Gods, Gold, and Glory

Gods, Gold, and Glory

By:  Volare Via  Ongoing
Language: English
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Goldie wakes up in the ruins of a nightclub, with his mind empty. Amidst his confusion, he discovers that he has strange powers that are desired by the police and the government. He can only rely on his instincts as he maneuvers himself into many confusing situations. In his pursuit of self-discovery, he comes across a crime boss and a curious medicine student. Each of them gives their own efforts into solving the many mysteries that came with Goldie's existence, while also hiding from the authorities. They all come to realize that they are taking part in something much bigger than themselves and everyone else.

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Julia Nora
keep going, i can't wait for the next chapter! 😆 if you have any socmed to keep up with your readers, please let me know :) thanks
2021-07-16 20:12:09
22 Chapters
Chapter 1: Into the Dancefloor
His eyes open in a snap, the sensation of waking up was similar to the feeling of falling in your sleep. His gaze meets a closed hand gliding through the night sky, accompanied by a zipping sound. The stars have disappeared from his sight, leaving him cramped in the darkness. Lying on his back, he tries to recall the events that had led him to his current predicament, but he remembers nothing. His mind struggles to form a single cohesive thought until he realizes that he does not know anything at all; Not even his name.Unease fills his stomach. Being trapped in a confined space did not help his case at all. Despite not being in a room, he could feel walls closing down on him, encasing his body as if he were some caterpillar in a cocoon. The air he was inhaling was not fresh but filled with the smell of smoke and burning plastic. His innate need for freedom and release grows more and more as he continues to remain in this strange space that has been constricting him.A
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Chapter 2: Set the World on Fire
Six months have passed, and the news of that nightclub’s tragedy has left the minds of the masses. The media has found a bigger story that has news reporters flying towards the New Bilibid Prison, in Muntinlupa, Metro Manila. After decades of being in power, Leonardo Balthazar -  the Philippines’ most wanted crime syndicate leader - has finally been caught and sentenced to the death penalty. He was responsible for the many cases of drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, and murder that have occurred in Metro Manila.Tonight, he is about to die.Two pairs of footsteps echo through a narrow hallway of a basement, ever so desolate. The lighting and walls were both white, the bright color bounces off the walls,  glaring down at a man in orange, escorted by a single warden.   “Since I’m about to die, can you at least tell me the name of the bastard who snitched on me?” The convict asks, his voice sounding bored. The
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Chapter 3: Bounce
 The light dims down as Goldie hunches over to take a hold of his now bleeding nose. He whimpers, although he tries his best to stifle his own voice. Leonardo looks down on him, wondering if this was the same person that Ines deemed as ‘crazy’. He notices something that was wrapped around the glowing man’s neck. He leans down to inspect it further and comes to recognize the contraption. A shock collar secured tight on Goldie’s poor neck.Standing up straight, Leonardo places his hands on his hips as he looks at a security camera in disappointment. His bewilderment for the strange yellow glow has worn off.“I thought you guys finally became competent after catching me!” He calls out to the camera, assuming that it has a built-in microphone. He turns to Goldie who was still recovering from a single punch. Leonardo clicks his tongue and mutters under his breath, “Can’t believe I lost to this. How embarrassing.&r
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Chapter 4: Run, and Go
 Leonardo screams, taken off guard at how his feet are no longer touching the ground. He goes over the large fence and braces himself for the impact.  He, unfortunately, lands on his wounded arm. The bullet prods itself further into him, so he rolls over to relieve the pressure on his bloody limb.“Jesus Christ!” He exclaims, grimacing at his poor state. As he laid on the ground, he sees a flash of yellow.  It’s Goldie jumping over the wall, maintaining a bit more poise than what Leonardo had.The older man notices him land on his feet. He starts to get up as well, holding his injured arm to avoid hurting it more from moving. Something explodes from behind the wall, making the ground shift a tad bit. Leonardo takes this as his cue to keep moving forward. He looks around to survey the watchtowers, and can already see people taking their positions with their snipers.“Hey, you,” He says to Goldie, nudging him on
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Chapter 5: High Tolerance
