Chapter 6

I remember every one of their warnings, I knew whatever would happen I would never expect it. But I think I prefer that to subjecting to them. I prefer whatever damage might happen that being locked in that dark creepy room for the rest of my life.

A sharp pain tore in my head and it felt like I was thrown into a depth of me, where I had no control over myself. I felt trapped. I could see nothing but darkness. I could hear nothing. Just distant petrified screams and growls.

I was expecting a stop, I wanted to be in control of my body and run far away from them, but when I realised I couldn't take control of my body, I knew I had made a mistake of letting her out in the first place.

I tried screaming, but it felt like I had no mouth nor throat. She was in full control of every part of my body. The fact I had no idea of what she was doing bothered me the most.

They said a lot about her, the stealer wolf. She was as bad as no one can ever expect. She's evil and cruel. She always thirsts blood and should never be let out. I knew she was, but I never thought she'd be this bad. I felt petrified when I remembered the warning words from my father.

"If you ever let her out, you might never ever get control of your body." She was dominant. She'll definitely see this as a good opportunity since I never let her out ever before.

Regret smear through me. I realised I've made the biggest mistake of my life. Now they would see me worse than ever. They would see me as a monster. A fucking taboo.

Unexpectedly, I was suddenly in control of myself, but realised I was hit really hard, pushing me flying across the woods. My back hitting hard against a tree, I feared it might break.

I looked around trying to understand the situation when I heard a growl behind, before I could even turn, I felt claws sink into my side, I let out a strangled scream, fighting to move away from the wolf ripping my skin apart. It held my thigh and effortlessly flung me around the woods, not caring how my body bashed against the thick trees and bushes filled with thorns.

My breathings were laboured, black dots over taking my vision slowly, ignoring the pain and numbness in my body I tried standing up. My heart sank deep into my stomach as I stared around the blooded woods. What the hell did she do?

I saw limbs around the woods, separated from their bodies, their chest wide open, most of their organs missing like they were ripped apart and eaten by a monster. Well, she is a monster.

A heavy lump formed in my throat as my mate turned to me, already changed back to his human form but dressed in just black torn trousers. His eyes were red and I could see rage in them.

"What have you done?!" He lunged towards and held my arms, his claws sinking painfully into it. A wince tore from my throat as he slammed me hard against a tree.

"What have you done?!!!" I could only whimper, my eyes brimming with tears. I felt guilty. Though I'm just a slave, striving to survive. I felt guilty killing a lot of people. I would be insane trying to say it wasn't me but some kind of cruel beast living in me.

A heavy punch on my jaw immediately drew me out of my thoughts before I was thrown to the floor violently.

"I'm sorry!" I screamed, feeling his claws digging into my back. He held me up again and flung me across the wood like he found joy in doing that. He leaped at me again, ready for another cruel attack. I briefly glanced across the woods to see if there was anybody at all to save, then I realized it's worse than I thought. She killed every one of them.

When he pounced on me and raised his hands up in the air, ready to send his claws into my heart, I knew I decided to do something or this might be an end for me. In a swift motion, I turned my body quickly, his claws slashing hard into my arms. My flesh ripped apart.

He grabbed my arms immediately he realised I tried moving away from him and grabbed my hand, twisting my elbow to the wrong side.

My scream echoed throughout the woods as the bone broke at the force. Unbearable pain radiated in my hands. My body felt numb, tears swelling in my eyes as I tried to pull my broken hand from his.

He held on tightly, a savaging satisfying look on his face. He twists it again, earning another petrified scream from me. "Please... Please.. stop.." I pleaded, letting another agonized scream as he twisted it harder, my broken bone jutted out of my flesh, visible to me. A bile rose in my throat as I stared at my blooded arm and bones. Knowing he wasn't going to let me go, I pulled my hand from him, the force causing the flesh around my elbow to rip apart.

I cried in pain, trying to crawl away from him. The ground was coated with my blood and I could barely resist the urge to puke at the sight of it. My hands were horrible, I felt dismembered. He was doing exactly what she did to his men.

He stood up above me and raised his legs, obviously trying to hit when he was suddenly pushed off me. I didn't know whether to feel relief or petrified when I realized it was no one but his friend.

"Get a grip of yourself." He yelled at Damien, stopping him from lunging at me.

I paid no attention to them and crawled a reasonable distance from them, using my hands to lean on a tree as I tried to stand up. Every movement caused unbearable pain.

I leaned against the tree, trying not to throw up at the sight of blood dripping from my arm. I felt dizzy, black dots taking over my vision. My legs felt weak, unable to carry my weight any longer. I was slowly slipping into oblivion. The last thing I heard was Noah, yelling at him not to kill me but leave me to suffer. I knew what my fate had become before everything went black and I finally accepted the darkness.

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