A Little Like Fate

A Little Like Fate

By:  Quiny Kay   Completed
Language: English
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After being abandoned on her wedding day, Delia felt like her entire world had ended and she could never pick up her remaining pieces. Her life changed when she got the job of her dream. **** Katl Delia had everything she wanted; a good-paying job, a flashy life, a happy family, and a best friend that supports her every step of the way. But people she never expected to meet began to surface; Her ex whom she left, her fiance who abandoned her on their big day, and the girl who kissed her back in high school. Her perfect life began to shatter once again as her past haunted her. The question is: With all that is going on in Delia's life, will she be able to find herself before it's too late? Or lose her sanity while trying.

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75 Chapters
1~ Renounced
DELIA'Marry in the month of May, you will surely rue the day.' Those words rang in my head as I stared absentmindedly at the glorious standing golden spiraled mirror in front of me. Those were the words of my mother who was against the idea of me getting married at twenty-two. And I was pretty sure she wasn't going to attend the ceremony either. Why couldn't she just be happy with my decision? My sisters, Eva and Kiki were beside me together with some of my friends. It was my wedding day and somehow, I didn't feel ecstatic about it. I mean, I was supposed to be the happiest girl on earth, this was all I ever wanted, but everything just didn't seem right. I was worried for a reason I couldn't place my fingers on. The clicking sound of a camera tugged me out of my thoughts and a smile immediately formed on my lips. It was my day, I deserved to be happy and stop worrying about what is yet to come but rather, live in the present. "I didn't know you could be so pretty..." My youngest s
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2~ Debts, Lots of it
DELIAI signaled for them to continue their discussion while I went to the kitchen to grab a can of water. I met my mother preparing dinner. I caught a whiff of the food and that was when I realized how hungry I was but after everything that occurred between us, I couldn't ask her for food or anything at that. I just walked to the fridge, opened it, snatched a can of water, and filled my stomach with its content. I exhaled and dumped the empty can. As I was about to leave the kitchen, I heard my mom speak. "I warned you, didn't I?" Seriously? That was what she had to say to me after the hugest disgrace of my life? Typical mom. I rolled my eyes and turned to look at her but she didn't even glance at me, she was just so focused on whatever she was doing. I noticed her shoulders moving as she chopped some fresh vegetables. Her chocolate brown hair fell over her shoulder and her slender figure stood perfectly close to the open window. She was a beauty and I got all my features from he
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3~ Sad truth about life
DELIAWaking up, the first thing that hit me was pain; pain in my head, pains all over my body, and the overall pain? The one in my heart. I couldn't fathom all that had happened yesterday. After finding out my sisters were in some kind of trouble, I lost one of my jobs because of how inconsistent I was. I was so deep in my overwhelming pool of thoughts that I forgot about a client's job; housekeeping and she fired me. No matter how hard I tried to explain, she wouldn't spare me a listening ear. Such a hard woman. Well, she knew nothing about life and how people like us struggled to eat once a day. She probably grew up with a silver spoon, lots of castles, and dramatic ball gowns. Speaking of being dramatic, a lady in a mini skirt scurried toward me and everyone in the shop could tell she was furious. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Or she woke up on the right side but decided to put up the attitude. She strode to the counter and slammed her hand on it. Good thing he
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4~ A huge breakthrough
DELIASometimes, I just wished to be a stone; a gigantic boulder. I didn't have to breathe, or move, or think, or say anything, or have a fucked up job with crazy people around, I didn't even have to get married. Hehe. I would just stay idle in one place, under winter, and spring. I lay on my bed that morning almost like a stone. I didn't do anything except blink when urged to. I tried staring at the wall but my watery eyes wouldn't let me. I had stayed up all night thinking of what to do. The jobs around didn't pay well and my only source of a well-paid job was ruined by a crazy bitch who thought I snatched her boyfriend. For goodness sake, I didn't even know the guy, to begin with. I was just an attendant, attending to people, and that was all. NO MEN. I managed to roll and when I did, my full body landed on the wooden floor and I hissed in pain. So much for being idle. I got up and sat back on my bed. I turned to my nightstand and unplugged my charging phone. I hadn't talked
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5~ An unexpected text
DELIA "Devin!!" I screamed and jumped into his arms. He held himself so we wouldn't fall to the green grasses. Not bragging, but I have a lot of weight for someone who doesn't feed well. "Wow, you've sure changed." He said. I took that as a compliment but my head was taking it the wrong way. "I sure have. Nine months is not nine days." I said and pulled away from him. He didn't look bad, he even looked better than his brother. I thought. His full-figured build to tear out his expensive-looking mandarin collar shirt. His protruding lapis eyes shone brighter than ever and his thin lips were curved into a small smile. Why didn't I meet Devin first? I questioned myself over the past few months and I couldn't help but regret my decision of marrying Bruce instead of Devin. "Okay, quite checking me out." He jabbered and I snapped out of my thoughts. I playfully hit his elbow in embarrassment. Did he have to say that? "I wasn't checking you out. Just taking in details before you disapp
