Possessive Bedslave
Possessive Bedslave
Author: sehrish yousaf


Haya and Tora woke up early to head back to School, also carrying what they needed to fix in their respective quarters. They initially go to the Registration Office and obtain the various documents that will be required.

AS Tora reached outside the Recorder's Office, she saw the future donor, Abraham Windsor, one of the members of the band "Extra Chance," conducted by Asher.

Abraham is the drummer of their band; Tora has long admired Abraham for his drumming abilities. She is one of the goals and heartbreak of their school; he just thinks he is attractive.

She is medium height, matte hair, in great shape, a learning companion, attractive so alluring that makes your heart beat faster.

Gradually he moved towards Tora and smiled, noticing her interesting teeth by their holes in one cheek.

"Hello, will I be able to get your pen?" he said quietly to Tora.

Tora, then again, resembled a nitwit in the light of her dazzling eyes; he slowly took the ballpen from the pack and handed it to Abraham while he had a sweet smile.

"Much obliged by your hair." Abraham groaned, as he picked up Tora's ballpen.

He was then eyed before pivoting into the Registration Office. It was then that Haya came out inside, she saw Tora was confused. He hurried over to her, surprising her.

Hello!!! What has happened to you? For what reason do you seem to stare.  

"I see him, I see my Prince Charming." Tora said with a smile.

"Tssk! Abraham one more time? For what reason would you say you're so obsessed with him? Do you think he's a woman?" said Haya.

"Gosh, Haya, she took my ballpen, and then she blinked at me." Tora said in fear as her brain constantly fluttered.

"Tsssk! How about we go, I really have a big deal to do. Then, at that point, pull out the bag he was giving away."

Huh, your grouch!" Tora grimaced

Tora followed her and again carried her bag, and then they looked to their bedrooms.

In the meantime, Asher plays ball with various co-workers and teammates.

Soon their game was over. They lay down and sat in the courtyard, drinking water.

"Hello Asher, how was that young woman who kissed you? Did you as of now get her Point?" Tim asked as he wiped his sweat.

“No, Asher replied.

“Don’t you crave her?” Tim asked once more.

I don’t have the foggiest idea. Asher replied as he took a sip of water.

Then they returned to their respective quarters. Asher's residence is on the next floor and is the primary entrance on the left, which is the room he generally chooses since it has natural air and fronts the school grounds.

She opened the entrance to her room and changed clothes. At first he took off his elasticated shoes, and took off his sweaty white shirt and then his shorts.

Suddenly, the entrance to the bathroom opened, and the freshly bathed woman emerged with only a towel draped over her body.

They both screamed in surprise.


Asher lifted his stripped shorts once more and asked the women angrily.

"What are you here for?" he asked suddenly.

"Tsssk! I asked you earlier, what are you doing in my room?" Asher exclaimed as he stared.

Pause, what room? This is my room. I could show you my school receipt." Haya said excitedly.

"Is it true or not that you're still making mistakes? It's hard being your room like it's a men's room! Unless... " Asher couldn't go on with what, he had to say, he took a gander at the lady in front of him starting head on to his feet and snuggled close to him.

"Relax! Don't try to get near me!"

Haya shouted in protest.

Asher approached him; he looked at her again and touched her jaw.

"Pause, are you going to confirm or deny that you are the young lady at the bar?"

The one who kissed me?" Asher asked as he examined her lips and touched her jaw.

Haya shook Asher's hand and glanced away.

"What bar? That wasn't me. Then, at that point, he pushed Asher, he slightly committed to the back, then, at that point, Haya went back into the bathroom and got dressed inside."

Asher lowered the chair and trusted that Haya would walk out once more, while Haya worried as she ventured out into the hallway.

Then, at that point, Haya quickly left the room and went to the Admin office to check her correct neighborhood Point.

Spoke to the Admin who works in the dorms.

"Excuse me Ma I am; I'll be able to if it's not too hard, look at my ward Point? I went to the men's ward." said Haya.

"Ok, OK, I'll definitely look into it, just give me a second." he said and looking directly at their frame.

"Your room Point is correct." he said so.

"At any rate, Madam, I went to the little boy's, if I could go to the young lady's bedroom." Haya said that.

"I can no longer move you in light of the fact that the young lady's dorm is full. He said."

"What? What would be a good idea for me now? Haya asked."

"Please accept my apology, however helpless." he told her.

Stand aside Ma am, how can it be? I have no place to stay, and how did I get to the child's quarters, I am Haya." he asked once more.

"Uhm, it shows here Abraham Haya, so I thought Abraham was your name." he said as he handed her the receipt.

"Huh?! Good luck!'

"Regardless if you like it, it will be your chosen wards, just stay there until further notice, against you nowhere to rest tonight. Or later again in the event you need, assuming you actually have." cash, me. he can rent a room outside the school." he said.

