A trap of the enemy

Turning around swiftly, we found the two men who passed us earlier standing behind us, along with the tall man in the middle. Their guns were pointed at us.

And the eyes of the tall man were set on me. A cold smirk tugged at his lips.

My heart stopped.

They were here for…me?

Vincenzo's men.

A panic started to rise inside me. My heart started racing.

I thought they were guests…

That meant…they were waiting for the right moment to attack, hiding themselves among the guests.

How did they know we were going to attend the wedding?

"Give her to us and we will let you go. Don't make it hard," said the tall man in a calm tone.

"Step away or the consequences will be bloody," Ron hissed, one of his arms shielding me. "Carter! Call for backup!" he shouted to one of the guards.

But before Carter could take his phone out, one of the men beside the tall one tackled him on the ground. And instantly, Ron shot him on the shoulder.

A muffled scream left me as they advanced Ron. Gunshots star
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goodnovel comment avatar
Mercy Uwaifo
I just hope nothing bad happens toany of them even Ron please don't die
goodnovel comment avatar
Mercy Uwaifo
I'm having a heart attack through out this story my heart attack has increased drastically! If Sandra had listened to Sly not to attend that wedding all these wouldn't have happened yeah the war would have happened sooner or later but atleast she and the baby would have been in safety in thier house
goodnovel comment avatar
sireen absana
Plss make them safe

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