12. The Punishment

“No, no Master please. It was an accident, I swear. I didn’t mean to do it. Please I beg you.” I pleaded as the guards held me tightly and began to drag me out of the room.

I struggled as much as I could hoping to get out of their hands but they were just too strong.

The Alpha remained stood in his position and I could see the fumes of anger come off him in waves. Just before I was completely pulled out of the room I caught sight of Matthew’s smirking face.

The look in it seemed to be taunting me and in that moment I would do anything to be able to wipe off the look, but I was being pulled out of the room.

I thrashed in the guards arms the closer we got to the punishment room, I had never entered the room before but Zoe had pointed out it’s door one time when she had been showing me around the house

And the way she had shivered when she had spoken about it and when she had warned me to do my best to not ever have to be taken to that room had chilled me to my bones.

Now I was abou
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I hope Jessy is safe

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