Chapter 84: Grace

Eli became more insistent that he know where I was at all times after that. When we are together, he is affectionate and loving. We have always been physical in our relationship, but it was different now. It was as if he were desperate to let me know how much he needs me and loves me. He’s terrified that he’s going to lose me.

I understand why he’s feeling that way. I’m the key, the central point in the power source of the Guardians. Cara and Angel can pull from me, but without the strength of my mind link, they can’t go further than that. I can tap into the power of not only my sisters and their mates, but also every member of all three of our packs. I haven’t been vocal about that. I don’t want to scare anyone, but when I connect with them, it’s almost like candles getting lit in my mind. As each person in their pack connects to the link, the candles light and I can see them in my mind. It’s strange and it’s overwhelming. It also means that I can hear them. Between the three packs w

So, Grace will be fighting pregnant, and Eli won't know. Do you think she was right to keep it a secret?

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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Deborah Dowling
I don't blame her but I know Eli is NOT going to be happy
goodnovel comment avatar
Melissa Wilson
I wish they could have waited until the threat with the hunters was over, especially since Grace is the strongest guardian.
goodnovel comment avatar
Sarah Muszynski Short
Oh, Grace...

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