We stayed at the hotel for a week while the Alpha Castle was renovated. That week, Cahir did not let me step out of the room. My temperature was high most of the time and we ended up pleading with the priestess to send the holy necklace to us rather than going to pick it up.

It took a lot to convince the high priestess to entrust something so valuable to someone other than I, the recipient, but she finally relented and gave it to Laura accompanied by Sebastian.

“Just touching this makes me feel so much better.” I sighed, rubbing a hand on the necklace. The other one I used to wear was sent back to the high priestess.

“I’m glad,” Cahir said in a tired voice.

There was a lot that needed to be done now that the battle was over. The number of casualties on our side was high. Corpses littered the streets, parents crying and mass funerals having to be held. There was also the matter of the sanction for the Greyson family. Their head had sponsored war on the pack so it wasn’t unfair to ha
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