#Chapter 145 – the underworld dinner party


“Erik,” Sebastian said, going toward his wolf. Erick lifted his head. He was awake. “You old bastard. I knew you would be too strong to be weakened by that vampire asshole.”

“Took you long enough,” Erik said; his voice was weak, but as Sebastian approached, he could feel him growing stronger. “We don’t have long. Once the full moon is at its peak, Xander will be powerful enough to take full control.”

“He has Hannah,” Sebastian told him. “He wants to marry her and make her his queen. But she’s not going to go along with that.”

“He’s powerful; is she strong enough to resist him? He seems to be able to mind-wash people down here.”

Sebastian scoffed at the very thought of Hannah falling victim to the vampire k

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Veronica Astle
Why would the scepter be left where it could be found
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Wow!! Now go and save Hannah!
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Kristy Novak

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