73. Wanting To Help

I could hear the screams and howling that were coming from the distance and from Jessy’s window I could also see the fire that had spread throughout the pack.

My heart had not stopped racing since Greyson left the room, neither had the tears stopped falling from my eyes.

Yes, he was Alpha King and yes he was strong and powerful, but what if he was specifically targeted by the majority of the attacking clan? We have just had so many threats, warnings and attempts that it was hard to stay calm and believe that all would be well.

I didn’t doubt his fighting skills, I just had a feeling that the intentions of the attacking clan had something to do with him.

Plus, I could hear the screams and rage coming from the ongoing attack and the determination in it even from such a distance spelled doom. It didn’t sound like there were going to be a lot of people that were going to come out of it all alive.

And that scared me to my bones, here I was with our four years old and our unborn babies
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Dear Freya poor girls as harmless as a kitten
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Wtf. Poor Freya

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