A Kingdom Of Roses And Iron

A Kingdom Of Roses And Iron

By:  Bj passions  Ongoing
Language: English
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At the end of the altar stands the groom, the man I’m meant to marry beside the groom stood my mate.

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I am sooo excited about this book! I think I'm more excited for this then the end of the last book! I'm so glad you've decided to do one on them!!
2023-12-08 09:54:04
13 Chapters
Prologue/chapter 1
A Kingdom Of Roses And Iron.Prologue.At the end of the altar stands the groom, the man I’m meant to marry beside the groom stood my mate.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Today Is my twentieth birthday. My mom took care of the DJ and the invitations with the help from Ginger. I only asked my parents for one favor and that one favor meant so much to me because if they were invited maybe he’d come and finally step out from the shadows. I asked them to invite the Mortaga's. They were shocked that I wanted them at the party after signing the merger agreement only a day before. My great great grandfather Victor Caputo signed a blood oath to merge the neighboring Kingdom with his own, for the merger to happen one daughter must marry the other son once married the kingdoms would become one. Victor was a vile man and would sentence twenty strikes for those who disobeyed him.“Let me help you with your hair,” Ginger says, grabbing the curling iron.Ginger is my rock! She stands by me when I’
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Chapter 2
My heart pounded erratically in my chest as I tried to wiggle myself free. At this moment I felt so hopeless. The goddess only knows what’s going to happen to me and it’s all my fault for coming thinking he would show up. No one knows where I am, not even Ginger. Why did I even think he would show? He refuses to leave the shadows even for me.I’m the future Queen maybe this gown needs a reminder of just who I am“Get off me do you have any idea who I am!,” I tried reasoning but he only smirked.“I don’t give a fuck who you are. You're unmated..”The stranger paused, darting his fat tongue out to lick his small thin lips. “For now,” He smiled mischievously. I managed to free my hand and I slapped him hard across his cheek. My mother was right, I should have never come here. I’m useless with no way to protect myself from perverts like this. At least my mother Caliana has her amulet that has an ancient power passed down to her from her mother, it was the least she could give my mother a
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Chapter 3
Jasmine Age fourteen.“So what was so important that you had to talk to me?” Cato asked.I looked over at Ginger sitting beside me at the umbrella table. Winter and Sofia were racing in the pool. Cato sat across from us with the water dripping from his blonde hair, his brown eyes fixed on Ginger's breast.What a damn perv“I will only agree to this marriage on one condition,” I told him.His almost nonexistent eyebrow raises.“Okay, I’ll bite. What’s the condition?” Ginger gives me a reassuring nod and I take a deep breath.“This marriage will only be on paper. You will not be allowed to kiss me, touch me, and most definitely no sex,” I tell him and take a sip of my lemonade.The corner of his mouth raises.“And why would I agree to that? The point of the marriage is that our Lycan genes will make a powerful baby,” He raises his eyebrow up and down as his brown eyes roam my body. Gross!I chuckled because he doesn't know yet that I don’t have the gene Winter does.“I don’t have the
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Chapter 4
JasmineAge fourteen.Why am I so nervous and why is my throat burning? And Goddess why does that strange smell, smell so damn good?When the doors opened the first thing I saw was a living room. And off to the right was the kitchen the walls were a dark shade of gray the cabinets were a dark blue. The dark blue sectional had red pillows on it. Weird color themes that’s for sure. I walked further into the foyer and headed down a dark non-lit hallway. Why is it so dark? The glass door at the end of the hall had an indoor pool behind it with some chairs. It was dark and I couldn’t see much. I opened the door and walked into the room, the chlorine smell masks that wonderful smell of this apartment type place. The pool had some type of led lighting that made the water glow a light blue. I was standing at the ledge and I turned with the sudden sound of the door closing, it was heavy so it couldn’t have closed on its own. A gasp left my lips when white eyes stared directly at me and I too
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Chapter 5
Dimitrius When first time parents find out they're expecting a baby they take all cautions to baby proofing the house to showing that baby unconditional love. Parents are supposed to love their children no matter what. Werewolves are born with great abilities for hearing, seeing, and shapeshifting and strength like no human could ever possess. If you're a werewolf and you're born with all these things then you’ve got everything needed to be great and your parents will show you off to the world to make your name known but if you're born without one of those things your disgrace.That’s what I am, a disgrace to the Mortaga family name. My parents are so ashamed of me they told everyone that I died after my second birthday. They never bothered to help me when I was struggling to walk, change my clothes or learn how to read and write in braille. I had a full time nanny that raised me until I was old enough to do things for myself. When I was twelve my father Tyson made this whole third f
