Ladzgery’s magic was ineffective, Lora thought it would give them a fair chance of defeating him. Little did she know of the beast they were about to face.

Moments later Jrue walked in, carrying his two trusty blades with him. Although Tyndale was aware of their presence, he did not flinch. He took one last long breathe and exhaled lightly. He then rose to his feet, anchoring the weight of his galactic body by resting his palms on his knees and pushing himself upwards. He rolled his shoulders, relieving them of exhaustion.

“Finally! I was waiting for your arrival,”

The two siblings looked at each other briefly, reassuring themselves.

Ladzgery turned to face them. His face expressionless, “Any last words?”. He asked, slipping off his sleeve from his right hand and placing it over the candelabra beside him. He turned his back to the siblings once more, reverting his attention towards the candelabra.

“I knew this day would come. I felt the unrest brewing for some time now. It was just a
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