Blinding flashes sparked from down the stage from the darkness. Cheers and whistles made the night awake while the slow music urged me to move further. The spotlight moved with me as I walked down the ramp with the red princess gown flowing around me, my hair swayed gently with the whoosh of air.

I walked with utmost confidence and a bright smile, while my heart palpitated at the dark gaze that devoured me from somewhere in the audience. Goosebumps spread across my skin with a pair of flaming eyes set on me like a predator.

And then I found myself falling from the stage and wrapped into a pair of strong arms. Intoxicating masculine crisp cologne surrounded my senses. Dark icy blue eyes stared down at my amber ones with a look that made my heart skip.

Suddenly I found myself in a nightclub, pressed against the wall by a furious Italian billionaire. His lips were inches away from me.

"A kiss?" I heard myself whispering.

The location again changed and I stood in the middle of a hall
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