Chapter 5


As I had thought yesterday, right now I was staring at King Lucien sitting a few feet away with as always a file in his hand. There were occasions when the file would be replaced by a newspaper or a book and sometimes even a magazine but most of the time it would be any file or document or anything related to his work. Well, of course being powerful didn't give them the allowance to skip all of their duties as Kings in fact the only thing it had done was to increase it.

But I had to admit, he looked so good even though all of his attention was on the task, he was writing down something or maybe something related to the blood collections. His hair lightly fell on his face and his eyes remained fixated on the paper, the sleeves of his white shirt were folded up to the middle of his hand whilst he bobbed his left leg up and down covered in the black ripped jeans.

Damn it! Vampire males were a thousand percent more attractive than humans.

Sighing I rested my head against the wall, my arms bent forward to hug my knees. I was watching him for probably close to half an hour and now painting him was not going to be big of a deal. But surprisingly none of the other two Kings were here.

Maybe they were out for checking the city.

"You can read a book or two if you want to, it might keep you entertained, " King Lucien who hadn't spoken a word till the past hour decided to speak. I was taken aback by his small gesture, I wasn't expecting him to think about me.

"No, it's okay," I spoke, "I'm fine,"

I saw him shrug before he returned his focus back to his prior task, and unexpectedly his focus lasted only a few minutes before he heaved out a sigh and leaned onto the chair. His hand holding the own released its hold on it and moved to rub behind his neck.

He looked....stressed.

I quietly observed as he pushed his chair till it hit the wall and moved his long legs to rest on the desk, his eyes closed and a low huff slipped past his lips. He looked in unease.

"Stressed?" the word left my mouth without even giving me a chance to stop it.

Well, of course, I wasn't expecting to have a casual conversation with a Vampire who supposedly held beyond power over me and many more powerful creatures around the world. But before I could fully regret my decision his reply came.

"Yeah, these royal duties can be pretty tiring sometimes," He sighed, there was a crease between his eyebrows as he spoke, his eyes were closed and he uncomfortably shifted in his seat.

I ignored the mere surprise that glimmered due to his response.

"I can help you relax...if you want,"

This time his eyes fluttered open, soon as his eyes met mine I found the familiar chilling feeling traveling down my body but leaving warmth all over.

I thanked God at this moment that I had learned the art of keeping my thoughts low enough to escape their superhearing ability.

He cocked an eyebrow at me, "You mean a massage?" he'd gotten the message correct.

"Yeah I mean if you're okay with it," I said.

"You know how to massage?"

"Uh-huh," I nodded, "I have learned it over the years."

"Come here, then," He beckoned, his eyes held their gaze on me but the darkening didn't recede and if only it did something was to make it look more apparent. I could feel dryness taking over my throat but I made my way toward his desk.

His gaze followed my every movement and ceased as I stopped beside his desk.

"You need to sit properly," I mustered.

"Oh," He nodded and moved his legs from the desk before he brought the chair close to its prior position, which allowed me some space to slide in. I stood behind his chair and the fact that his gaze was not on me somehow relieved me.

"Do I need to open the shirt?" His question bought the pink tint to my cheeks for some reason even I was unaware of.

"I guess You have stiffness around your neck and shoulder, right?" I questioned to which he nodded glancing back at me, my breathing got caught in my throat.

"Only a few buttons would be fine," I informed, putting every drop of my courage to not let out my voice come as shaky.

"Sure thing," He obliged, his nimble fingers unbuttoned the first four buttons in a blink, "Now?"

"You can slightly lean against the backrest, and relax,"

Without another word, he did what he was told.

Inhaling a deep breath I let my fingers push the collar of his shirt and creep their way through the bare skin of his neck, his cool skin triggered the goosebumps to rake my body but why the hair on his arms stand up remained a mystery.

I slowly created small circling patterns on the back of his neck putting a little bit of pressure once, at a time, I saw him closing his eyes and a small sigh leaving his mouth. He even craned his neck to give me better access, and this caused a smile to form on my lips.

