When love is not madness, its not love.


//Chapter Thirty-four\\

Noel's POV

A hand was draped on me, holding me close. I tried to free myself but it was of use the person wasn't letting go at all. My eyes popped open in alarm and I saw that I was lying down on a really wide bed with gray sheets. Not my bed. In panic I gently craned my neck behind to get a better view of my captor spooning behind me. I visibly and mentally relaxed at the face.

Aaron Lee, shirtless behind me. I lay back down and moved closer to his embrace, loving his scent that was everywhere. I tried to ignore the fact that he was shirtless, tried to ignore the warmth and the urge to run my fingers over his Latino tanned skin. I envy him, his body is so perfect and tanned beautifully. I on the other hand I'm as white as paste and incapable of tanning. I don't burn in heat and I don't tan. I'm just there.

Wait a minute, if this is not my room and Aaron is here then where I'm I? I tried to remember the events of yest
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