Midnight.The world is wide, bustling with tiny little rodents that ran across the crevices in between houses and buildings. On the roads, the streetlights blinked a yellow color rhythmically. There is barely any vehicle in sight. The air is warm, the smell of smoke is faint, but it feels refreshing in the lungs of the two outlaws walking down the highway with no fear. A passerby can see them and just think of them as two people who have lost their minds.Goldie looks upwards as he walked behind Leonardo. He smiles as he sees the white dots above him, sparkling. It’s the first time he saw them since he woke up, and he longed to see them.“Is ‘Goldie’ actually your name or is it a codename?”Leonardo snaps him out of his trance. He looks at the older man and hums shortly. asks out of the blue.“Is it your name? Yes or no?” he asks again.“No.”“Oh, so you can speak.”
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Chapter 6: It's Been a Long, Long Time
"Ay, Ninong!" He exclaims with his arms outstretched. He walks towards Leonardo and embraces him gingerly. "Watch the arm," the older man says. "It's been so long!" "Yeah, yeah. I'm tired as Hell." Goldie watches them interact as he steps closer to them. He looks around and sees people walking together in groups or pairs. Some were walking alone but disappeared into an array of vehicles. He watches these people kiss each other's cheeks, shake hands, carry each other's bags, wrapping their arms around one another. He looks down at his hands and looks around him again. He looks out for anyone who seems to be approaching him, but as of this moment, there is no one. All the voices are mingling with each other, none of them seemed to make any sense. None of them seemed to
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Chapter 7: Death on Two Legs
  Leonardo freezes as he stares at the female who meets his eyes. Confusion is etched upon the soft features of her brown face. He couldn’t let this expression change into something else, so he walks over in quick strides and grabs her by her curly hair. She shrieks, making Darryl move swiftly towards the door to close it shut. “Great,” He mutters under his breath as he locks the door, “Which one of you left this open?!” “Darryl?!” The young woman exclaims as she’s forced to sit down on the floor by Leonardo. She claws on his wrists in an attempt to get him to let go of her, but it only makes him hold on tighter. On the other hand, Goldie takes a couple of steps back and gets closer to a wall. His eyes darting back and forth on everyone’s faces. “Why are you here, Katcha?” Darryl asks as he looks down at her, “And how long have you’ve been listening in?” “Huh?! I just got here!” She replies loudly, “ I just want to get the flash driv
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Chapter 8: Good Day
  “Why did you let her leave?!” Leonardo began his angry spiels as soon as he stood up. He firmly places both of his hands on both sides of Goldie’s shoulders. The young man looks back at him in slight fear with his arms close to his chest and his eyes wide. “You were… you were going to…” He meekly says, trying to scramble together words that he knew so far. “She’s going to call the cops! You wanna go back to Bilibid? Do you miss being a dog so bad?!” Leonardo interrupts him. He then looks at the other boy who was sitting close by to the door, “You go after her! She can’t have gone too far!” Darryl looks at the two as if he were a deer in the headlights. As he glances at Goldie, the image of that harrowing room appears in his mind for a split second. He takes in a quick sharp breath and exhales shakily. Was it real? It didn’t feel tangible enough for it to be real. There were no drugs or hallucinogens before the interaction, but the whole
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Chapter 9: Sitting in Silence
 After nearly getting smothered to death, Katcha returns to her bleak dorm room. Each of the four walls has a single piece of furniture that is no more than three steps apart from each other. Some parts of the walls had a variety of notes and pictures of some sort of biological matter plastered upon them. Not very spacious, but the size of the room brings her a sense of familiarity that grounds her.Katcha heavily exhales as she slumps down in front of her study table. Not knowing what to do at this given moment, She stares down at the papers and pens cluttered all over the surface. As she sits in silence, she remembers the blow that was landed on her from earlier, making her wonder if she should get herself checked out by a doctor.  The sound of the pan hitting her face came back to mind. Something had to be broken in her head. Darryl did not seem to hold back when he slammed her face. It could have been from the adrenaline, but she didn’t feel any pa
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Chapter 10: Come With Me Now
  Goldie eyes Katcha up and down, taking note of her hesitancy. He pats on the empty seat beside him, inviting her to sit. The young woman stands straight up and faces Darryl. Looking at him with caution, she slowly takes one step backwards. “You said I wouldn’t…” She trails off, dread lacing her voice. “I lied,” Darryl promptly says. Noticing the position of her feet, he quickly grabs her arm and shoves her into the car, snatching her bag in the process. She yelps, and trips onto the floor of the car. Goldie lifts his legs and settles his feet on his seat to give Katcha a bit more room. Before she could try and leave, the door is slammed and is locked in front of her face immediately. “Darryl!” She exclaims angrily as she reaches over to the door handle in an attempt to unlock it. “Lay a finger on that thing and I’m starting the car to run you over.” With her hand suspended in the air, Katcha flinches at the gruff voice that she
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