Chapter twenty two: history pt. 2

"Elizabeth Taylor was a normal vampire. She wasn't anything special... Until the day she released an evil entity upon our island. She has always been interested in life and death and what happens after death but when our island learned about ghosts, she did something unexpected.

She knew that only humans had souls, so she kidnapped and brought one to the island, a six year old boy with a lot of energy surrounding him and she killed him right on this land. She wanted to get in contact with his spirit, and she succeeded. However, the little boy was not a nice spirit, he was angry... Furious even. Furious that his whole future had been taken away because of someone's curiosity. The little boy possessed her, and because of the evil within vampires and the anger of the ghost, Elizabeth became something else. She became a demon."

I slowly shrunk into the loveseat. This was beginning to sound more like a horror story than the history of an island.

"I don't know how, but she managed to let mo
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