A Love Between Conflict

A Love Between Conflict

By:  Rose  Ongoing
Language: English
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A girl with a mysterious background came into a famous school. Without knowing she was the daughter of a famous doctor and a famous lawyer. She has all that everyone was dreaming of. Money, riches, jewelry, and everything. But, behind that her life cycled by a terrible mistake. Her family has been many so enemies. That makes her life more difficult than she imagines. What if she meet this guy in school who always caught a fight with her? They were enemies in the first place. But what if they find their comfort zone in each other? Will they became enemies into lovers?

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The story is intersting
2021-08-11 21:23:41
5 Chapters
Chapter 1
CHAPTER 1: NEW SCHOOLVALERIE ALVAREZ'S POINT OF VIEW"You need to be more careful right now Valerie," Dad says out of nowhere. What is it right now? Is it not like what I think, right?"Go pack your clothes right now. Where are going to move to Ilocos," my mom added?"Why?" I asked out of curiosity. It is the fifth time we move this year. Oh! no. This is cant be happening again."Don't ask too many questions, young lady," my dad ordered me."No," I said as I protested to my parent. And I stand up on the couch. "Don't I also need to be experienced to be a normal teenager? We've been like this since I was 8. Right? How I can experience a normal life again? Mom? Dad?" I shout at them.Suddenly I felt my eyes pouring a hot liquor. Then I realize it was torn. Why I am crying? Maybe, it hurt me. I deserve to experience a normal life right?"Just pack your things," my mom said."Didn't I deserve a normal life?" I asked them.
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Chapter 2
CHAPTER 2: BULLYVALERIE ALVAREZ'S POINT OF VIEWAs I walk in the pathway of the school. A lot of students are looking at me. I am too gorgeous so they look at me like that? I don't like the way their eyes look at me.I just continue walking until I heard a voice. Who is crying and begging to call for help? So I followed it. And as I saw it. It shocked me. I was about to go and help that guy. But a hand-pulled me."Don't go," A girl said to me."Why?" I asked her."You are new right?" she asked me I nodded my head."Yes, who are those guys?""He is Ethan the most bully in this school. Just don't dare to get close with his businesses. He would not mind you," she said."I'm not scared of him," I said to her with a full of confidence in myself.If she just looks closes to the boy that Ethan was bullying. He looks so pitiful and miserable. He has a bloodstain in his white shirt. Because of the blood coming out from hi
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Chapter 3
CHAPTER 3: ETHAN'S IDENTITYVALERIE ALVAREZ'S POINT OF VIEW"It is already 11:45 are you not going home?"  He asked me."I am going home. You can join me. I can give you a ride home," I said to him. But he suddenly became quiet and goes silent. And the smile on his face suddenly fades away."No, thank you." He said."Why?" I asked him curiously I just wanted to help. Did I do anything wrong?"I am an orphan. I can go home," he said then looks away. And smiled forcibly. I tapped his shoulders and says."It doesn't matter. We are friends after all right?" I said then smiles at him. He looks at me."Friend?" He says in shock. "Would you love to befriend an orphan like me?" He asks me."It doesn't matter. Yes, we are friends. Would you want to eat in my house?" I asked him."Thank you," he said full of joy.It looks like it is the first time he was having a friend. Maybe that is why they are bullying him b
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Chapter 4
CHAPTER 4: ETHAN'S DADVALERIE ALVAREZ'S POINT OF VIEW"I'm sorry for what mom and dad act earlier," I said sorry to Joshua. Because of what happened earlier while we are eating."You know it is okay. I just wish I had parents like yours," he said. I just smile I wish he knows what my life cycled is."Can I ask you?" I said to him with hesitation.  I am just really curious why they were afraid of Ethan."Yes, you can ask me everything. As long as I can answer it," he replied"Why they are bullying you?" I asked him."Because I didn't do his homework," he said directly."Then why almost all of them is afraid of Ethan and his friends?" I asked him."Because the family of Ethan owns that school where we are studying. His father killed all who will dare to touch his son. And maybe sooner or later. His father will find you and take revenge on what did you do to his son," he said to me. "I'm sorry if you came into this me
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Chapter 5
CHAPTER 5: VALERIE'S BACKGROUND IDENTITY JAMES SORIANO'S POINT OF VIEW"You look beautiful today, Valerie,""She always looks hot,""She is too gorgeous,""I wish I was like her,""She is too much smart and also kind,""How to be you,  Valerie?""I love you,"Those were the good comments to her. A lot of students admire her very much. I was so lucky to have her, as my friend."Why is she with Joshua?""They don't look together,""I wish Valerie would realize. That Joshua was only  trash,"They all said that. It was so harsh things that they said to me. Because I was with her. Valerie is the campus crush her in our school. Well, she is beautiful and kind. No wonder they admire and fall in love with her. Suddenly, a familiar face came out of nowhere it was Ethan's father. "Who is he?" Valerie ask me."Ethan's father," I replied to her.VALERIE ALVAREZ'S
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