"Huh, I don't have cash to pay for a room." he replied in a soft voice.

"On the off chance that that's the situation, just stay in that neighborhood. "he said.

"Stand aside Ma'am, my flat mate is someone who thinks I'm going to keep that neighborhood, isn't it taboo and imagine a scenario where that guy accomplished some kind of problem with me?" Haya asked.

"You can really relax, I won't tell anyone where your apartment is, and I took a gander at him from head to toe before going on to say, "and I guess, you're not Asher's type, don't worry as well, you're protected there !" then she blinked at him.

"At any rate, Madame-"

"Go on, I actually have a ton to do." he gives Haya orders.

Haya unfortunately left the Admin office, shrugging. He slowly returned to the camp. At the point where he reached the front entrance, he wondered if he should open it or not; he turned first toward the side divider before examining again.

"Haist, Haya why are you so sad?!" thumping he shared with himself.

"With such countless individuals in this world, for what reason is my flatmate Asher? The man I kissed?! Waaa!!!" he asked himself.

He is undecided however to go inside and meet Asher. He took a deep breath and hit first throbbing before entering.

He saw Asher recently done wiping down and wiping a towel off his head. He stayed behind the entrance.

"Gracious, what did Admin say?" Asher asked Haya.

"Uhm, since the young lady's neighborhood was at that point full, I can't move anymore." he said quietly.

As Asher approached her, she said

"Along these lines, that means ".

"Of course, I'll be your flat mate." he immediately added what Asher had to say.

Then, at that time, he went to his bag and kept the receipt. Asher picked up a piece of paper and filed something. He gave it to her.

"These are my instructions here, kindly read them and stick them on the divider so you can always remember." With that, she hung the towel from the top.

Haya began to peruse the standards and plunked down near the table.

"Rule no. 1 - Don't stand around, no. 2-Asher will shower first towards the beginning of the day at 5:30 a. m. Relax, why 5:30 a. m.? What time do you need to take a shower?" he asked curiously.

"Uhm, 30 to 45 minutes, I guess?" Asher answered

"Stand aside, I'll be late to my first step in thinking you'll clean up the floor that long!" Haya was conflicted.

"Eh. What time does your class start?" Asher asked him.

"Six a. m., so I'll be late, I'll wash up first." The idea of ​​Haya.

"No! OK, I'll wake up in the morning...about 5:15 a.m. m." said Asher.

“That’s right. “He agreed and then continued reading carefully.

"Point 3 - Haya cleans the room, cleans and trashes daily. Stand aside, for what purpose is it all me?" he asked in confusion.

"Gee, what are you for?" Asher slowly moved towards her, as he reached for her shorts and looked at her.

"As far as I can remember, you embarrassed me at the bar last week and even said, you're going to cover me alive and send me to punishment. Yeah?" Asher smiled, as he looked at her and slowly turned around, Haya knelt down as well and covered her face with both hands.

"Haist, better I'll make it happen. What's rubbish taking time? Haya asked as she still didn't check with Asher and just put her focus on the paper."

"Every single day, before you go to your group, you have to throw it out, there's garbage." Asher told him.

"OK, then... Point 4 - no visitor (young lady or small child), well, its OK, I don't have a sweetheart."

Asher smirked at her words and ignored them.

"Point 5 - it's illegal to tell others who I'm in the dorm with and what room Point I am. Alright fine, I don't have any desire to tell others I'm with you either!" Haya sighed.

"Point 6 - it's forbidden to contact things have no place with you. Whoever violates these standards will be rejected. Stand aside, whatever it is for you, your standards are exceptionally out of line!" Haya sighed.

"OK, you can add on the off chance that you need to." said Asher.

"Great, I'll add my instructions." Then he wrote it down and gave it to Asher. Asher read it.

"Point 7 - no noise when you examine. Point 8 - no breathing when you breathe? Stand aside, how can you tell I'm breathing assuming you're also asleep?" Asher asked him.

"I'll just find out, like I wake up fine and I'll wake up when you're rested." Haya replied.

"Point 9 - it's illegal to come home late around evening time. Point 10 - coming home drunk is forbidden. Pause, around here at Point 10, it looks like you're going to break it, are you sure about it?" Asher is guaranteed.

"Obviously! I'll never drink from this point on!" Haya said excitedly.

"Of course, how much we've seen. Asher recently smiled, and then handed the paper back to her."

Haya pointed the paper at the divider to make it more straightforward to see.

"Just relax here in the lower bed and I'll take the upper one." Asher said and handed her the cover and pad.

"Very appreciated!" she said to him without further ado.


Asher then left the room. Haya, then again, arranged her things separately.

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