Chapter 16 The Rumours About Hunter’s Impotence

Carl’s POV

Nothing had ever hurt as much as being rejected by my mate.

Although the Moon Goddess had chosen me to be her mate, everyone knew I wasn’t worthy of her. Whenever I looked into her green eyes, so full of power and desire, even I knew I could never measure up to Amy.

I’d loved her long before I’d met Hunter. She’d saved me back when I was a rogue with nothing. I was her only real friend; before I met Hunter, she was mine, too.

I could still remember every word she’d said to me that fateful day.

“Amy! You’re my mate!” I started to rush towards her, my heart pounding. But, as I met her calm gaze, I stopped dead in my tracks. My heart sank.

“You know,” she said, eyeing me with some emotion I couldn’t read lurking in the depths of her gaze, “you’re always smiling. Always. Well – except for the first time I met you. But you were being beaten to death, so.”

She smiled and shook her head. “I envy you sometimes. It’s not often that I’m happy, Carl, especially not happy enough to gr
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