Epilogue - part one

My intense glare didn't bring any changes to the man's stoic features at all. I tried with my puppy eyes earlier, but I failed. Now my glare was in vain too.

The loud music blasted across the nightclub, colorful lights moved around. The beat compelled into moving the body. But there was no smell of sweat, perfume and alcohol like a typical nightclub should.


Because there was not a single person in this whole place other than the bartenders, the bodyguards outside and my freaking Italian royal prince, who stood before me! After being away from parties and drinks, being seven months pregnant, I had an intense craving to go and enjoy the night in a nightclub. But this brute wouldn't allow it!

I knew alcohol wasn't good for pregnancy, but a few sips wouldn't hurt! My hormones wanted it. I knew how to avoid being careless. And he complied to my eager request, only to vacant an entire nightclub and remove all the alcohol from the place. Only music and juices were available.

"How da
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