Falling Apart

Havermouth, Five Years Prior

“I can’t go home - things are too bad with dad and he seems to be hanging around more than ever, and things are f-ked up with Aislen at home too, so I was thinking that Aislen and I could stay at the river house for a few days until we all find somewhere to rent in Havermouth. If we all go in to Aislen’s we can get her packed and out of there before her parents can do anything about it, right?” Rhett suggested, twisting in his seat to look from Heath to Cameron.

“Sure,” Cameron leaned forward and gripped the front seats. “We can all stay at the river house. It will be fun.”

“Exams next week,” Heath said softly, his heart sinking. “We should study more. But, sure, a few days at the river house won’t hurt. We can study during the daytime whilst there’s light.” What day would they take Aislen away, he wondered. Did she know that she was going to Rideten? Had that been why her suitcases had been under the bed?

“Speak for yourself,” Rhett snorted. “I’m not f-ki
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Comments (2)
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Dawn Bivens
I can’t figure August out, here. Is he truly trying to help or counting on Aislin’s feelings of abandonment to break the bond? Friend or foe?
goodnovel comment avatar
Therese Paulsson
they are such bastards i actually feel sorry for the guys i feel more sorry for aislen she was all alone they at least have each other but they should also get to suffer.

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