Surviving As Parents

Surviving As Parents

By:  Miko  Ongoing
Language: English
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Maya transmigrate to another world, with a husband who doesn't know her, and a child who adores her and wants her love. Lennon woke up one morning to find a woman sleeping next to him and a child who is scared of him. What will the two do? And what will happen when the tone shifts, making them forced to protect their son from serious danger and monsters?

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first started reading for bonus but later got addicted it's very good and the story has a perfect pace
2021-06-21 01:30:14
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naela cassim
I like this because its original in its transmigration
2021-05-26 19:29:56
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h h h h h h h h
2020-11-07 19:10:08
58 Chapters
    In an unfair world, where a child had to live without his parents for years, lived our protagonist, Noah, who was abused by his parents since he was born, making his childhood a nightmare and it didn't change when his parents died, it only got worse from then; the orphanage wasn't any better and his relatives took his parents's money and left him without anything, so even after he left the orphanage at the age of eighteen, he had no where to go or anyone to support him.     He didn't have an education either, he only knew how to write and read, but after a faithful meeting with a certain man, who saw his potential in business and decided to be his teacher, it wasn't clear in the book how he found him but it was said that the man saw him talking to someone about business and dec
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   The sun rose up in the blue sky, birds singing, a refreshing cold air blowing in the beautiful city of Buna, the sun shined through a window in a certain house, waking up a sleeping woman, Maya, from her slumber, but she didn’t want to wake up so she put the covers over her head, trying to sleep more, when all of a sudden, she heard a grunt from beside her and someone flipping over.  Maya thought that, it must be her boyfriend, but wait she doesn’t have a boyfriend, she lives alone in a small apartment, where light doesn’t come that often, especially not in February, where is she? She slowly got up from her sleeping position, sat up and turned around to see, what she hopes was, a half-naked man, thankfully, not a completely naked one, because that would have been wild.   ‘Okay, Maya, don’t freak out. But who the heck is this man? Did I have a one-night stand? No, I am sure I stayed home to wa
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Going out
Maya went to the child, whose name, they still don’t know, she carried him in her arms and kissed his cheek. The child never expected this, his mother would always ignore him and take every chance she could to stay away from him, since for her, he was a nuisance and a waste of space, but now his mother is carrying him and she even kissed his cheek! If this is a dream, he never wants to wake up!  “Let’s go eat, shall we?” Maya said, with a sweet smile; much to the child’s surprise, who got excited and nodded his head, thinking that his dream keeps getting better and better.  While Noah knows that a dream will have to end eventually, he learned it when his mother used to wake him up, every time he gets to the best part of the dream, but for this dream, he doesn't want anyone to wake him up or pull him out of it, because it's the perfect fantasy, he always wished for.  Entering the ki
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Once in the café, everyone’s eyes were on them, on Lennon to be exact, the famous actor and idol, who every girl dream of dating him and becoming his wife, but why is he with a woman and a child? Is it his wife and son? That’s a big scoop!  The family of three didn’t notice the eyes following them, but Maya sure did notice someone taking a picture of them, making her uncomfortable and tightly hold Noah’s hand as she told him to look down. She didn’t tell anything to Lennon, letting him order them their food, waiting to tell him when they sit down, without anyone around.  As soon as the waitress left, who kept glancing at them even after she left, Maya gestured Lennon to come closer and told him about the others looking at them and taki
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  “What do we do now?” Lennon asked, still trying to get some personal space and finally getting it, when Maya noticed how suspicious they looked and the cameras pointed at them.    “Run and wait for someone to call you, because you must have a mana.....”  Speak of the devil and he will show up, that’s exactly what happened, well not exactly, nobody showed up but someone called, the phone they have rang and the caller id is husband’s manager.  They now know the owner of the phon
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      Lennon got the location to the company, he is working under, from the internet, and as he parked the car, he looked for the entrance when he suddenly heard someone bang on the car’s window, it was a girl, screaming at him for cheating on her, making him realize that news ran faster than electricity, so the news about his wife and son is already out, and made him also think that he had a girlfriend, that he didn’t know about and lied to, while in fact the girl was merely a fan, who felt entitled to Lennon, as if she owned him and he was her boyfriend.     As he was about to step out of the car and apologize to her for apparently cheating on her; two men in a black suit walked up to the car, and told the lady to step away before they use force
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Lennon theory came out to be true, because as soon as Noah woke up, he sleepily rubbed his eyes and told Maya he was hungry, while requesting a hug, by extending his arms towards her. She picked him up and gave him a kiss, she walked to the kitchen, where she left her phone and purse, that she have been going through for quite a while now, since Noah was asleep.  "What did you like to eat?" Maya asked, she already searched the internet for any close by takeout restaurant and their are plenty of them.  "Burger!" Noah said with enthusiasm, throwing his hands in the air, his eyes lighting up, remembering how delicious his friends made it sound.
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  Noah ended up sleeping, after a few minutes of her singing, she kissed his head and carried him, to her and Lennon  bedroom, since she didn't know any other rooms and didn't want to bother him by her moving around, as she already bothered him by carrying him.   As she walked down the stairs, she saw Lennon struggling at the door, with a million of bags in his hands, so she quickly went to help and criticize his technique of carrying things. "Why not carry them one by one?"   "Because there are a lot and I am tired, you try getting screamed at by five old men and angry middle aged woman, then chased around by girls for forty minutes." Lenno
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Developing a Crush
After their emotional moment, Lennon decide to cheer up the mood, by telling his wife and son he bought a board-game, that they can play right now; Noah excitedly jumped on his bed, then got carried away by Lennon on his back, downstairs while Maya followed behind them with equal cheerfulness.   Playing together, gave them so much laughter and fun, excluding the few times Lennon and Maya fought, calling each other cheaters when the other wins, while Noah was having the best time of his life.   At one point, Maya had enough and got up, acting irritated and fuming with angry, while in reality, she only got up to leave room for Noah to play and for her to make dinner, since it's 8 pm.
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  Two months and a half later, Maya was making breakfast for Lennon and Noah, while the both of them were sleeping together, in Noah's room; time passed quickly, quicker than Maya thought, these two past months have been fun, Noah is a sweet boy and is really helpful all the time, he makes hard for her to take care of him, but she can notice the difference between that day and today, he smiles more and has a bright auto around him, he also gained a lot of weight, he is no longer like a stick, he is slowly transforming to a cute panda and she full support that, since for her, chubby kids are the best kids.   Everything has been normal these past few weeks, if you exclude their morning routine, Lennon occasional odd behaviors and the death threats she has been getting from 'fans', who didn't believ
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