The Jealous Side

"So, now you are preparing to go to the dragons?" My brother asked shielding his eyes from the sun rays to watch me. I shook my head in denial, watching the garden keepers mow the grass on the far side.

"No. Not dragons. A dragon will never listen to us, no matter what we say but its master would've. I'm going to meet the dragon charmers." I said. Although, dragons were very smart, they didn't like to do anything for someone else, other than there master. So if we could convince them, the dragons would follow without a problem.

He hummed. "I've heard many stories of how one of the former Kings befriended a charmer but something happened between them, a quarrel of sort and the dragon charmers broke off any relationship that they had with us wolves. Do your think they'll agree? I supposed they still—"

I waited for him to complete his sentence but he never did. I turned to him and found the reason.

In the midst of talking with me, his gaze had landed on his mate. Adel. She was sitting a
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