Season 1 Ends—Chapter 65 Last Love

“Are you sure you are going abroad?” Valerie walked up to Addy who was busy putting all his clothes in a large suitcase.

“Yes.” He pulled the zipper of the suitcase and then put it under the bed. “My decision has been unanimous, Valerie. I'll go to lay out my life from scratch,” he continued with a faint smile.

Valerie nodded slowly then moved to stand up to Addy. The traces of Mate's mark on the dominant Alpha's neck were stroked in a slow motion.

“Are you going to go attend their wedding?” she asked in one breath. Valerie's hand turned to massage Addy's shoulder so that Alpha was more relaxed.

“I don't know, I'm confused. On the one hand, I want to congratulate them, but on the one hand, I'm uncertain if I can see them on the wedding stage,” he replied in a quivering voice. His chest tightened again as he recalled his last moment with Serry that ended painfully.

“I see.” Valerie hugged Alpha's body in front of her tightly. She stroked his wide back lightly and occasionally patt
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