Epilogue - part two

I took a deep breath before opening my eyes. Butterflies stormed in my stomach furiously while my heart raced down my chest. The music from the church and the chatters of people flowing to my ears made my palms clammy.

"Are you nervous, Cassie?" Em asked. While my other best friend smirked at me.

"I thought you were the most excited bride of the century. But it seems like, you're just like an ordinary girl like us too, soft and emotional."

"Shut up, Beth!" I shot her a glare. "I'm not nervous!" I denied.


Syl suggested we hold our wedding after the delivery, but I couldn't wait. I already waited for months before finally convincing Syl that I was healthy enough to go through all the arrangements. Growing up, I never believed in love and marriages. But now, after having him in my life, I didn't want anything else more than I wanted to marry that brute of mine.

Somehow…it became my dream. To have him as my husband and tie us together for the rest of our lives.

But now that t
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Insha Ibrahim
Dear author, have you started on your 3rd book in this series? Can't wait to read and finish it off....please release it soon..
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rainalyn romero
what about story for beth?
goodnovel comment avatar
Mercy Uwaifo
Damn I really and truly loved this story! Thank you very much author for this amazing story and i hope to read more of your stories

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