103. Blocking A Mind

Greyson’s POV:

The sigh that escaped from my lips was only proof of how heavenly Estel’s lips felt on mine. It was soft and she tasted very sweet causing me to melt into the kiss even more.

If her lips felt this good and tasted this delicious then I badly wanted to know what the rest of her body tasted like, especially down there.

I moved my fingers carefully and subtly towards the bottom half of her body, doing my best to not break the kiss.

Just before I could reach her thighs, she held out her hand to stop me, breaking the kiss and letting out a chuckle. The sound was beautiful, just like I remembered it, but it had a mocking undertone to it, there was a slight sneer to it but I ignored it.

“Honey, I hear your mind even before you do. I know your every move now, so don’t go thinking you can sneak up on me. Relax baby, I’ll take care of you.” Estel whispered to me and the drop of her tone as she said the last sentence made me shudder in delight.

My head turned towards hers, eye
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Oh that was a very good twist !!!
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Samantha Ohren
thank goodness...
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That was kind of the goal lol

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