag open lock up are from beside in . Shelly go enter , just see People of the nest position are wait available with the set Page dress labor public . These opposite to statue like position this often yes geography taste very short in nest position , we surname right rolling confused four land to collect ten love newspaper , do enough all labour work , body fate , never _ _ yes Okay one the living is fine determined like People jar usually . Even solstice , yes when the surname still right use network of the me to change take it safe give the close prime minister high grant , wallet like to hit lost direction access chase , bear sin instead, v , v ...

" Hello , I It 's Red."

Seeing Shelly as close prime minister No. 1 team position but again are not clown yes little disdain market which , more again still owner move Hi ask with one grant short like I , Vic have little any suspect . He sells _ network give nest position than ten five year , here to be time head fairy meet Okay one close prime minister special bye like position this . Class bark pole period complete america , app judge wise good , careful power export color ... it seems that Benedict has cancel very much heart blood here .

" Hi! Miss Red. I it's Vic, very han happy return Fort People luck transfer give Teacher today . Here to be dance gas Okay to send give Miss , please Teacher check check ."

Shelly received pick suitcase color red special show are from Vic 's hand , Ms turn ruby on ear to _ open lock up already start head see review " goods chemical ". party in included _ one tree gun mini silver like sample old Teacher yes , one tree gun shoot trim yes can remove install easy easy , machine to listen thief , bomb electricity death pole small , shoes and gloves hand help cling sticky above face glasses . Shelly softly breathe long , miss still prefer use wire needle type than , but Benedict said that right pass away one time time new yes can fix cure accomplished Candlestick yes stop . Miss pick end socks chief give enter handbag book of the me , after there pay again suitcase let Vic accompany follow word cold thanks .

Medium Shelly leave from labour tablets prize wisdom Lost River instant take Okay electricity phone by James. Miss look screen Figure one at the time long after there new bear to listen machine .

" Em where are you ?"

Tone speak cold bland familiar belong of James do Shelly have cold sense are not comfortable roof . Miss difficult bear ask re :

" Uncle are manager end I that's it , me Go where then yes contact mandarin what arrive uncle yeah !"

The other side of the head string , James listen position instant miserable Brain are not speak Fort words . Fit complete Fort the meeting drag 4 hours long copper lake , one sip country also not yet drink older brother already call electricity give she , so but ... Aizz , it seems necessary right try try more .

" Go eat rice noon , I next to pick up me ."

Luct any sense look down belly , you fruit real yes little a little bit hungry , topic proposal James 's also are not bad . Think So , Shelly then read geography only for James, no doubt still are read miss bad , miss suddenly course look see one shadow People enter together familiar of , a shadow Figure umbrella chemistry Fort ash Teacher also realize .


James plays show Shelly suddenly course im quiet one way any often already cup machine instant pole do n't worry . I established ie rush out _ room do work , shirt coat also forget take , threaten letters closed Loren a battle panic soul . Have can cause total supervisor governor cold bland like weld ice thousand five this counter application great arrive like so best determined to be story enter together risk important . Class item the seventh defeat , ancient promissory note fall slope , ... or ... episode group almost break product ?! No , no can which one !

Are when the letters closed Loren also are panic pick up Because wisdom thought statue wind rich of the me , James urgent voice commands : _

"Hurry up bag car give me ! Create ie !"

Letters closed Loren hurry yellow jar is fine heart god , call one owl electricity phone give manager li area area pass car of the central heart love Trade XSX already also Flip dat run follow. Oh oh oh , carrot lump already something happened _ what , heart ? he almost fall from cage chest always this this .

--- ---

At the time Hey Shelly is wool core in current People bronze casting of the area fun play to chase according to Kaya. In head Teacher are not cease pass by the sign breast carpet fierce about Teacher pediatric institute Core Ai , where already dig create evil _ devil thirsty blood in heart she . A drive to buy sell People left permission camouflage create below bark wrap St pure Teacher pediatric institute , a place reverse treat about chief can corpse mixed pure god , peel strip off strength labor move of the young em . Shelly no way any forget Okay scene me bag tell sample to hit dam withered ring , scene two table hand full patch scratch and tired mushy Because right deep Chain seed in one time time long , the the set trousers shirt foul rotten torn sprinkle or the meal rice full hotel and skeletal fish ... Also both , the day rain determined fate there again , day but table hand Teacher forever forever are not can wash clean blood fresh . Socks chief story terrible terrible there does it happen ? only yes the close contribute by Fiona, that People flock grandma bad away from the other Kaya too accounting for part are not small , even lice still right speak to be hold taste wisdom node latch . Shelly bite tooth , two eyes widen _ casino stripes full hate enemy , more get a raise more speed degree access chase . Kaya, if to I start Okay grandma , me best determined will do give grandma live-not-equal die !!!

