15. Troubles

Greyson’s POV

My mind slowly came onto and the last feeling of sleep ebbed, but there was something strange here. Or rather something was missing.

My eyes flipped open and I realized what was missing.

Freya was yet to come into my room. I had given an order for her to be here every morning before I woke up to pull the curtains apart and begin cleaning the room.

In truth, it had happened once when she cleaned the room while I was still sleeping and it had been the most pleasant for me, waking up to her intoxicating scent tickling my nose had been blissful so I had made it into an order.

Now that she wasn’t here, I truly felt like something was missing.

Sighing heavily, I moved to sit up on the bed, swinging my legs off it and slipping my feet into the bedroom slippers at the bottom of the bed. Seems like I might have to punish someone again.

The events of the previous day flooded into my mind and I ran a hand through my hair to get it to stop throbbing.

I had seen Freya’s moveme
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Lori Archer
Ugh....find Freya and Jessy NOW!!!

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