Melanie led us out of the hideout after the shootout and my fire incident. We’d been discovered so we had to find another shelter.

“The Alpha is unreachable. The only hideout similar to this which I know is east so we are going east.” Melanie informed us. “Here,” she threw clothes at me.

I gulped when she mentioned Cahir being unreachable even though I didn’t want to think the worst. I changed as fast as possible into the black clothes Melanie handed to me and donned the baseball cap.

“What’s the situation?” I asked when we got into the car.

“Aristo is still on the loose. Five of the twelve packs under Alpha Blood have betrayed Alpha Cahir but the others have mobilized into action. Two borders have fallen but the Alpha has sent back up and they’ll be strengthened soon,” Melanie spoke in a businesslike tone. “Are you comfortable?” She glanced at my stomach.

“Y – Yeah.” My heart pounded nonstop so I knew my blood pressure had risen. Catching on fire left my skin dry but the baby wa
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