17. Creepy Discovery

Greyson’s POV

“Greyson, how is it going?” Smith’s voice came on.

“I’m alright. You’re in town right? Could you send some men over to Matthew’s house to give it a thorough search and then report to my home in an hour?” I asked.

“Sure, is there a problem though?”

“Yes, I’ll brief you when you get here.” I said hanging up the phone.

Pacing the length of my room didn’t help calm me down like I had hoped it would. It wasn’t exactly the anxiety of having a maid taken away from me that was the problem.

It was the intent. And the fact that Matthew was a greedy psychopath. I couldn’t help but berate myself for keeping him close even when I knew what he had been doing in the pack.

He was a new member of my officials and although his skill was incredibly helpful that had remained the only good thing about him. He was a bully, and had weird tendencies.

I didn’t know of his pedophilic tendencies though, that would have been addressed harshly if I had ever gotten a whiff of it but maybe I ha
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Please let that freak Matthew be your herd for at least 10 chapters

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