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Chapter 6
Staring out the window as we pass by the tall trees that stretch out with most of the driveway. The familiar castle is barely noticeable until you cross over the hill, the forest line is much closer than ours back home. Being the first daughter of the King and Queen a lot is expected of me and sometimes it’s so overwhelming my heart palpitations remind me to slow down.The only upside to visiting here is that I get to see Dimitrius. I haven’t seen since my party last week, since he killed that gawn that attacked me. One of my fathers men found his body in the woods. I was shocked when I learned the man Dimitrius killed was Mancer Seagan, the head warrior. If he was that easy to kill he wasn’t much of a warrior and his students more than likely need to be retrained. I couldn’t say anything to my father when Uncle Bane told him it looks like someone is targeting the kingdom by hitting us in the area that’s the weakest.We used to have strong warriors, everyone feared them, but that was
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Chapter 7
Dimitrius The good thing that’s come out of being blind is my other senses heightened. Touch, smell, hearing. Every sound bounces off the objects and echoes off the walls and I can pinpoint exactly the direction the sound came from. Jasmine's texting on her phone and the way her fingertips touch the screen it patterns loudly in my ear.It's both a curse and blessing at times. It’s crazy how when the brain knows your vision is shit but it forms different ways of seeing. I can see sound waves from the noise’s around me, I can’t see Jasmine herself unless I tap into my Lycan but the sound waves I can see, it’s like a vibration in my vision that looks blue when a sound is made. Touching, feeling things is what I do mostly to find something if it’s misplaced which is why everything in my house is placed to my orders so I won’t have to search. Using my hands to find something -or anything makes me feel less of man.Her voice is soft like a melody I could listen to all day, as she hums ly
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Chapter 8
JasmineAge sixteenI don’t get it. My parents told me when I turned sixteen I would meet my wolf but today I woke up to no wolf. I just don’t understand it. Cato is coming by to see me today, to congratulate me on getting my wolf. I haven’t seen him for a few months. He was supposed to show up to Ginger's sweet sixteen party but something happened and he couldn’t make it. Now I’m going to have to tell him and everyone that I don’t get my wolf.Maybe the Mortaga’s will change their minds about the arranged marriage?“Jasmine,” I look up and smile when I see my dad coming over to me. He has a small box, his hand and smile spread across his face. “Happy birthday,” He said, handing me the box.“Open it,” He encouraged.I untie the bow and open the lid. Inside the box were a new pair of diamond earrings….the ones I told my mom I wanted. But even seeing these beautiful earrings I couldn’t feel joy not when my whole world was about to crash and burn.My dad frowns.“Were they not the ones
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Chapter 9
Jasmine Age sixteen.The whole ride to the Mortaga’s kingdom Ginger never said a word. Cato offered to bring us back to his kingdom so we could get ready for the party, Sofia and Winter didn't stop fighting the whole time and their voices alone gave me headaches of the constant bickering. “You can get ready in your rooms, my mom still has some things to do before the party and she needs my help,” Cato tells us before he rushes down the corridor. Winter and Sofia waste no time in getting up the stairs to get ready, this is the biggest party because Mia has invited so many guests. Thank goddess, the more people the easier for me to slip away. Ginger was still quiet once we were alone in our room. And the silence is killing me but I have a pretty good idea of why she’s acting like this. I’m going to be marrying her mate.Cato doesn’t know Ginger's his mate yet she won’t find this out for another two years. This has got to be painful on her knowing and not being able to share the kno
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Chapter 10
Since I did a great job at the meeting my father thinks I’m ready to take on a bit more responsibilities at the palace. I’m excited but also nervous that I might screw things up. I want to be better than the leaders before me do things that've never been done before. I don’t want my portrait to be just hung on the wall beside my fathers just because I’m the Queen, I want to earn my place and be hung on the wall of history next to my family before me. I know something big is going down or my father wouldn’t have called for me and Cato to join him and Tyson in his private office. Cato doesn’t seem nervous but then again it’s Cato we're talking about the boy who always has to have things together with his father watching his every move. In my opinion Cato was not ready to be King and the way he’s been running his kingdom has me worried more about the merger with arrogance like his. Cato never thinks before he acts and that can lead us into a war of trouble. “The wedding will be taking
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