Chapter 4: The Stranger in my dream.

*** Third Persons POV***

A year later

Present Time

"Help, help, somebody help" a terrified male voice cried for help.

He struggled with the restraint. His heart was beating vigorously in fear and in horror. He shivered when the evil old man walked evidently towards him.

" Nobody is coming to your rescue, boy," an old manly voice snarled.

The terrified man was smacked sharply on his face, causing a walloping sound to resonate in the dark room. He hit the floor after receiving the hard smack.

Tears trickled down his face and the corner of his lips started bleeding due to the force of his smack.

" Please let me go, mother, save me. Somebody save me" he cried out. He was in so much pain. His body was in a blaze after being restrained with silver chains.

"Shut up, you bastard". The older man's growled

" I will make your life miserable. You will wish you were never born" the man snarled evilly and punched the terrified man in the gut. He punched his face and chest, causing pain to spread across his face and chest.

" ahhhggg ..." He groaned in pain.The terrified man cried in a high, pitched voice, wishing with everything in him that someone would hear his cry and come to his rescue.

" What are you standing there for!! bring me the silver knife", the old evil man mumbled in a dominating voice as he glanced at his accomplice.

" Yes, father " the accomplice muttered, and made his way to the table in the room full of sharp knives of different shapes.

The terrified young man started crawling backward with his eyes widely open in shock and fear.

"Please you can not do that. Please no, no please, somebody save me" the terrified man screeched, attempting to escape. He was shuddering in terror.

"Please, please let me go". His raspy voice was heard in the quiet room. His throat was too sore from screaming and crying too much.His face was reddened and swollen. His eyes were blood shot and filled with so much pain.

" Where do you think you're going? hold him now" the old evil man roared.The accomplice quickly ran to the young man and held the trembling man tightly. The young man didn't stay still. He kept thrashing and screaming for help.

He was fighting them with all his strength and, since he was just an omega, he didn't get things easily. His strength wasn't enough to fight off two high-ranked wolves with the strength and power of betas.

His heart was racing and his breathing was erratic.

As the old bulky man took slow steps towards the young man with a sharp silver knife in his hand, he directly pointed at him. His eyes glinted with wickedness and evil. So did the silver knife shine in the dark room.

By this, the terrified man knew no one was going to save him from the wicked men in the room, not even his mother.The young terrified man was forcefully lowered on the floor by the accomplice and he laid on the floor thrashing with all his might. He panicked as his eyes fell on the silver knife in the old man's hand. His face was firmly pressed against the floor as his struggled and his scream was muffled.

The old man had an evil smirk as he raised the silver knife in the air and moved the knife forward ready to stab the young terrified man...... When

Nora Blackwood gave a high pitched scream in her sleep and jolted out of her sleep sweating profusely. Her eyes were red as if she was crying in her dream. Her breathing became erratic, resulting in her chest moving up and down in a fast motion. She used the back of her hand to wipe the sweat off her forehead. From what she saw in her dream, sleep disappeared quickly from her eyes. Her eyes welled up in tears and she shivered in fear of the unknown man.

Who is that man?

Who is this stranger that always filled my mind and dreams?

Why do I always dream about him?

Why is he always in pain and crying for help?

It seems he is crying for my help.

Is this dream real?

Why does my heart hurt every time i dream of him?

"Moon goddess, please help him where ever he is. Please take away all his pain and suffering." Nora gave a silent prayer when her mind was filled with questions. ...Unanswered question

She released a heavy sigh and removed the heavy white blanket cover. She then stretched her legs and crawled to the edge of her bed ready to get up when a voice asked in a murmur,

"Still having the same nightmare about the strange man?"

Nora glanced at her side to see her best friend and beta in a red night dress curled on a single couch with her legs underneath her thighs as her gaze was focused on the book in her hand.

She gave a slow nod

" Yes, the same handsome man " Nora mumbled in a hoarse voice.

"How long has it been since you experienced this nightmare" her best friend queried, still reading her book.

" It has been three years from the night of my eighteenth birthday," Nora replied in frustration and ran her hand on her face.

" Hmmm...Do you think the man in your dream might be your mate? The one you have been searching for, for the last three years?" her friend questioned, looking directly at Nora, waiting for her reaction and facial expression.

Nora furrowed her eyebrows thinking of her friend's question.

She sighed before saying " I don't know Elyssa. If he is truly my mate , why haven't I met him? Why is he taking so long to make his appearance physically instead of visiting my dreams ?" Nora asked.

Elyssa burst into laughter.

"He is not the one making himself know in your dream. This is surely the work of the moon goddess. She might be telling you something in the form of a dream", Elyssa explained to her friend.

" Then tell the moon goddess to send me my mate as soon as possible. I am tired of waiting" Nora growled lowly in frustration and got off bed and made her way into the bathroom in the bunker.

She opened the door to the bathroom and strode into it. She walked to the small white sink, opened the silver tap and washed her face with cold water.

She moans out in satisfaction when the cold water touched her face. What Elyssa said a few minutes ago played on her mind.

" Moon goddess, are you trying to tell me something? Then please speak clearly and stop talking in riddles, in the form of a nightmare. I am tired of waiting for my mate. I also do not want to marry my betrothed, Mason. Please bring my mate to me", Nora whispered softly with a heavy heart...

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I hope you find your fated mate.

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