Chapter ten: frustration

Damien and I walked to the cafeteria, the place seeming to be busier than it usually was. Everyone had shifts that ended at completely different hours of the day, which made the lunch hall empty for most of the day. Today it was like more than half the people that worked here had come down for lunch.

"What's going on?" I asked Damien as I skimmed over today's menu. Oh! Sushi and hotpot dumplings.

People made way for us as we walked by because Damien had to be the most important person in the hall as a Head Scientist. With him, I even got to cut through the long line and order first. I got those delicious hotpot dumplings and some crispy and tangy pork ribs with extra marinade. I was starving, but when have I never been hungry?

Damien got a chicken strip salad, grilled chicken and a bun with sesame seeds sprinkled on it. He also took a peach. We walked through the cafeteria in search of a good place to sit and we spotted Mica and Sharlene sitting together and laughing about something.
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