I carefully moved my hands toward his shoulder, trying hard to avoid the sensations the contact with his skin was creating. I could partially feel his muscles and had to refrain from going further down and feel the muscles of his chest also.

"Does it hurt?" I questioned as I moved to press down a particular spot between his shoulder and neck.

"No," His response came almost instantly.

"Okay," I continued my motions, my skin soon adjusted with the cool temperature of his skin.


My name rolled on his tongue like silk, this was the first time I heard my name coming from his mouth and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want to hear it again and again.

"Y-yes, your Majesty," Damn it my stutter.

I noticed him letting out a quiet huff at my sentence before he spoke, "You've already forgotten that we don't prefer to be called by that by you,"

By me? Noted!

"Oh, I'm sorry," I meekly replied continuing messaging his shoulders again, his body began relaxing again.

"Why don't you just stand in front of me and do it?"

My whole face turned red, the position would be too...Close. And I didn't know what to say at that moment, I remained glued to my spot for a couple of minutes debating with my decision.

Do it, Jasmine. It's your job.

I withdrew my hand from his skin and stood beside him, "Where do you want me to do it from?" I questioned.

"Stand here," He moved his chair slightly backward and created some space between his chair and the desk which turned out to be enough for me as I stood there.

His intent gaze was back on me, but I pretended not to be affected by it but when he moved closer closing the small amount of distance my heart took a pace. I felt my heart thundering against my chest as I realized that I was basically standing between his thighs which was almost brushing my body. Almost.

In this position, the only thing that made me feel a little confidence was that I didn't look as small compared to what I would've looked if he was standing.

"Go ahead," He urged and I nodded, this time he didn't lean against the backrest. He stayed in his sitting position that made it possible to smell his cologne.

I moved my hands toward his shoulder feeling hesitant to slip my hands directly under his shirt whilst he was just watching my every movement.

"Why are you shaking?" He looked into my eyes, the corner of his mouth twitched upwards so slightly that it was even hard to notice at first glance.

"No, I'm just...a little cold," I lied, but judging by his expression I knew he didn't lie and the appearance of the small smirk made it more evident that he exactly knew the effects his closeness showered upon me.

"Oh," He nonetheless responded and continued staring at me.

I averted my gaze from his face, meanwhile. And focused on the pressure points I was massaging on, it was the best way to not feel any more flustered than I already was. I sensed him deeply inhaling whenever I leaned it to reach a spot behind his neck or his shoulder.

I continued my movements but then the door of the library opened with a loud thud. I flinched in my spot and almost fell on King Lucien but my arms on my shoulder gave me some support to keep standing.

"I can't fucking understand," King Micheal's shout buzzed against my ear, "We looked everywhere, inspected every little detail yet there is no information about her or her identity not even where she's from. How could she be a human when we can sense the matebo....." He stopped once my gaze met his one, there was a file in his hand, and before I could get a glimpse of something written on it he moved it behind his back.

Who was he even talking about?

His agitated expression that he had on his face melted in seconds and the anger in his eyes vanished. But then his stare moved towards my hands that were still inside King Lucien's shirt and the familiar glint shimmered in eyes before an identical smirk spread across his lips.

I quickly withdrew my hands from where they were and pressed myself against the desk as much as possible to create some sort of distance between us, and the blush took over within a blink.

Both brothers exchanged a look before King Lucien spoke, "Sweetheart, you can leave now. We'll get you called if we need you for any work," I nodded and hurriedly walked out of the room, I was thankful to him for excusing me.

The blush didn't fade even the slightest bit. How inappropriate it might've looked?! God! Save me!

As I made my way towards my room, King Lucien's one particular word rang in my ears.

Sweetheart! King Lucien, the usual harsh and least interactive King just called me by this nickname and not to mention, in front of King Micheal whose gaze surely said something else too.

I needed a nap. Yes. I needed it.

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