9. Change of events.

"Now Anna I know this is the first you've been in trouble since....Well since kindergarten and hopefully the last but what I'm trying to say is don't loose focus of what your purpose in life is, the fact that you were in a fight over something this petty is ridiculous" My dad gave me the full on talk.

"I Know dad I know and it will never happen again"

"I know it won't and because you've done.... fairly enough in school I've spoken to the principal and he decided not to punish the both of you"

My dad had received a call shortly after the fight had happened and he immediately went to resolve the matter. My mom and dad came home soon after that to make sure I was ok.

They'd given me the rest of the day to be stress free but I knew what was to come because it was now eight the next morning and they were already drilling me about etiquettes.

"Were going off to work, we'll drop Antonio and Maria at school and ask Steff to drop them off later, rest for the day cause your going back to scho
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