Do not hurt her

Chapter 120

You don't have to if you don't feel like it. I know you don't feel the same way for him. You only see him as the brother you never had” Dina said and Lisa sighed softly.

“Sometimes, I begin to wonder. After all these years you still didn't fall in love with him. There are 1 million reasons for women to fall in love with Daniel. What if your heart belongs somewhere else or rather someone else” Dina said and Lisa rolled her eyes at her.

“You must be joking” Lisa scoffed

“You don't need to love him out of pity. It's gonna hurt him. This is a matter of the heart” Dina said and Lisa sighed softly. She then decided to change the topic of discussion.

Aria called me this morning that someone wants to book our restaurant for a business meeting” Lisa said to Dina

“Uhm, yeah. It's not a business meeting. It's like a funding party for the CEOs. They do it every year. I guess they picked our restaurant this time” Dina said and Lisa hummed

“When are they holding it?” Lisa asked

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