Real Identities

Real Identities

By:  Mercy Ayo   Completed
Language: English
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"No, that's where I want to go" she yelled. ** Camila, a shy and gentle young adult is excited to join a prestigious institution owned by the renown Governor. She crosses path with Chloe, the Governor's niece who's hell bent on making schooling horrible for her. And, she meets the school darling, the Governor's son, Henry, who only attends school for fun. Her relationship with him deepened and through him, her identity starts surfacing. Will she be able to accept her real Identity? What happens when her identity clashes with that of Henry? Will the love between them blossom after their identities are surfaced? How will Chloe take the news?

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Boring and hard to follow
2023-08-04 00:43:26
96 Chapters
Chapter 1
CAMILA"No, that's where I want to go" I yelled frustratedly."And how dare you take the exam without my permission?" He yelled back."Because you'd have never allowed me" I yelled sniffing."Why don't you want me to go?" I asked as a tear slipped down my face."You aren't attending the institution and that's final" he said firmly."I will" I said determinedly."And you can't stop me" I added firmly."Camila!" He sighed falling to the couch.I sniffed going towards him."Why don't you want me to go?" I asked holding his hand."I just don't want it Camila, I don't want you to get involved with the rich students" he said and I smiled taking his hand to my face."It's schooling dad, I'll tackle any challenges dad" I said and he nodded gently."I don't want to lose you Camila" he mumbled with a sigh."You won't dad" I replied leaning down to him giving him a big hug."You're indefatigable" he laughed hugging me tighter.I smiled as another tear slip down, main reason why I love him as my
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Chapter 2
CAMILAWalking into the school gently, I glanced around in awe seeing the decorations in the school. It's really a beautiful school. Well what should I expect, it's owned by the Governor after all. I walked towards the principal's office with my map to do the necessary registration.Looking into the map towards my class, I gasped when I bumped into someone."I'm sorry" I apologized immediately."Really?" The person sneered and almost immediately, I felt the push making me fall to the ground weakly."I'm sorry" I mumbled trying to stand up but the grasp on my hair made me fall weakly to the floor."Let go" I whimpered trying to push the hands off but the hand held my hair firmer."Please" I begged whimpered as the person pulled on my hair tighter."On your knees" the person ordered and I realized it's a girl.Why's she telling me to go on my knees?"Let go" I ordered with all courage in me.The person let go and when I thought I was free, I felt the push making me fall flatly to the gr
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Chapter 3
"What did he mean?" I asked as soon as the teacher got out."You have the same surname as Chloe" she said and my eyes rolled immediately.Smith is the most common surname, silly."And I think you guys look alike a bit" she added and I scoffed."Silly" I mumbled bringing out my sketchpad.What? She gasped immediately snatching the sketchpad."You draw too?" she asked flipping through the pages, her mouth wide open in awe."Who else draws?" I asked."Chloe, she has been winning the award for a while" she cleared my doubt."Ohh" I mouthed nodding."But I think you draw better" she smiled dropping the sketchpad before another teacher walked in.So Chloe draws, but she thinks I draw better. And there's a drawing contest? That definitely means I can contest. Wow, maybe schooling wouldn't be bad here.**HENRY"Don't you ever dare meddle in my business" Chloe yelled as soon as she entered my room.I paused gazing at her."Who gave you the permission to enter my room?" I asked irritated."I d
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Chapter 4
CAMILA"I'm trying to learn here" I yelled at Ava who wouldn't stop distracting me telling me about events that happen in the school."Well, you should be happy I am talking to you" she smiled taking my book."Allow me to show you around my princess" she squealed and I scoffed in annoyance."No Ava, allow me to read" I ordered with a firm face but she only laughed.Goodness, I'd have to try the library next time."Ava!!" A girl squealed rushing to us but paused seeing me."Ohh, you have a new friend" she mumbled."No, of course not" Ava laughed hugging her."You're my friend, and she's our new friend, come let's show her around" she said and the girl nodded gazing at me."You're pretty" she complimented and I flashed her a smile.**"So, this is the school library" she said pointing at a beautiful building with different paintings on it."Alright" I nodded gazing at it, it's very beautiful even though it's multicolored.We walked for a little while before she gasped pointing at a dire
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Chapter 5
CAMILAI walked slowly beside Ava still in thought."Heyy" she patted my shoulders and I jerked out of thought."Aren't you excited?" She asked dramatically."Henry is going to be playing, the last time I saw him play was 2 years ago" she squealed jumping up and I chuckled.How often does Henry attends school? Two years ago since she saw him play? Wow!"Are you okay?" She asked holding my arm and I nodded."Of course" I mumbled as Anna ran to us."Ava!!" she exhaled breathing heavily and I chuckled at how dramatic these two can be."Let's hurry" she mumbled as we rushed to the basketball court."Yayy" the cheering sound welcomed me immediately and glancing around, I saw him, my savior. He brushed his hair backwards swallowing and I saw his Adam's apple move. He's hot, I must say. But how old can he be? I'd probably ask Ava later."I want to see clearer" Ava said and Anna took her hand rushing to the front."Go on Henry" I heard people scream. Glancing around, I saw his bodyguards, of c