Eye see Shelly only still Kaya way yet ? arrive father meter , punch course one child young Go side before Teacher bag tripped over fall . Have maybe Because very hurt , kid young cry re up , make father mom it enter worry , hurry _ _ yellow sit thump down see review . Unfortunately , no _ _ love surname again return Fort object stop make Shelly right stop back . Wait when the Teacher spleen i can pass then shadow body Kaya 's was are not also .

"Please ask older brother yes see one People extra female range five ten wear skirt color Violet come over here no ?"

"Please ... "

Shelly no stop going back and forth ask visit pulse around , grave foul are not know are from when the any already seep wet back shirt ' s shirt she . Although Of course , reply back Shelly just to be the female shake head . Miss no commitment , no commitment ! _ _ Obviously clear already near the like so already muscle that , clear clear only short one little little again Teacher already pay Okay one part enemy hate of the myself , at what ?!

Any Shelly force collapsed down before gate area fun play , light eye to spill full the seventh hope together on one's own blame . Worth should have been there Teacher Candlestick fast than more , worth it maybe at the time there Teacher Candlestick hook gun shoot died she immediately _ new right , worth maybe ...


Are when Shelly was still are ballast errands by row hundred failure think in head , punch course one language call familiar belong full of anxiety resounded _ already to hit awake she . Ignore Shelly bewildered look up head , play James is currently run about side this . Total supervisor governor practice large XSX team best Asia _ _ Carry draw face cold ice like quote fairy are not entangled dust bare at the time this again full grave sweat , pants shirt shock slanted , still where wind Thai king fake when the which .

" Em star so , story what happen , someone tons _ labour you what? "

James is serious suffocating mandarin close ever little one muscle can Shelly want see to try on Teacher yes patch love any no . I know Teacher yes Dear department are not range normally , pulse around at the time any also full cultivation risk dangerous but again are not give People tell guard she , really correct to be too level sleep stupid that . Luckily earlier _ _ at the time with Shelly said story , James has to listen see language young you together minus bar trick play Candlestick new guess Okay Teacher are here _ but chase come . At the time look see Shelly two eye enter God sit there , James's heart is like bag knife cut Fort row hundred sliver , blood run dress dam . Pain , very pain , close like are not yes any period are from language any cat description Okay cold sense of the older brother when the that . Miss alike like one child young bag lost Between geography prison black dark enter together worth love and sin karma , one child young are not clown Okay God sacred assist pick it up mind . Because of you , worth it maybe older brother are not Candlestick to Teacher Go one me like so .

Watch James hunt worried squirrel _ give me much like So , Shelly suddenly course see living spicy nose . _ How many _ five already Teacher are not still Okay enjoy the mandarin heart are from any no one, even even Simon also are not do Teacher cold move Okay like you hour .


No suddenly Shelly _ course hug pick me , James in together terrible surprised . To wear Teacher rub close in cage chest , brother grace flattery claw roof hair yellow sunny smooth but of the aunt , in heart whisper on one's own tell this to be second minute happy happy best in father ten five of the myself . Right so , okay love aunt , che carry Teacher main to be item attach great best are from at the time this return Go of James brother . Even Chi , you still yes contact move would like bring socks chief the rank good pretty best of the position gender this put down below pair foot small message of the aunt , offset cover full the set the day month miserable department before this but Teacher already right bear contain .

" James,... " Shelly blanched letter one at , end together also speak end sentence :

"... help I Find one people ."

Thanks to James thing look up Kaya's whereabouts also yes means to be hehe reveal one part the sign breast dark toothpick that Shelly did ever go through, hehe reveal the part soft feebleness wisdom network of the she . Shelly has think carefully then , you decide determined want to trust James a phen . Opposite to with close prime minister but say , here to be one story pole period risk dangerous , but are not understand star deep heart Teacher again give that People flock he before eye this great opposite to will are not harmful myself .

James listen so instant yes cold sense happy like crazy . You know Shelly is People yes left heart hard snake arrive level come on , miss are not right type People will easy easy cold act or trust someone , right ? do not speak to be rely enter People other to complete Fort item destination of the myself . But , if Teacher open mouth topic proposal older brother help help , yes means to be Teacher already start head yes faith in _ you , gradually extra belong enter brother . James firmly believes , term mandarin generation but older brother whisper dream to wish that long will are not still distant more .

" Okay , we 're back home already speak continue ."

Shelly and James just return again bye villa instant play presently yes thing any usually . In Yard sudden course yes more one the black BWM ball , person most then everyone _ bow head bow fear , a _ _ gourd are not gas stretch straight full pressure force lan to spill all over all where . At the time hey , old man manager family hurry yellow run out to pick up two people , worry says :

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