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6~ A huge step
DELIA I tossed my phone aside before I ruined it. I couldn't afford to get a new one yet so I had to control my anger and drop it. I had a warm troubling bath and then brushed my teeth. Why would Bruce text me all of a sudden? And why did he even keep my number? "All this while, he didn't text me. Finally, something good is happening in my life and he wants to come back and ruin it. Not happening." I finalized and walked out of the bathroom after staring hard at my beautiful heart-shaped face. I could pass for a model because I was averagely tall and I had the looks. Not bragging but I'm definitely the lady any man would run back to. Since everything was already packed, all I did was take my huge box outside. I rolled it with less difficulty until I got to the living room. I met my dad having tea with his phone in his hand. "Must have been texting one of his mistresses." I thought to myself. "Good morning." I greeted and walked past him without waiting for his reply. Normally
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7~ A kiss from the past
DELIA The driver drove into an estate - Caribidreams Estate. The buildings all looked the same and would be difficult to tell apart. I watched carefully as he took several turns. I could easily get lost inside. The land mass was huge and there were lots of streets. "We're here." The mysterious guy announced and I alighted the car. I made sure to memorize the name of the street and the house number. He helped me with my luggage inside while I just trailed behind him. He seemed extremely cold and knowing my curiosity level, I didn't want to make things worse. When we got inside, he slammed my bag on the ground. Rude! He handed a card to me. "You can use the card to unlock the door or you can set a password." He stated simply and disappeared through the door. Wow! Much colder than I thought. He didn't even bother to show me around. If he was this cold, I wonder what the boss would be like. Maybe ten times icier. I shrugged and proceeded to view the apartment. I first located the
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8~ Late on the first day
DELIA After having a body soothing shower, I changed into my transparent nighty and plopped down on my bed. My body felt more relaxed after I got comfortable and covered my skin with the thick duvet. It felt as though I was lying down on top of the world. I texted my mom with some voice notes about how demanding and stressful my day was. But I didn't mention meeting my classmate and the kiss. That would have seemed weird. After sending the necessary, I checked my mail for anything new and finding out there was no current news, I set an alarm and plugged my phone. Then, I laid down and let nature do its job. I dreamt of a great day at work, even though that seemed almost impossible with the people I've met but I still hoped. **** I turned to my side, moaning satisfactorily. I opened my eyes but closed them almost immediately, all thanks to the blinding brightness of the sun. I stretched my body and sat up. I checked the time and looked away. It was then it dawned on me. "Seven O
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9~ My first ex-boyfriend is my manager
LEVI TERRA LUXURY ESTATE, BARBADOS. I watched her walk seductively in her undies toward me, a coquettish smile on her face. Her thick-looking body made me hard and I began to imagine the bad things I would do to her. "Hey tiger," She sat on my lap and kissed me slowly and gently. "Missed me?" She trailed kisses down my neck and I let out an irritated groan. I looked at her with hooded eyes when she pulled away with a smirk. I felt like kissing all parts of her face and leaving her body scattered with love bites and swollen lips. "Get up," I commanded and she did exactly that, going straight to her knees. She unbuckled my belt and stretched forth her hand into my pants, her warm hand reaching out to my d**k. She knew exactly what to do and how to do it and that was why I always had her around me. She stroked it gently from the inside and I threw my head backward. This lady knew how to work wonders on my stiff body. I enjoyed every movement
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10~ Do you know you have a nice arse?
DELIA I stared at Clarence in disbelief. Did he think I was some kind of hörny bîtch? The nerves. "Get out." I retorted and pointed to the door. He chuckled and moved away. "Come on, stop acting casual, and let's get down to business." He tried to touch me but I slapped his hand away. "What do you take me for, Clarence? Huh?" I fired. He only gawked at me with a smug on his face. I wish I could punch that dirty thing off him. He thought I was playing hard to get and was hoping I would give in. "Well, I'll take it that you're shy. It's been ten fucking years and I guess you'll need time." He walked closer to me and leaned to my ear. "I know you missed my dîck. The earlier you accept that, the earlier we fûck it out." He whispered before disappearing through the door. I rolled my eyes and sat back in my seat. I wasn't going to let any imposter ruin my day. As I was going through some shipment files, I heard my phon
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