Chapter Thirty Seven

Karn’s POV

“How can she be gone?” I roared at my warriors. “She was sedated! You’re telling me you can’t keep track of a tiny little SEDATED she-wolf?” How stupid can they be? My warriors coward in fear, they had ruined my plan. The doctor was going to do a c-section and then once that was finished, I was going to have my way with Aura. I knew it would take a little while for her to heal but after that, I would impregnate her, and we would welcome our pup into the world together. Now, thanks to the idiots I have to get her back again.

“Alpha, we are sorry, they attacked us. It wasn’t like it was only a couple of wolves, there was a ton of them, and,” his voice trailed off.

“And what!” I snarled.

The warrior coward again, “Alpha Draven was leading them.”

“That’s impossible, you told me he was dead.” I could feel my wolf wanting to take control, he wanted to kill all of them on the spot.

“We, we, we knew he was dead, I watched him bleeding out.” My warriors stammered.

“Did you watch him
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