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Chapter 6
"Fuck it dad!" I yelled as he spoke into the phone."You're the fucking Governor, just find out those behind this!" I yelled frustrated."My men are working on it" he said and I could sense his frustration. How the men keep getting away with it is what I don't know and I find it disturbing. It's downgrading that he's the Governor and such a thing is happening in his school."Whatever" I mumbled ending the call. This is the fucking fifth time the attack will be happening and according to him, his men haven't been able to do a thing about it, he's probably hiding something."She's awake sir" One of my guards said behind me."Okay" I mumbled turning to the direction of her ward, we're in the hospital, she fainted so they had to resuscitate her back to life. I wonder why she'd risk her life because someone got shot, I just hope she didn't get shot."How's she?" I asked the doctor and he bowed a little."Luckily, the bullet only scraped her arm" he answered and I nodded with a small smile.
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Chapter 7
CAMILAI scoffed as I got down from the supposed car the school brought. "Thank you" I mumbled as the driver drove away. I could feel the bile at my throat telling me something was off about the school but I'm ignoring that, I'm not letting that affect me. The school is owned by the Governor, so of course, there should be plenty of enemies. I walked gently into the house."Dad?" I called entering the kitchen but scoffed remembering he left. Yeah... he did, this morning. He had to travel, I felt tears burn at the brim of my eyes but I ain't crying. I rushed to my bag to call him but as I rampage through my bag, I couldn't help but fear. I bet my phone isn't here. Shit! I mumbled falling to the sofa. I lost my phone, probably when the attack happened, goodness how do I call him now? I sniffed as the tear finally slipped down, if only dad's here. I wouldn't have told him anyway, I thought taking a drink from the fridge. Goodness, I badly needed this. As I closed my eyes enjoying the flav
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Chapter 8
CAMILA As I walked into the school with my backpack on my shoulders, I shuddered as students were too much, I bet I'm late. Remembering I haven't talked to dad, I sighed dejectedly, I'm sure he'd be very worried. But it's okay, I'd probably give him a call with Ava's phone."Hey newbie" Someone called, on turning to the direction, I scoffed when I saw the guy. He looked rather unkempt, I'm sure he isn't here for normal classes, he's probably taking one of the business classes."Not a newbie" I mumbled trying to walk past him."Heyy" he held my shoulders and I scoffed."Let go" I ordered and he chuckled moving back."I guess I'd see you around pretty" he gave a malicious grin and I scoffed moving towards the class. Halfway, I paused when I saw the image. "Chloe?" I mumbled. She was ranting some incoherent words pulling a girl on her hair. Who's that? I thought walking closer to them. As I moved, they moved forward too but I was determined to see what she's up to."Hey" I yelled as she
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Chapter 9
"Chloe!!" I yelled over the phone."I want you at the school hospital right now!" I yelled before ending the call. She knows better than to disobey me.I sat gently on the chair waiting for the girl to be treated on, she has to explain what Chloe did."Boss, there's a call!" Fanscho yelled running to me. I paused on seeing the caller. Dad? I thought."Henry!!" His voice roared over the phone. "You were attacked just yesterday!" He yelled and I sighed."I just wanted to be in school dad" I mumbled."I want you out of there" he yelled over the phone."Dad?" I mumbled."Right now!" He said firmly and I stood up having no choice, for him to have called me, he really wanted me out of here."Get her back to school" I told Fanscho and he nodded before bowing. I sighed walking to her ward, I just wanted to see her. She laid peacefully on the bed, her arm isn't bleeding and gently, I walked away to my car.***CAMILAI woke up slowly, my vision blurry as I glanced around. I caught a glimpse of
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Chapter 10
CAMILAI exhaled walking into the compound but paused on seeing the door open. Is dad around? I thought hastening my step, I opened the door and I was welcomed by his furious face."Camila!" He yelled and a kind of fear ran through me. "Where have you been huh?" He asked and I sighed walking to him "Dad" I mumbled hugging him, he exhaled before stroking my hair."I was worried Camila" he mumbled and I laughed pulling away. His face went pale and I wondered why."What happened to your arm?" He asked grabbing my arm, he observed it carefully and I swallowed hard. I definitely ain't telling him I almost got shot."Nothing dad" I mumbled pulling away, "I only scraped my arm" I mumbled but he stared at me doubtfully. "Dadddd" I whined and he exhaled falling to the sofa."You got bullied already?" He asked slowly and I sighed having no other choice, I'd tell him the half truth."Yes dad but trust me I'd handle this" I said firmly."Your lips" he mumbled standing up, he got an emollient and
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