4- Juliet's Entry.

Alessandra Benjamin:

(Twenty-five days later)

Today was the day when Romeo, my husband, my chosen mate… brought home his fated one. After the initial training everyone started preparing for welcoming the higher pack officials’ return.

Nobody knew except me, what was about to come. They were about to get the surprise of their lives.

This time I did not repeat the mistake of applying make-up. I kept it simple with a powdered blue midi dress in a backless design. Tying my hair in a chignon, I gave myself a final once over in the mirror when someone knocked on the door.

“Yes?” I did not let my inner tension show on my face when the door opened and a tensed Emma peeked inside.

“They are here, Alessandra… And…” She left the sentence in the middle. I knew what was worrying her. Romeo was here with his mate. She wanted to keep me safe from the pain soon to be inflicted by him.

But never mind! It was my least concern. Right now I needed to play it smartly.

Taking a deep breath I gave her a shaky smile and held her hand.

“Let’s go!” When I came out all the pack members were standing there with grim expressions. I could see the shock on their faces.

This was just the initial shock because soon my husband’s mate will start shedding crocodile tears and I would easily become a villain after confronting my husband.

“Sandra!” Romeo gave me a tensed smile and came towards me to kiss my forehead. There was worry in his chocolate brown eyes, “Baby! We need to talk.”

“Talk? About what? You all need to get fresh first because whatever it is… can be discussed later.” I ran my gaze on all the pack members and then my eyes fell on that girl who was acting all scared trying to hide behind Russel, the Beta of my pack.

Romeo followed my gaze and tried to clear his throat, “I … I tried to mind link you but …” just then he frowned looking at my face, “Your eyes. They have turned silver.”

“She was sick, my Alpha.” I heard David’s voice behind me. “Dr. Sebastian has strictly instructed her not to let out her wolf and give it maximum rest. She got a high fever in your absence and remained unconscious for five days. It’s normal to change eye color in a prolonged period of fever.”

Romeo frowned and this time I could see the concern in his eyes. Genuine concern.

“I am so sorry, Sandra. I know you must be weak but I need to tell you this.” He turned towards the girl and chuckled nervously, “I … I found my … mate, Sandra. She is an Omega of the neighboring pack…” I realized he was observing my face.

“Alessandra!” I heard a familiar voice.

“Uncle Zayn!” I turned and headed towards my maternal uncle for a hug, “I hope you are well.”

“Ah. Yes, I am good. But…” He shot a nervous glance towards Romeo asking him quietly if he had told me.

“Let me tell you.” Said a familiar girlish voice who I started hating ever since she came into my life, “I am your husband’s, fated mate.” Tears started rolling on her cheeks, “He was confused about … how to tell you this.”

I turned towards Romeo who was now looking down, “Romeo. It’s ok.” I touched his arm lightly.

I heard the surprised gasps around me but I chose to ignore them. Romeo shot me a startled glance. I nodded my head, “It’s ok. This was bound to happen. Just do what you promised me to do. Reject her and we are good to go.”  

There was confusion on his face. But I did not want to win this war by screaming and whining.

“That was pre-decided, Romeo. Right? She deserves to live a happy and contented life. Don’t do this to her.”

Looking into my eyes he nodded his head and turned to her, “I … I … Romeo Evans … Alpha of Silver Moon pack … reject you as…”

“No!” there was blood curdling sound in the air. The girl came running towards him and sat down at his feet, “Don’t reject me, Alpha. Don’t do this to me. I will never come between you two. I swear. Just give me a chance to prove myself.”

Romeo had frozen on the spot. She was crying uncontrollably.

I stopped myself from rolling my eyes.

Gosh! This girl had always been so dramatic. Ever since she walked into our lives she did nothing except being a drama queen.

Heaving a sigh, I went near her and helped her up gently, holding her shoulders.

“Easy! We at Silver Moon pack treat everyone equally. Be it our Alpha, Luna, or any Omega. You are respectable for us just like any pack member.”

I enjoyed the expressions on Romeo’s face. Even the girl seemed taken aback by my gesture. This was something unexpected for her.

Just keep watching, bit*ch. You should know, who you messed with.

“By the way,” I shifted her hair behind her shoulders, “What is your name?”

“Juliet.” She told me shyly. I never liked her name and always felt that she came up with the name after she met my husband. But right now I did not give a damn.

“Let’s meet at the dining hall after thirty minutes. Shall we?” I gave the best smile to my pack members and left.

Once inside my office, I leaned on the closed door and started taking deep breaths. I knew Romeo would be here by any minute.

Just then there was a brief knock on the door and then someone tried to open the door. I at once moved away and let him in.

“Sandra. Sweetheart!” He came inside and tried to hug me but I pushed him away. I could not take it anymore.

“Why didn’t you reject her?” I suppressed my scream. Oh, Goddess! How to tell him that she would kill his family one day.

He might love me but he would never understand if I would tell him that I was given a second chance.     

“You promised. You gave me your word. You liar!”

“Sandra. Don’t do this.” He pleaded. “I wish I could tell you how painful it was when I was trying to reject her. Please try to understand. Moon Goddess chose her as my mate, for a reason.”

At this point, I wanted to slap him.

Patience, Alessandra. Patience. I tried to get hold of my emotions and wiped my tears.

“Fine. It’s time for lunch. We can discuss it later.”


“Later, Romeo! Later!” With that, I stormed out of my office. He was again doing the same things. Postponing the rejection using same lame excuses.

But this time I was not ready to give up. I could not let her succeed. The wicked woman killed my Amerigo. I needed to do something beforehand.

There was another drama expected during lunch and I wanted to be there to turn the tables.

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