Chapter 54


The hidden memories of the past I had been wanting to discover for so long, all struck me at once-- Speeding like a gigantic tsunami and shattering me apart in a second.

Now, I did not want to remember those events again; The fear of going through the same pain shook me to my soul. But I was in that same dimension all again— That very same cursed night, in the middle of the agonizing screams of the people of my kingdom, the sight of the place I called home getting destroyed by the gargantuan flames of fire.

I watched the scenery of the garden getting crashed by the fire, from far away I could see the sight of those dangerous heartless rogues who were killing everyone, neither did they show mercy to the vampires nor did they show to the human. Even the children were forced to face the wrath of those monsters.

My heart stopped, I did not know how I could breathe. The fear that this might be the end of everything left my soul shaken, my heart aching and with all these happening I
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