Chapter 40

Edward pov .

When I saw Eric touching valerie ,I was so angry that I kept thinking of one thousand ways to kill him ,I knew this was a plot from the beginning ,I decided to play along to know the outcome .

After the party valerie and I went back home ,I wasn't pissed at her ,I just decided not to speak to her because I had a lot on my mind ,I chose to stay quiet ,We got into the castle and she was trying her best to clear her name I told her to go to bed ,I wasn't in the mood to talk ,I waited patiently for her to leave , Then walked towards the entrance of the castle , Just then hemsworth walked up to me .

" Where is he "

" Your majesty his in the special

dungeon "

" Good well done hemsworth it was easier than I thought "

He didn't say any other word he just bow his head and walked out, I walked towards the Garden then stopped when I got to a corner of the castle ,I placed my hand on the wall and the wall opened and I got in ,I stood in front of his cell with both
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