It was clear that we weren't starting school today because school was cancelled. Too many people were concerned about the safety of their children. Apparently this pack has met day walking vampires and didn't want to risk it in case any might be on the land.

So we just sat around the packhouse and I was lost in thought for most of the morning while we were sitting in the living room and I saw the kids running around everywhere. All of the kids. Quinn and Patrick included.

They really did look like they had ADHD but they were just werewolf kids when Ivy came into the room and their kids ran over and jumped on Ivy.

" Regan. The meeting is happening tonight. He insisted that you be there. But there will be a lot of protection so they won't be able to try anything while you're here." Ivy explained.

" Where will the meeting take place?" Noah asked.

" At the boarder." Ivy replied.

" Outside? Really?" I asked nervously.

" Trust me. You'll be alright. We will have warriors surro
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Stupid girl just tell Ivy. You said you trusted her and now you’re not telling her critical information!

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