Disputes Between Compadres

"My daughter is not a doctor to answer your questions, Nathan. Perhaps, you should see an expert doctor to look at it." Vladimir interrupted our serious conversation. "And besides, you have more people to attend to, right, Comadre?" he pointed his gaze to my parents.

"Of course, Compadre! Don't worry, our son was still on his right mind. There's no need for him to see an expert doctor. And I know my son still has an announcement to make aside from that helping thing. It's just one part of this program, right, Nathan?" Mum asked back.

They were supposed to be in Singapore a few hours ago but they already know that the banquet was not just about Ghino.

But how did they know about it? I have told no one, even Melissa, the other news that I am going to announce that evening.

And aside from that, since when did my and Melissa's parents become Compadres and Comadres? Are that part of my lost memories too?

"Or, let us ask his soon-to-be wife, the Lady Melissa. Perhaps,
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