Waking up to Beau being in my room was definitely a shock, but Asher dragging him out of the room was even more of a shock. I didn't know what their problem was but I had never seen them together before. Maybe they had always been like that.

So I stayed in my room while they went to go and talk and I sat in bed looking out the window with my knees up to my chest trying not to think about what my mother went through before she died. But it was really hard not to when I recieved that photo and her finger in the mail. Jackson was definitely losing it. I knew that he was weird but he was just unhinged now.

I finally got up and I walked to the bathroom to have a shower and I got dressed into a baggy shirt and jeans. I walked out of my room and downstairs where I saw Beau sitting in the living room with his family.

" Honey. Are you okay? Are you hungry or anything?" Elsie asked.

" No thanks. I was just gonna get a coffe." I say walking to the kitchen. I got my coffee and I
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I thought it said at the beginning Ivy 18th birthday was soon. Really not sure about this plot with Beau.
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Touched By A Vamp
I’m just wondering what motive could Beau have to give intel on his home pack? Her mother was murdered and Ivy was almost taken. Other than Ivy being Asher’s mate why would Beau do this to his own Brother, Alpha and future Luna? Asher better tell her they’re mate’s though.
goodnovel comment avatar
Beau better had been playing double agent or something. Makes no sense or shall I say he has very bad judgment

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